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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Integrated Skills》课件1 牛津版

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Integrated Skills

Match the colours with what they represent: wisdom

power purity joy


Here are some situations. Read and help him or her choose the right colour, and then give your reason Now choose your favorite button.





I’m Johnson. I’m a businessman. I’m very busy every day. I often feel very tired. What colour can help me? (energetic colour)

Mary is my good friend. She’s got a new job. And she likes it. yesterday she made a big mistake in her work. And her boss was a little angry. She feels stressed and worried. What colour should she wear? (calm colour)

Tomorrow is September 1st. My little son Billy will go to school. I hope that he will have a happy, successful day at school. What colour should I choose for him? (warm colour)

Tomorrow my husband will attend an important meeting. And at the meeting, there will be an important decision for him to make. What colour had he better wear? (strong colour)

Answer the questions (1). How can you learn more about Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy? Watch “The Teens Show” on STTV at 6 p.m., 30th October to learn more! (2). What’s the location of her therapy center? 21/F, 810South-east Road (3). What’s the phone number of her therapy centre? 5557 8187 (4). How much should we pay for her therapy? ¥20 for half an hour (5). What is their promise? They promise to help successfully change your moods, or you’ll get your money back!

Some useful expressions: the power of colour improve your life learn more about… promise to do sth get … back 祈使句, and / or + 陈述句。

Listen and answer the questions: (1). What does Mrs. Rainbow use colours to do? She uses colours to help people change their moods and improve their lives. (2). How long has she been doing this? She has been doing this since she left college. (3). What does she use to help others in her therapy? She often use special oils in her therapy and the oils have different colours and smells. (4). How will she help me if I can’t sleep well? She would ask me to think of the colour white. It can help me calm. And she would ask me to close my eyes and relax. Then she would take some white oil and rub in into my skin. (5). What other advice can she offer to others? She can also help people choose the right colour to wear.

Useful expressions If it doesn’t work, … practise sth. / doing sth. leave college The oils she uses have different colours and smells. think of a warm, sunny place rub oil into people’s skin rubbing / rubbed people with pale skin and blonde hair look good in red and purple

Questions in Part A3: (1). What does Mrs Rainbow do, Millie? B (2).Really? How does she do that? C (3).I’m feeling very tired this week. What should I do to get a good night’s sleep? A (4).Daniel is not happy this week. What should he do? C (5).What other kinds of colour therapy does Mrs Rainbow do? A (6).Well, I’d like to try it, but what if the therapy doesn’t work? B

useful exp

ressions work at the Palace Museum She has done it for a long time. colour their clothes rub oil into their skin close his eyes keep his eyes closed advise people what colours to wear make your clothes change colours make sb. do sth. make clothes for sb. give us free clothes / oil free freely

giving advice: I’ll go to attend my friend’s birthday party. What should I wear?

Listen to their conversation and answer the questions. (1). What are Andy and Millie talking about? (2). What shirt does Millie advice Andy to wear? (3). What will Andy wear? (4). What does Millie think of it?

giving advice
What / How about doing…? Why don’t you do…? No, I don’t like… Why not do …? I’d rather do… Shall we do…? I prefer to do… Let’s do… I prefer…to… Perhaps you should… Maybe, what do you think? It’s a good idea to do… Could you give me some advice?


Make a similar dialogue in pairs with the useful

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