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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Integrated Skills》课件 牛津版

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9A Unit 2

Integrated Skills

feel nervous feel tired feel stressed

feel sad

Do you know what these colours mean?
1. make us feel calm and peaceful represent sadness 2. bring you success/cheer you up


3. the colour of wisdom
4. give you energy mean life and growth 5. the colour of purity 6. the colour of heat and strong feelings/ represent power



Colour Therapy(治疗)
A way to use colours to change people’s moods and improve their life.

be good at colour therapy open up a colour therapy centre help people change Mrs. Rainbow their moods

Mrs Rainbow’s Colour Therapy(治疗)
Discover(发现) how the power of colour can change your moods and improve your life! Watch The Teens Show on STTV at 6 p.m., 30th October to learn more! Therapy center: 21/F,810 South-east Road Tel:5557 8187 Price:¥20 for half an hour We promise(许诺) you success, or you will get your money back!

Replace the following expressions

1. find out


2. We’re sure it will work. We promise you success.

3. make our life better
improve our life

Mrs. Rainbow’s Colour Therapy
Address 21/F, 810 South-east Road Tel 5557 8187 price ¥20 for half an hour

Answer questions
1. Where’s her therapy centre?
2. What’s the price?
It’s ¥20 for half an hour. It’s on 21/F, 810 South-east Road.

3.What can you do if it doesn’t work?
can get your money back. 4. IWhat will you do if you want to know more information?

I can watch The Teens Show on STTV at 6 p.m., 30th October.

Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy Her therapy center is at(1)________________________. 21/F,810 South-east Road ¥20 Price: (2)__________ for 30minutes. If it doesn’t work , I can(3)__________________. get my money back since She has practiced colour therapy (4)________ she (5)______college. left colours and smells. The oils she uses have different(6) ________ warm,(8)_____ sunny place . If you are feeling sad, think of a (7)____ Mrs Rainbow rubs oil into people’s (9)________ . skin white oil If someone can’t sleep , Mrs Rainbow uses (10)_______ People with(11) _______ dark hair and dark skin look purple good in red and (12)__________ . People with pale skin and blonde hair look good in (13)___________________ . orange and green

a person with pale skin and blonde hair

a person with dark hair and dark skin

1.What can Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy do?

2.In what ways can her colour therapy change our moods?

What can Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy do?
1. stop people from feeling sad

2. help people fall asleep
3. make people look good

In what ways can her colour therapy change our moods?
1.Is it by painting people’s faces in different colours?

2.Is it by rubbing oil into people’s heads?
3.Is it by rubbing oil into people’s hands?

Reporter:Welcome to‘ the Teens show’, Mrs Rainbow. You use colours to help people change their moods and improve their lives, right? Mrs Rainbow: Yes, that’s right. I’m here to exp

lain how colour works. Reporter: Mrs Rainbow, you’ve been doing this since you left college. Can you tell us more about it? Mrs Rainbow: I use special oils in my therapy. These oils have different colours and smells. I can use them to change people’s moods. Reporter: How do you do that? Mrs Rainbow: Well, for example, if you are feeling sad, I’d ask you to think of a warm, sunny place. The colour orange cheers people up, so I use some orange oil and rub it into your skin.

Reporter: I see. What if I can’t sleep? Can you use colour therapy to help me? Mrs Rainbow: Yes. If you want to sleep, I’d ask you to think of the colour white. This can help to make you calm. I’d ask you to close your eyes and relax. Then I’d take some white oil and rub it into your skin. Reporter: Very good. How about other kinds of colour therapy? Mrs Rainbow: Well, I can also help people choose the right colour to wear. For example, people with dark hair and dark skin look good in red and purple. People with pale skin and blonde hair look good in orange and green. Reporter: That’s very useful information to know. Thank you, Mrs Rainbow.

Listen to the tape and try to get more information. 1. How long has Mrs Rainbow practiced colour therapy? 2. What kind is the oil she uses? 3. If you are feeling sad, what place do you think of? 4. Where does Mrs Rainbow rub oil into? 5. Which oil does Mrs Rainbow use if someone can’t sleep? 6. In what colour do people with pale skin and blonde hair look good? 7. In what colour do people with dark skin and dark hair look good?

A test about Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy
b 1 a She works at the Place Museum.

b c c 2a b c a3a b c

She changes people’s moods using colours . She has done it for a long time . She colours their clothes . She rubs oil into their hands . She rubs oil into their heads. You should use white oil . You should think of the sun . You should use orange or green oil .

c 4 a He should relax and close his eyes .

b c a 5a b c b6a b c

He should rub white oil into his head . He should think of a warm , sunny place . She can advise people what colours to wear . She can make your clothes change colours . She can make clothes for people . She will give us free clothes . We will get our money back . She will give us free oil .

1.What does Mrs Rainbow do , Millie? 2.Really? How does she do that? 3.I’m feeling very tired this week. What should I do to get a good night’s sleep? 4.Daniel is not happy this week. What should he do? 5.What other kinds of colour therapy does Mrs Rainbow do? 6.Well, I’d like to try it, but what if the therapy doesn’t work?

therapy centre is at 21/F, Mrs Rainbow’s colour ⑴_______ moods 810 South-east Road. She changes people’s ⑵_____ using colours. She has practised colour therapy college . The oils she uses have since she left ⑶______ smells . If you are feeling ⑸ different colours and ⑷______ sad , you should think of a warm, sunny place. Mrs ____ rubs

oil into people’s heads. If someone Rainbow ⑹____ sleep , Mrs Rainbow uses white oil. She can’t ⑺______ advise people what colours to wear. People can ⑻______ skin look good in red and with dark hair and dark ⑼____ purple. People with pale skin and blonde hair look price is ¥20 for good in orange and green. The ⑽_____ 30 minutes. If it doesn’t (11) _____ work , you can get your money back.

I. Complete the words according to the explanations and the first letters
1.d_________ iscover bring to view 2.t_________ eens romise 3.p_________ find out, get knowledge of, the ages of 13 to 19 make a promise to

ollege 4.c_________ school for higher or professional, educational kin 5.s_________ elastic substance forming the outer covering of the body of a person or animal

II. Complete the sentences with the proper prepositions 1.We often watch the movies ____ on TV. 2.The speech lasts ____ for 2 hours. of a sunny place. 3.You can think ___ in red. 4.People with dark skin look good ___ to Kate. 5.Please give this new sweater ___

III. Fill in the blanks with the words in their proper forms
power (power) of colour 1. Could you discover how the _______ can change your moods? useful (use) tool. 2. That is a _______ 3. He feels very _____ sad . His ________ sadness makes me unhappy. (sad) using (use) colours. 4. She can change people’s moods _______

advice (advise) to these new visitors. 5. You can give _______
try (try) these pants. 6. You should _____ keep (keep) calm. 7. Blue makes you ______ 8. You won’t believe how quickly my English has improved (improve). ______________

IV. Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meanings change ____ our ________ moods (改变我 1. Do you know colours can ________ 们的情绪)? 2. Choosing the proper colours can ________ improve ____ our ____ life (改 善我们的生活). learn _____ more ______ about _______ colours (多学一些关于颜色的知 3. Please _____ 识).

get _____ back (取回去 ) your composition. 4. Please ____
speaking _______ English (说英语) every day. 5. Mary often practises ________ give ___ me ______ some advice 6. Could you _____ ______ (给我提建议)? advise (建议) people what to wear. 7. She can _______

think ____ of (认为) this colour. 8. What do you _____

Listen and answer questions

1. Does Andy like the red shirt? What colour does he like? No, he doesn’t. He prefers blue. 2. What did he decide to wear at last? Why? He decided to wear a blue shirt and jeans. Because they’re comfortable, and blue will make him feel calm.

Giving advice
1. Why not/ Why don’t you---? 2. You should do --3. How about/ What about ---? 4. It’s a good idea to do ---

Expressing preferences(更喜欢)
1. would rather do--2. prefer to do---

Music can
also affect people’s moods.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

comfortable excited/ energetic happy energetic sad

What other ways can we use to change our moods? doing sports chatting with friends watching TV p

laying computer games traveling reading books shopping


/θ/ /?/ /?/ /?/ /?/ /?/ /?/


clothes rather these they Thanks


There are two different ways to pronounce ‘th’. One is voiceless /θ/, and the other is voiced / ? / . §1.Listen carefully and practise saying them. thin three Thursday length think thick bath teeth

§2. than that /?/ them there those within father mother

§3. the / ? /other thirty /θ/ path leather / ? / this thought /θ/ brother rather / ? / healthy

/ ? / then /?/ /θ/ /θ/ thank /θ/ / ? / sixth / ? / weather / ? / /θ/ through /θ/ /θ/ fifth tooth /θ/ growth /θ/

another / ? /bath /θ/ / ? / thunder /θ/ that truth /θ/ theatre /θ/ thousand /θ/


/θ/ thank /θ/ that

/ ? /the


themselves/ ? / them / ? / theme /θ/ their / ? / thousand thunder though thought through /θ/ there / ? / they / ? / thick /θ/

/θ/ thin

/θ/ thing /θ/ think /θ/

/ ? / third /θ/ this / ? /those / ? / /θ/ three /θ/ then / ? /than / ? /

/θ/ throw /θ/ thumb/θ/ thief /θ/

Tell each pair different (×) or the same (√). 1. south southern(×)2. though through (×) 3. this that (√) 4. with (×) 6. than (×) 8. thing (√) 10. thin without (√) (√) (× ) (× )

5. there
7. bath



9. birthday birth


Find out the different pronunciation 1. maths 2. than 3. healthy 4. bath 5. thirsty 6. north 7. together 8. birth 9. thin month both clothes seventh throne within everything Thursday length thing tooth leather theatre without path nothing feather thick other through another another youth south earth throughout themselves





Enjoy yourselves every day!

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