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Units 9&10 Technology &The World Around Us


Life On The Go

Wang Mei is one of many Chinese teenagers who live life “on the go” and use cellphones. Cellphones,or mobile phones,make it possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere.Words and .New being phones.have features such as games,important dates.Cellphones are being used everywhere—sometimes where

they shouldn’t.One headmaster says that phones are not allowed in the classroom.agree not to use their phones in the classroom..

Why are cellphones The answer seems to be that we have a need to .Having a cellphone also makes us feel safer,since we emergency.Of course,have fun and be cool.

Are We Endangered?

endangered. Many of the earth’s plants and animals have already and several other species are endangered..we must learn to act in .

A species can become endangered for different reasons.,or home. They have learnt how to live their habitat.When the habitat of a species is changed or destroyed,home.If this is not possible,the species becomes endangered.If the new species is too strong or uses ,some of the original species may become endangered.A species may also die out if humans or other animals use too much of a plant or kill too many animals. The good news is that there is a lot we can do to help,we need to learn more about animals, plants and the environment. Steve says that we can help more “Please don’t pollute the environment.” If we find out more about what we should do, we can keep animals and plants—and ourselves—from becoming endangered.


1. I ______the cell phone in school, because it will be taken away from me .

A. daren’t to use B. don’t dare to use C not dare use D. dare to not use

2. Could I speak to ________ is in charge of International Sales, please?

A. anyone B.someone C.whoever D.no matter who

3. The two girls _________ to clean the bedroom.

A.takes turns B.take turn C.take turns D.takes turn

4. The plane __________ be late for at least half an hour in such bad weather.

A.should B.can C. must D.may

5. The doctors devoted themselves ________a better cure for the terrible disease .

A to find B finding C to finding D in finding

6. The cat is playing with a mouse________.

A.living B.alive C.lively D.live

7. I would ________ the job, if I were in your place, please don’t hesitate any more.

A.get over B.think over C.take over D.hand over

8. Put the flowers in warm rooms to _______ them _________the freezing cold.

A stop; from B keep; from C protect; from D. rescue; off

9. The police officer wants to know what measures _____ to find the murders as soon as possible .

A to take B to be taken C taken D. being taken

10. __________ her home, Janice turned on her computer and chatted online.

A. As soon as she returned B. On arriving C. After she got D. Directly she reached

11. The story reminded me _______ an experience I once had.

A.on B.of C. in D.with

12.It’s the sort of work that ________ a high level of concentration.

A. called in B.called at C.called on D. called for

13. My health _________ under the pressure of work.

A. broke up B.broke down C. broke through D.broke off

14. The children are finding it hard to _________ the new school.

A.adopt to B.attach to C. adapt to D.adjust to

15. We firmly believe that war never settles anything. It only ______ violence.

A. runs into B. comes from C. leads to D. begins with

16. The sound of their laughter died ________.

A. away B.out C. down D.off

17. But for his help, we ______ our work yet.

A. didn’t finish B.won’t finish C.haven’t finished D.wouldn’t have finished

18. father’s sudden illness __________our difficulties.

A. added up to B.added C. added up D.added to


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