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Unit 7 Cultural Relics & Unit 8 Sports


A City Of Heroes

Where there is a river, there is a city. Three hundred years ago, the Russian Czar Peter the Great came here and built a new capital——St Petersburg. In 1941, the Germans tried to the city. It was

.The Germans burned many of the palaces as they left. St Petersburg was almost the city and its cultural relics seemed impossible, but the people of this great city would not . When the Nazis had gone, the people of St Petersburg began the city. It was not easy. Painters and workers had to be very careful when they were trying the city . It was difficult to save the palaces and destroying their old beauty. paintings and photographs, the people of St Petersburg were able to bring back the beauty of their culture and history. Today Peter the Great on his bronze horse can once again look out over the city he built. Like their hero Peter, the people of St Petersburg have shown that dreams can . Strong, proud and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia.

The Olympic Games

Every four years athletes from all over the world the Olympic Games. The ancient Olympic Games began the year 776 BC in Greece.Many oft he sports were they are now.Some of the games in which the young men were:running,jumping and wrestling.Women were not to take part in the games.The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 1896. After that more and more countries joined in the Games.In 2000,over 10,000 athletes from 227 countries went to Sydney,Australia,for the 27th Olympic Games! There are 300 different in the Games. The Olympic Higher, Stronger". In the 1984 Olympic Games. Carl Lewis from the USA won four gold medals in and became one of the best sportsmen in the 20th century.In Sydney the Chinese team got 28 gold medals, of all the competing countries.China won another great competition in 2001 which was not for a medal.the Olympic Games.

二、单项填空 (共选中9题)

1. Some 20 visitors were reported missing, two foreigners _____.

A. contained B. containing

B. taking B. weighs

C. included C. standing D. including D. ranking D. is weighed 2. She covered the 5,000 meters in 14 minutes and 28 seconds, ___ second on the list of all the players. A. representing A. weigh A. effect 3. His luggage includes three large cases which _____ as much as half a ton. C. are weighed . B. result C. portrait D. impression

5. ---Would you rather _______ there tomorrow?

---No, I’d rather he ________ there instead of me.

A. to go; will go B. go; went C. go; will go D. going; shall go

6. There is a limit to one’s life, but there is no limit ______the people.

A. to serve B. to serving C. serving D. of serving

7. The boy entered the classroom, ________ the teacher.

A. following B.follow C.followed D. to follow

8. ---It’s a long time since I saw my sister.

--- ________ her this week?

A. Why not visit B. Why not to visit C. Why not visiting D. Why don’t visit

9.There are marks on her trousers________ she had wiped her hands.

A. where B. which C. when D. that

10. After his journey from abroad, Richard Jones returned home ,_________.

A. exhausting B. exhausted C. being exhausted D. having exhausted

11.The doctors will do all that they can _____the patient.

A. save B. saving. C saved D. to save

12._______ along the street, there is a bus stop.

A.Each few miles B. Each a few miles C. Every a few miles D. Every few miles

13. ________ on historical facts, the novel sells well.

A. Basing B. Having based C.To base D. Based

14. It took ______ building supplies to construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains, too. A. other than B.more than C.rather than D. less than

15. After a knock at the door, the child heard his mother's voice _______ him.

A. calling B.called C.being called D. to call

16. He _______ 8 books so far.

17. We won’t allow _________ here.

A. smoking B. to smoke C. smoked D.smoke A.wrote B.writes C. has written D.has been written

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