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Section A

A: Excuse me, are you Jane? B: Yes, I am. A: Excuse me, are you Michael? B: No, I am not.

A: My name is Sally. What’s your name? B: My name is Li Ming. What’s your name? C: My name is …

Let’s enjoy the pictures and match.


America Japan

1a Listen, look and say.
Where are you from?

I’m from Canada.

Yukio在问这个女孩来自哪里。 Are you Jane ? Where are you from? Yes, I am. I’m from Canada.

be from “从……来,来 自……”, 表达某人的籍贯或来源地。 “Where +be+主语+from?” 意为“某人来自哪里?” Where 用于对地点提问。

What’ your name?

你知道小女孩在问什么吗? 她在问:“你叫什么名字?” 如果你碰到不认识的人,也 可以这样问哟!

Do you want to know about your classmates?

You can ask like this:

A: What’s your name? B: ________________ A: Where are you from? B: ________________


Listen and number the pictures. Then listen again and watch the names with the countries.



Canada ( C ) Japan( B )


A. Zhao Lin B. Kumiko C. Jim D. Tom

America ( D ) China( A )


practice I am Zhao Lin. I am_____China. B

Listen, say and fill.


A. to B. from C. / A: _____Japan,Kumiko? B A:Yes, I am.

A: Are you Kumiko? B: Are you from… C: I am from…

Listen, say and fill. Good afternoon! My name is Jim. I’m ______Canada. from

Where are you from A: ______________,Tom? B: I’m from America.

Are you from __________Canada?

No, I am not. I am from China.

Listen and complete the conversation. Then practice with your partner. (影片P10-2a)

⑴ Are they from England

⑶ who are they

⑵ Where are they from ⑶ A: Excuse me, __________?
B: They’re Maria and Jane. ⑴ A: ____________________? B: No, they aren’t. ⑵ A: ____________________? B: Maria is from Cuba and Jane is from Canada.

Look at the picture and complete the conversation.
Huanhuan: _____ are they? Who
Yingying: _____ are Dingding and Nana. They

Huanhuan: Oh, is Dingding from America?
Yingying: No, he isn’t. ___is from Japan. He

Huanhuan: Where is Nana from? ______
Yingying: She is from England.

Where are they from? 句型结构为: Where +be+主语+from? 句中的they是第三人称复数,译为他/她/它们,后面的 be动词要用are。 如:他们来自哪里? Where are they from? 他们来自美国。They are from America. 他们来自日本吗?Are they from Japan?
He is from Japan. / She is from England. 句中的he 和she 是第三人称的单数形式,译为他/她, 后面的be动词均用is。 如:他是Kangkang。He is Kangkang. 她来自英国。 She is from England.

—Where are you from? — I am from China.

— Where are you from?

— I am from Canada.

— Where are they from? — They are from Japan.

—Where is she from? — She is from America.

1. Where are you from? I’m from Canada. 2. Are you from America? No, I’m not. 3. Wher

e are they from? 4. He is from Japan. 5. She is from England .

1. 抄写本课的生词、单词、音标及汉 语各两遍。

2. 背诵课文1a和2a。

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