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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Checkout》课件2 牛津版

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Unit Two colour Checkout

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of thegiven words 1. The sun is shining through the rain and rainbow (彩虹). Millie sees a _________ 2. Some colours can give you a happy and ________ satisfied (满足的)feeling. climates (气候) 3. People who live in cold __________ prefer to use warm colours. 4. Green is the colour of nature and it growth (生长). represents new life and ________ 5. On the last day of his trip to Japan, he decision (决心). made a big __________

6. Do you know that colours can affect our m__________? oods 7. Early to bed, early to rise. You won’t feel leepy in class. s_______ 8. Yellow is the colour of the sun, so it can r________ emind you of a warm, sunny day. 9. If you have some d_________ ifficulty finishing your homework, you can ask me for help. 10. Red and white are a good match, as the alances the calm white. powerful red b_________

sleepy peaceful stressed mind sadness paint create envy power strength 1.They followed the white arrows(箭头) painted on the road. __________ 2. His _______ mind was full of the things he had seen that day. 3. I have been really ________ stressed out at work recently. 4. How do I ________ a new file? create 5. I felt very ________ sleepy after lunch.

6. The boy was thrown backward against a tree by power of blast. the ________ 7. The baby looks so _________ peaceful when he’s sleeping. 8. He was sure that the other drivers looked at him with _________. envy 9. I didn’t have the ________ strength to get out of the bed 10.Joan’s childhood was filled with pain sadness and________.

MORE PRACTICE Fill in the gaps with somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything, nothing, somewhere, anywhere or nowhere. 1. I know ___________ about this issue that something you may find interesting, but if I tell you, you must promise to keep it (a) secret. Nobody lives here. There is no water. 2. ________ 3. I spent the night somewhere ________ near the beach. 4. __________ could have jumped over this Anybody wall, and stole your rake. It's very low.

Nothing scares him. He's very brave. 5. ________ somewhere 6. There is __________ nowhere to park here. Let's go __________ else to park. 7. Would you like __________ something to wash your hands?. 8. May I have __________ something for dessert, please? 9. They took him ____________ somewhere in London, and he never returned. 10. Please don't leave __________ anything behind at home. We'll be away for two weeks. 11. She needs __________ somebody to love. She's very lonely. 12. They will not sing __________ anywhere in this city. They said that they would never come back.

Translation 1. 你是愿意喝茶还是咖啡? Do you prefer tea or coffee? 2. 他情愿在乡村度假. He preferred spending the holiday in the country. 3. 他不情愿去参加派对. He would rather not go to the party. 4. 她宁可要小的而不要大的. She would rather have the small one than the large one. 5.

我们宁愿在教室开会,也不愿意在礼堂开会. We would rather have the meeting in the classroom than in the hall. 6.她宁愿死也不愿意失去孩子. She’d rather die than lose the children.

Find the facts Millie has made some notes about the article. Her notes are given below, but some of the facts are wrong. Read the article and correct Millie’s notes where necessary. Calm colors a. If you walked into a room painted blue, you will feel stressed. b. Orange color creates the feeling of harmony. c. Black can also represent sadness. d.Another color that makes you feel calm and peaceful is blue.

c. Warm colors a. Green gives you a happy and contented feeling. b. Green can bring you success and cheer you up. c. People in Alaska prefer to use violet to give their homes a warm and comfortable feel. d. Red can remind you of a warm, sunny day. e. The color of wisdom is white. It may be used in their studies for exams. Energetic colors a. Anybody who feels tired or weak should wear colors like yellow to make you fell energetic.

Energetic colors a. Anybody who feels tired or weak should wear colors like yellow to make you fell energetic. b. Blue is also the color of money and envy. Strong colors a. Somebody who needs physical strength should wear yellow clothes. b.Wearing green makes it easier for you to take action. c. When you have difficulty in making a decision, orange can help you.

Read and think Daniel is making statements about colors and moods. If you agree with them, write A (I agree). If you don’t agree, write D ( I disagree) 1. Colors can change our characteristics. 2. We can feel relaxed when we stay in a room of which walls are painted blue. 3. Sleeping in a orange room is good for the mind and body because this color creates the feeling of harmony.

4. “ I’m feeling blue” means that somebody feels slightly sad. 5. When you feel stressed , you should wear red. 6. If you want to cheer your friends up. You should wear orange. 7. If you study for exams, you’d better use red stationary. 8. After a day’s work, you should wear green that makes you feel energetic.

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