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七年级英语第2.3 单元

一 .. Choose the best answer. 最佳选择。(17分)

( A. in B. of C. at

( )2. — — Yes, it’s book.

A. a, a B. a, an C. an, an

( A. I B. me C. my

( A. and B. but C. /

( )5.— ___ a map ? — Yes, _____ is.

A. is this, this B. this is, It C. Is this, it

( )6.—Is this ____ pencil sharpener? —No, it’s B. her, his C. you, I

( )7.What’s that A. of B. on C. in

( )8.—Is that your watch ? — Yes, it’s ____ watch.

A. her B. my C. his

( )9.—Is Jim a student? — A.Yes, he is B. Yes, she is C. No, she is

( )10.—“baseball”? — B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L.

A. What’s B. What C. How

( )11.Are these parents?

A.you B.she C.Mona’s D.they

( )12.— What’s this ? —A. This is backpack B. It’s key C. It’s a computer

( )13.— — Yes, thanks.

A. Morning B. Excuse me C. Sorry

( )14.—Is this a jacket? — A. Yes, it’s B. No, it is C. No, it isn’t

( ) 15. Is this your _______?

A. a notebook B. notebook C. notebook D. notebooks

( ) 16. What is this? _________.

A. These are books B. It’s a book

C. They are pens D. That aren’t pens

( )17 —Hello! Are you Amy?

— .

A. Yes, I’m B. No, I’m C. No, I’m not

二.Match the sentences. 从B栏中选出A栏句子的应答语。(10分)


( )1. What’s that? A. Fine, thank you.

( )2. What color is it ? B. Evening !

( )3. Spell it, please. C. It’s a map.

( )4. Good morning ! D. No, it isn’t. It’s my eraser.

( )5. Evening ! E. Good morning !

( )6. Is this a baseball? F. Jim Green.

( )7. How are you? G. It’s red.

( )8. Hello, Frank! H. Yes, it is.

( )9. Is that her eraser? I. Hello, Tom!

( )10. What’s your name? J. R-U-L-E-R.


A) 按要求改写下面的句子,每空一词。(11分)

1. This is his baseball. (一般疑问句) 2. Is that her pencil case? (作否定回答) ______, ______ ______. 对划线部分提问4. My computer is black. (改为一般疑问句) 对划线部分提问) ? (对划线部分进行提问

7. It’对划线部分进行提问

8. It’提问)

9. It is my mother’s watch. (改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

—________, ________ ________.

10. Is that a key? (做肯定回答) ________, ________ ________.

11.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子)

B) 将下面的句子翻译成英语,每空一词。(10分)

11. 请原谅,简。这是你的钢笔吗?

Excuse me, Jane. ______ this your ______?

12. 那个是她的学生证。That is ______ ______ ID card.

3. 请给玛丽打电话,号码是529-6603. 529-6603.

5. 那些是你的棒球? 6. 你怎样拼“computer”? 四、根据句意及括号内所给词的适当形式填空。(11分)

1.Are___________(this) your parents? 2.They are his _________(cousin). 3________(those) is a pencil. 4.________(her)is my sister.

5.______(she)are my grandma. My father is _______(she) son.

6.These are their ________(book) 7.be)those your parents?

8.This is she)gold ring.

9.photo)of my family.

10.Are these your keys? No, it)aren’t.


五. 从方框中选择单词并用其正确形式完成下列这段对话。(5分)

A: Hello!

B: Hello!

A: I am Jim. What’s name?

B: My name is Gao Hui. You can call me Miss Gao.

A: to meet you, Miss Gao.

B: OK. Please sit down, Jim.

A: you.

B: me, Jim. Is this your English book?

A: No. Look! That is Sonia. I think it’s English book.

B: Please ask(要求) Sonia to come(来) here.

A: OK!

六.阅读理解。 (10分)

A:Good morning!


A:Are you Miss Wang?

B:Yes. I am. I’ll teach you English. Are you Xu Yan?

A:No, I’m not. I’m Wang Jing. And this is my mother(母亲).She is a teacher, too. B:Nice to see you.

C:Nice to see you, too.

B:Have a cup of tea , please.

C:Thank you.


( ) 1. Miss Wang, Xu Yan and Xu Yan’s mother meet in the morning.

( ) 2. Miss Wang isn’t an English teacher..

( ) 3. Xu Yan and her mother know(认识) Miss Wang.

( ) 4. Xu Yan is a Chinese girl.

( ) 5. Xu Yan’s mother is a teacher.

This is a photo of Mr Black’s family. The man with glasses(眼镜)is Mr Black, the father. The woman is the mother. They have a son and a daughter. The son is behind(在??后面)Mr Black. His name is Jack. He’s 14. Kate is Jack’s sister. She is 12. Jack and kate are in the same school, but they are in different(不同的)grades. Jack is in Grade Three and Kate’s in Grade One. They are good students.

( )1.A.a son and a daughter B.Jack and Kate’s C.three children(孩子) D.a family of five ( )2.The woman is mother.

A.Kate’s B.Jack’s C.Kate’s and Jack’s D.Kate and Jack’s

( )3.Jack and Kate are in the same .

A.class B.grade C.school D.year

( )4.Black is the name.

A.man’s B.woman’s C.boy’s D.family

( )5.Jack and Kate are .

A.good children B.good students C.in different schools D.in the same grade

七.。A)单词直读 直读下列单词,并写出单词的正确形式(6分)

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

B).语音精灵 (4分)

C)相同音素的写A”,不同的 写 “B”。(6分) 1.book/school( ) 2.photo/son( ) 3.family/thank( ) 4.three/this( ) 5.pen/next( ) 6. mine/ nice( )





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