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large,size,menu,noodles,rice,porridge,soup,beef,mutton,cabbage,potato,onions,fish,drink,green tea,juice,special would like sth.


1想要做某事 would like to do sth 2一小/中/大碗面a small/medium/large noodles

3 什么尺寸what size 多大号碗的面条what size bowl of noodles 4 哪种甜品 what kind of dessert

5一大碗番茄牛肉面a large bowl of tomato and beef noodles 6不同种类的鱼different kinds of fish 7特色水饺 special dumplings 8绿茶 green tea 9冰激凌 ice cream

10要我帮忙吗 Can I help you= What can I do for you 11. 水饺店 house of dumplings 12. 甜品屋 dessert house

13. 来买你的水饺吧 come and get your dumplings 14. orange juice 桔汁

5. green tea 绿茶 16. phone number 电话号码 17. as well as 而且

18. what kind of ….的种类 19. a kind of 一种… 20. some kind of 许多种…

21. a bowl of rice 一碗米饭 12.a bottle of orange juice 一瓶桔子汁 23. three oranges 三个桔

子(可数) 24. a bottle of orange juice 一瓶桔子汁(不可数) 25. some chicken 一些鸡肉

(不可数) 26. three chickens 三只小鸡(可数) 二、句型

1) What kind of … would you like? 你想要…?

EG:--What kind of noodles would you like? 你想要那种面条? --Beef and tomato noodles. please.些牛肉番茄面。 2)We have large ,medium, and small bowls. 我们有大、中、小三种

碗的(面条) 3)I like dumplings, I don‘t like noodles. 我喜欢饺子,不喜欢面条。 三、日


(1)—Can I help you? 你要吃什么? / 你要买啥? --I‘d like some noodles. please. 我要写面条。

(2)--what kind of noodles would you like? 你要哪种面条? --I‘d like mutton and potato noodles, please.我要牛肉土豆面。 ( 3)—Would you like a cup of green tea? 你要一杯绿茶

吗? --Yes, please./No, thanks 要的,请拿来。/ 不了,谢谢。 would like后面还可以跟

不定式.即: A: would like to do. sth.想要做某事.

He would like to see you today. 他想今天看你

Unit 8 I’d like some noodles

第一课时Section A 1a—1c(预习课)

重点句型:1.-What kind of noodles would you like? -I’d like beef noodles, please.

2.-What size bowl of noodles would he like?

-He’d like a small/medium/large bowl of noodles.


1.面条 _____ 2.牛肉 ______ 3.洋白菜____________ 4.土豆 _________

5.drink 6.large 7. bowl ____________ 8. broccoli________ 二、.


1..He would like some (noodle).2..He has two (egg)and some potatoes.

3..I’d like (chicken) and (tomato) noodles. 4.-What kind of noodles would you (like)? -I’d like (have) a small bowl of noodles, please. 三、请结合所学知识和预习内容完成下列句子


1.我想要一大碗牛肉面。 I’d like a of beef noodles.

2.你要吃点什么?这是菜单 Can I ? Here’s the menu.

3.我们这儿有各种各样的面条。We have all noodles.


一.用a ,an ,some ,any填空。 1. I want big apple.

2. Lucy likes to eat yellow bananas. 3. Please give me orange juice.

4. Would you like noodles? 5. Is that eraser?

6. Is there milk in the bowl? 7.She gives me large bowl of dumplings.

8.There aren’t birds in the big tree.


( )1.I can see some ____on the table.A . oniones B . tomatos C . tomatoes D . milks

( )2.Eat some__________, please.

A lemonade B . tea C . hamburgers D . juice

( )3.I don’t like soda, salad ______ onions. A . and B . or C . / D . also

( )4.Does she like hot dogs? Yes, she likes ___very much. A.bread B.it C.one D. them

( )5. How many birds can you see? I can’t see __. A. some B.any C.many D.much

( )6. I’d like some tea _______.

A. to eat B. to have C. to want D. to drink

( )7. Would you like some bread? __________. I’m not hungry.

A . That’s OK B . It’s a pleasure C . Yes, thank D . No, thanks

( )8.What’s your favorite drink? A .Hamburger B .Dumplings C . Meat D . Milk

( )9. beef would you like? A. How B. How many C. How much D. What

( ) 10. size bowl of noodles would you like?

A. How many B. How much C. How big D. What

第二课时 SectionA 2a—Grammar Focus(预习课、展示课)


1.学会订购自己喜欢的面条。 2.了解面条的种类。 3.学习本课的知识点。

词汇:would, I’d= I would,noodle,beef,mutton,cabbage,potato,

句型:—What kind of noodles would you like? —Beef and tomato noodles.


(1)This is a bowl of____________(面条) on the table. (2)There are two _______(土豆)

in the basket. (3)How much is the _______(羊肉)? (4)The _____(牛肉) is on sale.


--- 你想要什么样的面条?


--- 我想要牛肉胡萝卜面条。(kind of, beef and carrot)


5.合作讨论:would like 的用法

( ) 1 -What ____of noodles would you like? ------Beef and tomato noodles, please. A, kind

B, kinds C, a kind D, other

( ) 2 -What kind of noodles would you like? - I'd like ______, please. A, beefs and tomatoes

noodles B, beef and tomatoes noodles

C, beef and tomato noodles D, beefs and tomatoes noodle ( ) 3 Some tomatoes

_____in the bag. Some beef______ on the table. A, is; is B, are; are C, are; is


D, is; are

( ) 4 I often eat some _______ and _______ on Sunday evenings. A. tomatoes; fish B. tomato; fish C. tomatoes; fishes II.按要求改写句子。

1. I’d like some beef.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ _________ _________ beef?

2. Those boys want four large bowls of rice.(改为同义句) Those boys _________ _________ four large bowls of rice.

3. Mary would like tomato and egg noodles.(对画线部分提问) _________ _________ of noodles would Mary like?

第三课时 SectionA 3a—4 (预习课、展示课)

2、学习用英语表示自己喜欢什么事物不喜欢什么事物。 3、进一步学习句型:I’d like some noodles .

4. fish的用法; or和and的区别; 学会用英语表示―某种商品多少钱多少个‖。 二、重点句型

I like dumplings ,noodles ,and fish. I don’t like onions, green tea or porridge. 课前准备: 一. 翻译短语。 orange juice_________ pear juice__________ apple juice________ chicken porridge________ green tea__________

black tea__________


Juice dumpling porridge tea rice soup onion fish 可数名词:________________________________ 不可数名词:______________________________ 归纳:不可数名词的性质

1、不能被不定冠词a/an、数词、many等词修饰。 2、其后不能加―s‖变复数。

3、能够被some/any、much、lots of/a lot of修饰。 4、作主语时应理解成单数,要用单数的谓语动词。 学习过程:一.重点词辨析

1) fish:当鱼肉讲时是不可数名词。表示鱼的数量时是可数名词,其复数形式可在其后加―es‖,也可不加。如:two fish/fishes。表示鱼的种类时是可数名词,复数形式必须在其后加―es‖. two kinds of fishes 2)or和and区别:


or和and都有和的意思,or只用在否定句和疑问句中;and只用在肯定句中; 二 .Listening work. 巩固练习: 一.单项选择

( )1. What _____ pizza(比萨饼) would you like ?

---I’d like a medium pizza , please! A. size

B. kind C. cheese D. of

( )2. I’m thirsty (渴的) . Would you please give me some _____?

A. green pepper B. onion C. drink D. pizza

( )3. There are seven people in his family . Mr Wang would like a _____ pizza.

A. large B. small C. size D. medium

( )4.__________? I’d like some onion.

A. What do you want B. How do you spell onion C. Can I help you D. What’s your like

( )5. What size pizza ______ he like? He’d like a small one.

A.do B. does C. would D.is

( )6. Would you like some ice cream? Yes,_________

A.I like B.I would C. I’d like D. please


( )7. Would you like a large pizza ? Yes,______

A.I would B.I like C. I’d like D. I’d like to ( )8.Jim doesn’t buy apples, beef _____ broccoli. A. and B. or C. also D. too

( )9.He ______ some green tea.

A. would likes B want C. wants D. like

( )10. I’d like ________ an action movie.

A. see B. to see C. seeing D. watch

( )11 Look! There _____ some milk in the bowl. And there _____ some bananas

on the table. A are, are B. is, is C. is, are D. are; is

( )12.I often eat some _____ and _____ on Saturday evening.

A. tomato, fish B. tomatoes, fish C. tomatoes, fishes D. tomatos;fish

( )13.Would you like ______? Yes, please.

A any drink B some drinks C many drink D.

( )14.What size would you like, small or large?

Neither(二者都不要). I would like a ______ one. A. small B. large C. medium D. big

( )15.Do you like ______ soup? Yes, I do. I have it every day.

A . drinking B. eat C. cooking D. have

二. 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. I would like you ________ (come) to my house. 2. Would you like some juice _____(drink)?

3. There are some ________ (tomato) and ________ (porridge) on the table. 4. There ________ (be) some beef and eggs in the noodles. 5. What about ________ (swim) in the pool?

第四课时 SectionB 1a—2c (预习课、展示课)


词汇:drink,large,size,bowl,he’d=he would 句型:—What size bowl of noodles would he like? —He’d like a small/medium/large bowl of noodles.

一大碗面条_____________ 一小碗米饭(rice)______________ 一中碗粥_________________ 多大尺寸___________________ 番茄鸡蛋面_______________ 鸡肉白菜面________________ 羊肉土豆面_______________ 萝卜牛肉面________________ 想要,愿意_______________ 一些饮料__________________ 3.翻译句子

1). 你要多大碗的米饭?_____ _____ ______of rice would you like?

2). ——他想要多大碗的饺子?________________________ ——他想要一中碗饺子。_______________________

( ) 1. —Would you like something to eat? —_______. I’m not hungry.

A. Yes, I’d like to B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, thanks

( ) 2. —Do you want a big watermelon(西瓜) or a _______ one? —A big one, please.

A. thin B. small C. heavy

( ) 3. He is too hungry and he wants two _______.

A. bowl of noodles B. bowls of noodles C. bowls of noodle

( ) 4. —What _______ coat would you like? —A medium one. A. size B. kind C. color

( ) 5. —Let’s do something at the party. What about ___? —No, I’d like ___.

A. to sing; to dance B. to sing; dancing C. singing; to dance

Ⅱ. 根据要求完成下列句子。 1. Can I help you? (同义句)


2.Anna would like a small bowl of rice (对划线部分提问)


_____________________________________________ 3. She’d like a medium bag of apples.(对画线部分提问) _________ _________ bag of apples would she like?

Ⅲ 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1There ____(be) some beef and eggs in the noodles. 2 Bob ____( want) a small bowl. 3 Alice _____(would) like beef noodles. 4 I’d like a large bowl of _____(noodle).

第五课时 SectionB 3a—4 (预习课、展示课)

一 .写出下列缩写的全称。

Tel_________ Mon______Tues_______ Wed ________Thurs_______ Fri_____ 二. 翻译短语和句子。

很好的特色菜___________ 甜品屋___________ 水饺馆___________ 今天就来吃饺子吧!________________________ 你要哪种碗的面?__________________________ 你要哪种甜点?____________________________ 三. would like的用法归纳 1、would like = ________ 2、would like sth想要某物

Would you like some ---?你想要一些----吗? (虽然是一般疑问句,但不用any) 回答:肯定 __________ 是的,请。否定 ___________不,谢谢。 3、would like to do sth想要做某事=_________________

would like sb to do sth想要某人做某事= _______________

Would you like to do sth?你愿意做---吗?

肯定回答:Yes, ____________是的,我愿意。否定回答:__________.对不起。 学习过程: ―be+钱数+for+商品数量‖用于表示商品的价格,意思是―某种商品多少钱多少个‖如:The apples are 3RMB for 5.这些苹果是3元钱5个。

翻译:这些洋葱十元钱5个。________________________________ 这些袜子五元三双。__________________________________

二. 完成3b.


We also have orange juice and green tea. W have orange juice and green tea ,too.


( )1、The large cake ___ eggs on it is just 10 yuan .

A.has B.have C. with D.is

( )2、I don’t like swimming____running.

A.or B.and C.but D.with

( )3、There are three____in the fridge.

A.tomatos B.meat C.fish D.bag of apples

( )4、They have ___green tea, but they don’t have ___black tea.

A.some /any B.some/some C.any/any D.any/some

( ) 5. Jim doesn’t like tomatoes,potatoes ______ cabbages.. A. and B. with C. or

( ) 6. There ______ some food on the table. A. is B. are C. has

( ) 7. I’m hungry. I would like ______ a large bowl of dumplings .

A. eating B. eat C. to eat

( ) 8. Do you like noodles ______ chicken? A. with B. of C. in

( ) 9. — What size shoes do you want? —______.

A. Small shoes B. Size 36 C.36 size

( )10. Special 2 is only 8 RBM ______15. A. is B. are C. for


( )11. My brother ______ dumplings with beef very much,but I don’t.

A. like B. likes C. doesn’t like

( )12. I as well as Mike ______ English now. A. reads B. is reading C. am reading

( )13. They usually go ______ home ______ lunch. A. to; for B. /; for C. to; at

( )14. There are ________ tomatoes on the table. A. many B. much C. a little D. any

( )15. Would you like ________tea with ice in it? A. any B. some C. a few D. many

( )16 .The noodles with orange juice ________ only $1.5.[来A. is B. are C. for D. with

( )17. What size bowl of dumplings would you like,small,medium,________ large?

A. and B. with C. or D. but

二. 根据汉语提示写出单词

1、I’d like some _______ (番茄)noodles. 2、How many ________(土豆)would you like? 3、We have some great _______(特价菜) today. 4、. _____(有) there some fish in the river last year? 5、Tom with his friends often______ (喝)green tea. 6、 Teacher would like Tom_______(唱歌) now

7、Would you like ________ (点)food for me? 8. What s______ shoes would you like ?

9. John likes ________ (粥),pizza(比萨),salad and ice tea very much. 10. We have many great ________ (特色菜) in the restaurant. 11. I would like you ________ (come) to my house. 12. Would you like some juice _____(drink)?

13. There are some ________ (tomato) and ________ (porridge) on the table. 14. There ________ (be) some beef and eggs in the noodles.

第六课时 SectionB self-check (预习课、展示课)

词汇:juice,dumpling,porridge,tea,green tea,rice,soup,onion,fish 句型:I want to order some food.

What kind of dumplings would you like? I’d like….. What’s your address? I like A. B and C ./I don’t like A .B or C.可数名词和不可数名词的区别以及用法。 【学习过程】 potato, tomato, beef, juice, mutton, egg, onion, milk, apple , tea, strawberry, orange,

可数名词 ______________________________

不可数名词 _____________________________________ 粥_______糊_____饺子______汤____ 橙汁______洋葱_______ 两碗米饭___________________三杯橘子汁_____________ 五杯绿茶________________________一些鸡肉_____________ 1检查 I.根据汉语提示,写出单词。

1. I’d like some _______(饺子). What would you like? 2. Would you like some ______(绿茶). 3. I usually have ________(粥) for breakfast. 4. He’d like some _______(米饭)and ______(鱼). Ⅱ.完形填空.

I like eating rice, noodles, strawberries, ice cream, hamburgers and so on. But my favorite __1__ is dumplings. Every Sunday, my mother __2_ many dumplings for me. If she has __3__ time, I’ll go to the supermarket to __4__ some. Dumplings look __5__ white boats(船). They are very delicious. __6__ my birthday every year, I usually help my mother make a lot of dumplings. Do you know the __7__? Because I often ask some friends to __8__ them with me. There are different kinds of __9__ and meat in them. My friends __10__ like to eat them very much.

( ) 1. A. food B. dessert C. fruit ( ) 2. A. do B. does C. makes ( ) 3.

A. some B. no C. any ( ) 4. A. want B. order C. buy ( ) 5. A. for

B. at C. like ( ) 6. A. In B. On C. About ( ) 7. A. kind B. size

C. reason ( ) 8. A. eat B. drink C. like ( ) 9. A. noodles B. dumplings C. vegetables ( ) 10. A. all B. every C. both


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