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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Grammar》课件 牛津版

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9A Unit 2





Friday afternoon … an important meeting …

I’m busy. Either… or…

We have decided to …

They three… I went to…

indefinite pronouns
everybody someone

anybody nobody
anyone no one


Grammar rules (Ⅰ)
somebody / someone
(in positive sentences)

indefinite pronouns
(refer to people)

anybody / anyone
(in questions; in negative sentences)

nobody / no one
(in negative sentences)

TIP anyone/ anybody: any person ( in positive sentences) e.g. You can ask anybody here to help you.

someone / somebody, anyone / anybody, no one / nobody 1. Manager: Did ________ anyone call when I was out? Secretary: No. _________ someone Nobody called, but __________
has just sent you a fax.

anyone see you break the window? 2. Denny: Did ________ Mark: No, I don’t think so. ________ Nobody saw me. Denny: Look! __________ Someone is coming this way. Mark: Oh, that’s Miss Lu. I must say sorry to her.

Game time!

Grammar rules (Ⅱ)
(in positive sentences)

(refer to things) nothing (in negative sentences) TIP none: refer to people as well TIP something: used in questions too

indefinite pronouns

(in questions; in negative sentences)

none (in negative sentences)

Have a try!

Mum and Dad were out. I had to cook for myself. I had thought there was __________ something in the fridge, but I was so disappointed(失望的) when I opened it. There was ________ nothing there. How hungry I was at that time! I had thought I could find some biscuits or bread in the room, but there was ______ none left in fact. At last, I realized that ________ nothing could be found. I had to go to the KFC to buy __________ something to eat, and then went to the supermarket to buy __________ something for tomorrow. Mum, how I miss you !

nothing, none 1. He listened, but could hear ________. nothing 2. He has a brother, but I have ________. none 3. I have two dictionaries, but she has _____. none 4. ---How many boys are there in the room? ---______. None 5. ---How much milk is there in the bottle? ---______. None 6. ---Is there any bread in the box? ---______. None 7. ---Are there any pictures on the wall? None ---______.

nothing 没有物 nothing, none none 一个/一点都没有 (人或物)

8. ---Do you have anything else to say? ---No, ________. nothing 9. ______ None of us like(s) Eddie because he is too lazy. 10. ---What is under the desk? ---________. Nothing

indefinite pronouns
body one thing
They are used in… (sentences).

some somebody someone something positive any

questions anybody anyone anything / negative
nobody none no one nothing


refer to people


refer to things

Please make up a story, using the indefinite pronouns we’ve learned today.

1. On a cold winter night, I was reading alone at home. Suddenly someone knocked at my window… 2. One sunny afternoon, Jack walked out of his school. Someone stopped him…

Make up two dialogu

es or one story, using the indefinite pronouns we’ve learned today.

Thanks for joining us!

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