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1.一些喝的 something to drink 2. ??怎么样? What about...?

3. 没有其他东西 nothing else 4. 我最好的朋友 my best friend

5. 使我开心 make me happy 6. 保密 keep secrets/ keep a secret

7. 相信他的话 believe what he says/believe him/believe his words

8. 一个诚实的男孩 an honest boy 9. 视力不好 have poor eyesight

10. 邀请某人做某事 invite sb to do 11. 让某人做某事 make sb do

12. 和??一样 as... as.. 13. 和??不一样 not as(so)...as..

14. 愿意做某事 be willing to do 15. 准备做某事 be ready to do

16. 在??方面帮助某人 help sb with... 17. 帮助某人做某事 help sb do/to do

18. 想成为一个歌手 want to be a singer 19. 环游世界 travel around the world

20. 长大 grow up

21. 有幽默感 have a sense of humour/ be humourous

22. 感到无聊 feel bored 23. 一本无聊的书 a boring book

24. 走得快 walk fast 25. 撞翻 knock over

26. past, pass的区别 27. 想起 think of

28. 戴眼睛 wear glasses 29. 既??又?? both... and...

30. 尽我所能帮助别人 try my best to help others

31. 在??方面需要帮助 need help with..

32. 与??分享 share… with…

33. She is the taller of the two sisters.

34. The more friends you have, the happier you will be.

35. Geography is less important than Chinese.

36. He is one of the most popular teachers in our school.

37. Shanghai is bigger than any other city in China.

38. Shanghai is bigger than any city in Japan.

39. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.

40. stronger and stronger 41. more and more beautiful

42. 做某事花费时间spend...doing 43. 练习做某事 practice doing

44. 做??很高兴 have good time doing

45. 一个美国女孩写的文章 an article(written) by a girl from the USA

46. “hero”是什么意思?What’s the meaning of “hero”?/

What do you mean by “hero”?/What does the word “hero” mean?

47. 在16岁时at 16/at age 16/at the age of 16

48. 我们班学生的数量是58 The number of the students in our class is 58

49. 我们班一些人是团员 A number of students in my class are league members

50. 休息3天 have 3 days off 51. 介意 mind doing

52. 在网上聊天 chat online/ chat on the Internet

53. 据说 It is said…

54. 做??有问题 have problems doing sth

55.名胜 a place of interest

56.在二十世纪之初 at the beginning of the 21st century

57.在……末尾 at the end of

58.最后 in the end=ay last=finally

59.上/下车 get on/off the bus

60.加入跳舞的行列join in the dancing

61.自学 teach oneself

62.独自留下某人 leave sb by oneself

63.在圣诞节 at Christmas=on Christmas Day

64.拍一些照片 take some photos

65.玩捉迷藏 play hide-and-seek

66. Don’t... No, I won’t.

67.发生 take place=happen

68.一个参观的好去处 a good place to visit

69.尽快 as soon as possible


This math problem is so easy that I can work it out.

This math problem is easy enough for me to work out.


The boy is so young that he can’t go to school.

The boy is too young to go to school.

The boy isn’t old enough to go to school.

72.第一次for the first time

73.将某人独自留下leave sb alone / leave sb by oneself / leave sb on one’s own.

74.发现英语有趣find English interesting. 75.两整天two whole days

76.把…忘在家里leave sth at home. 77.开始对…感兴趣become interested in

78.步行穿过一个热带雨林walk through a rainforest.

79.吃药take some medicine. 80.做某事用于取乐do sth for fun. 81.20分钟步行20 minutes’ walk

82.一次at a time 83.有时at times = sometimes

84.在夜里at night = in the night 85.感到害怕feel frightened.

85.依次 /轮流做某事take turns to do sth.

86.为某人提供某物provide sth for sb = provide sb with sth.

87.英语说的很好speak English well = speak good English

88.在农场劳动很有趣Working on the farm is very interesting

89.阻止某人做某事prevent / stop sb from doing sth

90.我最喜欢的学科是体育和自然My favourite subjects are PE and science.

91.一条直线a straight line

92.一直走下去go straight on

93.你怎么了?What happened to you? / What’s wrong with you?

What’s your trouble? / What’s the matter with you?

94.匆忙地/仓促地in a hurry


It rained / snowed heavily last night / There was a heavy rain/snow last night.

96.最好做某事had better do sth

97.被…覆盖be covered with

98.没有什么严重的nothing serious

99.We could do nothing but wait.

100.今天天气怎么样?What’s the weather like today? / How is the weather today?

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