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Around town(3)

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Unit 3 Language in use

across across from
next to between …and… at on in under through right



in front of behind near left

我们可以用介词表达方位,常用的 表达方位的介词有:

on the left/right 在左/右边 next to 与……紧挨着 opposite 在……的对面 on the corner of 在……拐角处 between…and 在……和……之间

如: The bank is next to the market. 银行就在市场的旁边。 The supermarket is opposite the restaurant. 超市在饭店的对面。 The bookstore is between the cinema and the hotel.书店在电影院和旅馆之间。 Go along the street until you get to the bookstore. Our school is on the right. 沿着这条街走下去,一直走到书店,我 们的学校就在右边。

1. How can I get to…? 2. Can/Could you tell me the way to …, please? 3. Where is …? 4. Which is the way to …, please? 5. Is there a … near here? 6. Do you know the way to …, please? 7. I want to go to …. Do you know the way? 8. I’m looking for …. Can you tell me where it is?

Language practice


Can you tell me the way to Wangfujing Dajie? Could you tell me how to get to the National Stadium? Go across Dong Changan Jie,go along the street and turn left Go along the street and you’ll see an underground station. Is there a bookshop near here?

1. Work in pairs and look at the map.

Student A: Choose a starting place on the map. Then give Student B directions from there. Student B: Listen to Student A and follow the directions: Where do they finish?

Now choose another starting place on the map. Student B gives direction.

2. Read and label the places.
Man: I need to go to the post office. Can you tell me how to get there? Woman: Yes, of course. Turn left and walk up Green Street. Go past the bank. It's the big building on the left. Turn right after the bank, at the cinema. The post office is opposite the cinema and the supermarket. Man: Thanks. I also want to buy some books. Woman: Well, there’s a good bookshop near the market. From here cross Green Street and turn right. Go past the market on your left. Then turn left and go down the street to the bus stop. The bookshop is next to the bus stop. Man: Thank you!

Label the places:

post office

Supermarket Bank



3 Look at the map and complete the passage with the words and expressions from the box.
across between next to on your right opposite turn left

The museum is between _______the bank

and the restaurant. The park is along the
next to the bank. The shop is street_______ opposite _______ the restaurant. Cross the bridge and then go _______ across the street. turn left and the station is on _______ ___________ your right .

A famous place The Winter Palace in St Petersburg was a house for the Tsar of Russia. Now it’s part of the Hermitage Museum, and everyone can go and see the paintings and learn about Russian his

tory. Opposite the museum,on the other side of the River Neva, is St Peter’s Church. You can walk across the river over Trinity Bridge.

4. Write about your home town. Say:

? the most important places to see ? where they are ? how you get there

5. Write an email to a friend and say what to do on a one-day tour of your home town. Use the information from Activity 4 to help you.

6. Draw a map of your home town and mark out the important places.

An example:
Dear Paul, I’m really looking forward to your visit. There are three very interesting place to see in my home town. They are the science museum, a beautiful park and a big market. The park is near my home. To get there, we can take a bus or we can talk to the science museum. It’s near the train station. Then we can buy some souvenirs at the market .To get to the market, we take a bus from opposite the science museum. Hope to see you soon! Yours, Mark

along 沿着) Wangfujing Dajie. 1.Go ________( opposite 在……的对面) the park. 2. The bookshop is ________( famous 著名) movie star. 3. Jackie Chen is a________( clear 4. Look at the ________( 晴朗的) sky

5. Turn left,you’ll see a big ________( bridge 桥).

How do I get to _________________the Forbidden City? __________________It’s __________ Go straight ahead. opposite Tian’anmen Square.

Where __________is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall? It’s ___________ between the Great Hall of the people_______the and Museums.

Can you tell me the way ________________________to a park?

Where do some shopping ________can I _________________________?

1. Where are you going to meet? 2. Let's discuss how we're going.

A. Let me help you.
B. Let's discuss it. C. What about meeting outside the zoo? D. Why don't we go by bike? E. Liu Hua and Wang Lei. F. Yes,I'd like to. G. No,that's a wrong way. H. Of course.

3. Would you like to come?
4. Let's go this way. 5. Is she going there,too?

6. Let's go boating on the river.
7. Are we all going hiking? 8. What are we going to do? 9. My bag is too heavy.

I. Good idea.

10. Who's going to clean the room? J. No,she's going to the market.

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