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I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Section B

1a Match the sentences with similar meanings.

c a d

1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4.

I’ve run out of it. I take after my mother. I fixed it up. I gave it away. I repaired it. I don’t have any more of it. I am similar to her. I didn’t sell it.





2b Listen again and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).
? l

1.Jimmy fixes up bicycles.


2.Jimmy sells bikes.


3.Jimmy takes after his mother. T F

4.Jimmy has run out of money. T F

Read the article and underline all the phrasal verbs.

Explanation for Section B
? 1.run

out of = use up

? ?

I am running out of my money. = My money is running out of.
We are running out of the gas. = Our car is running out of the gas.

? ?


2. I take after my mother. take after sb =look like sb =be similar to sb 3. I want to fixed it up. fix up = repair 4.give away 赠送 5.call up sb = ring up sb=phone sb. 6.hand out(散发);hand in(上缴);


.work out (结果、结果是)

? ?

The idea works out well. 那个注意的实施结果很好。 另外还有“解答出、计算出”的意思。
Can you work out the answer to this question?


2. He put up signs. 3. He called up friends. 4. He handed out advertisements. 5. He told teachers.

help(sb) out 帮助摆脱困境 社区、集体

Brainstorm a plan for helping out in your community. Make notes on where you will help and what you will do. Then tell the class about your plan.
where ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ what ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Self check

give out

came up with gave away hang out takes after

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