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A holiday journey

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Unit 1 What did you do?

Where did you go in your holiday?

Happy valley

Mingzhu tower

Los Angeles Santa Monica Pacific Ocean

Did you go to Beijing last summer?

Nanjing road

Forbidden City

Do you like them?

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck

Where can you see them?



Which country is it?

The United States of America (U.S.A. / U.S. / America/ the USA)

Language aims
1. To master the words and expressions in this lesson. 2. To process main information of holiday experience. 3. To talk about holiday journeys.

4. To master structures: irregular past simple of verbs 5. The important sentences: How long did it take to get there? Who was with you? What did you do? Did you…?

Words and expressions
/p?'sIfIk/ /'s?u/ /ɡes/ /Ik'saItId/ /wa?/
太平洋的 adj. 那么;这么 adv. 猜;猜测 v. 激动的;兴奋的 adj.

Pacific so guess excited wow

哇;噢 int.

1 Find these places on the map.
a. California b. Hollywood c. Los Angeles d. Pacific Ocean e. Santa Monica f. Disneyland

Now listen and number the places as you hear them.

1 6 4 5 2 3

Everyday English

Guess what? Wow ! it was great!

Then Listen and read
Lingling: Where are you going on holiday, Tony? Tony: To Los Angeles. Betty: Oh, really? You’ll love it! I went there two years ago and enjoyed it a lot. Tony: How long did it take to get there? Did you fly? Betty: Yes, we did, and that took about nine hours. Then our friends met us and drove us to their home. Lingling: Who was with you? Betty: My parents. Lingling: So what did you do?

Betty: Well, first, we went to Disneyland, and guess what? I met Snow White and Mickey Mouse! I was so excited! Tony: Wow! How long did you stay there? Betty: We stayed there for two days. And then we went to Hollywood. Lingling: Did you see any movie stars? Betty: No, but we swam in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica. It was great! Lingling: Where are you going on holiday this year, Betty? Betty: Paris.

Now answer the questions.
1. How did Betty get to Los Angeles? She flew there. 2. How did Betty get to her friends' home? Her friends drove her. 3. Why was Betty excited at Disneyland? Because she met Snow White and Mickey Mouse. 4. How long did she stay in Disneyland? She stayed for two days. 5. Where did she go swimming? She went swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica.

3 Complete the sentences
have a good time on holiday see take two years ago took 1. It ________ us a long time to find his home last Saturday. 2. We had a wonderful party last night and everybody________________. had a good time 3. My family went to Hainan _________ on holiday last summer. Two years ago went back to our family home and 4. _____________I ______my grandparents. saw

Sum up

过去式特容易,一般情况加ed。 如果末尾有个e,直接加上d。 辅音字母加y,需把y变i。 重读一辅闭音节,双写一辅加ed。 特殊变化必须特殊记。

Language po

1. had a great time 玩得很高兴,过得愉快 have a great/good time和enjoy oneself 都是

2. on holiday 在假期, 在度假

3. How long did it take to get there?
It takes sb some time to do sth 花费某人多长时间做某事

4. spend 花费(时间和金钱)

spend + 时间和金钱 + on +sth. spend+时间和金钱+(in) +doing sth.
e.g. I spend two yuan on the pen. He spent two days doing his work. 5. We went swimming a lot. 我们经常去游泳。

a lot

意为“很, 非常, 经常”

4 Listen and underline the stressed words.
1. When did Betty go to Los Angeles? 2. How long did it take her to get there? 3. Where did she go? 4. Who met her at the airport? 5. What did she see there?

Now say the sentences aloud.

5 Talk about a special holiday.
Ask and answer: 1. Where did you go? 2. When did you go? 3. How did you get there? 4. How long did you spend there? 5. What did you do or see? 6. What was it like?

Fill in the blanks.
1.What ____ did you ___ do on your last holiday? (do) 2. I ____ went to Hollywood two years ago. (go)

3. How did Betty spend _____ there yesterday?

4. Where did you often _____? swim (swim )
5. My mother ____ met at the station last weekend. (meet)

1. We are going to travel ___ the country.
A. at work? 3. I ___ three hours swimming in the river. B. on C. around √ D. in

2. How long did it _____ you to finish the A. take B. spend √ A. take B. spend C. spent C. spent √ D. took D. took

4. Who did you go to Los Angeles ____? 5. I want to do some ____.
A. to B. √ with C. and D. /

A. shop B. shops C. √ shopping D. shopping

6. We ___ have a football match next week. 7. What house do you want _____?
A. living B. living in C. to live D. to live in √

A. will B. are going to C. go to D. going to

8. I love winter _____ it snows. A. because √ B. so C. and D. but

9.I’m interested animals, so I ___ lots of time to play with my pet dog. (2007福建厦门) A. pay B. take C. √ spend

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