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Big Plant for the Weekend

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English for Grade Seven

Lesson22 Big Plant for the Weekend
Lanqi Middle School Ning Xiaolin

学习目标: ★ 能够丰富周末活动的词 汇; ★ ★ ★能够听懂有关于周 末活动话题的对话; ★★ ★能够运用有关于表 达周末活动话的句型。

1、掌握本课生词及词组hurry somewhere actually cooking surf Internet housework的读音,词义, 及其用法; 2、学会运用本课的句型及词组 have lunch in a hurry to do surf the Internet help…with… I would l love…

Preparation :
学习用具和你的睿 智与激情。

I、交流预习: 先自主完成2分钟,然后 师友合作检查,学师帮 助学友纠正错误及读音1 分钟。

1. New words: 指派一名学师先读2-3遍,2 分钟,教师正音。然后学师检查学友朗读并 帮助学友纠正错误,3分钟。

1). hurry 赶紧,匆忙 somewhere 在某处 2)._________________ 3). actually 的确,真实的 4). cooking 烹调 5). surf 冲浪 6). Internet 因特网 7). housework 家务劳动

2. Listen to the tape of lesson22 then choose the correct picture.听录音,选 择正确的图片。自主完成后师友互查3 分钟。图片参考书上57页习题I。

3. Read the lesson and answer the questions, 3 minutes. 1)Why can’t Danny stay still today?

He has a big plans for the weekend.

2).What does Jenny usually do on weekends?

She usually just stays at home, reads a book ,surfs the Internet ,watches TV and helps her mum with the housework.
3).What is Jenny going to do this weekend?

She is going to join Danny to make donuts.

III.合作探究. 合作完成,学友说给学师听, 然后学师帮助学友纠错并说明 原因,5分钟.

4、Match the words with the correct meanings。

stay still actually

to some place the wish to go some place quickly hurry don’t move somewhere in fact

5. 根据文意,连词成句,5分钟。

1) Jenny having together and are Danny lunch Jenny and Danny are having lunch together _________________________________________. 2) are going do weekend what you to this What are you going to do this weekend ________________________________________? 3) you are hurry in a go to somewhere Are you in a hurry to go somewhere _________________________________________? 4) am going make I to donuts I am going to make donuts _________________________________________. 5) love would to come I I would love to come ________________________________________.

IV、巩固提高。(学师帮助学友完成,共同学习,5分钟。) 6、单项选择。 ( A )1)There is ___ plan of our trip to Beijing.

A a B an C the D / ( A ) 2) My friend is going to ____ me this Sunday. A visit B visited C visited D visiting ( B ) 3) Li Lei never ____ donuts. A have B has C eating ( B ) 4) Would you like ____ the club. A joined B to join C join D join in ( A ) 5) Would you like _____ meat ? A s

ome B any C another D a

7、同学们,丹尼需要你的帮助,他正在为校报 写一篇报道,他的题目是“周末要做的趣事”, 帮他写一篇很好的报道。参考书上57页,10分 钟。

V、归纳总结。 师友合作共同找出本课所学到的 知识点,学友先说给学师听,学师 补充并讲解原因及注意事项,学友 注意改正再说给全班听,22分钟。

8、本节课我们都学会了哪些重要的句型、词(组)?他 们都是什么意思?怎么来用?根据你所学习的内容进行 归纳总结。

have lunch in a hurry to do surf the Internet help…with… I would l love…

Thanks! Bey!

9.I like winter, because it often snows. And the snow is white and clean…… What season do you like? Why? Please show us! Let’s go!

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