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unit 1 period 3

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Period III

Unit 1

My name's Gina.

1. Memorize the words and phrases. 2. How to ask for first names/last names/phone numbers. 3. Train speaking and writing skills.


What’s your/his/her given (first) name? 你/他/她叫什么名? What’s your/his/her family (last) name? 你/他/她姓什么? What’s your /his /her telephone number? 你/他/她的电话号码是多少?

Speak out the following telephone numbers. 0435-3940586 zero four three five --three nine four zero five eight six 13874526289

one three eight seven four five two six two eight nine

3a Look at the picture. Find the last names and

write them below. 看图片,找出姓氏并写在下 面的表格里。

1. Gina Green 2. Nick _______ Hand 3. Linda ______ Brown 4. Jim _______ Smith 5. Alan _______ Miller

ID card
FIRST NAME: ___________ Alice LAST NAME: ___________ Smith TELEPHONE NUMBER: __________________ 152-8763

ID card = Identification card 身份证

3b Look at the ID card and answer the questions. 看下面的身份证并回答问题。

What’s her first name? Her first name is Jenny. What’s her last name? Her last name is Brown. What’s her telephone number? Her telephone number is 535-2375.

Answer the questions according to the ID cards.

FIRST NAME: Mary LAST NAME: Green TELEPHONE NUMBER: 86301274 What’s her first name? Her first name is Mary. What’s her last name? Her last name is Green. What’s her telephone number? Her telephone number is 86301274.

Answer the questions according to the ID cards.
FIRST NAME: Tom LAST NAME: Hand TELEPHONE NUMBER: 97468213 What’s his first name? His first name is Mary. What’s his last name? His last name is Green. What’s his telephone number? His telephone number is 97468213.

Fill in the ID card according to the statement. Her name is Yifei Liu. Her telephone number is 518-685789. Yifei FIRST NAME: ____________ Liu LAST NAME: ____________

__________________ 518-685789

Fill in the ID card according to the statement.

His name is Xiang Liu. His telephone number is 548-6967341.
FIRST NAME: ____________ Xiang

LAST NAME: _____________ Liu
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 548-6967341 ____________________


Fill in your own ID card. 填写你自己的身份证。

FIRST NAME: __________ Photo

LAST NAME: ___________


Use the following conversations to interview five classmates. 用下面的对话,采访你的五位同学。

A: Hello,my name is …,what’s your name?

B: I’m ….
A: How do you do?

B: How do you do?
A: What’s your telephone number?

B: It’s ….
A: Thank you!


Write your phone number on a piece of paper and put it in a bag. Then take out a piece of paper and find the owner.
将你的电话号码写在纸上放进袋子里。从袋子 里抽出一张纸并找出上面的电话号码是谁写的。


Lyric 歌词
One little, two little, three little Indians,

Four little, five

little, six little Indians,
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians,

Ten little Indian boys.
Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians,

Seven little, six little, five little Indians,
Four little, three little, two little Indians,

One little Indian boy.



Check the words you know.

it my is hello ID card your his

I what her

first name telephone number

last name

3 Introduce two classmates in the cards below. 填写下面的卡片,介绍你的两个同学。
His name is _______________. His first name is ___________. His last name is ___________. His telephone number is _____. ___name is _______________. ___first name is ___________. ___last name is ___________. ___ telephone number is _____.

Just for Fun!

PSST: 为引起人的注意时所发的声音。

根据首字母填写单词。 1. — How are you? — F___, thanks. ine 2. What’s your f_________ name? irst/amily 3. My t_________ number is 2165. elephone 4. Good e________! vening 5. Linda is seven. S___ is a student. he

按要求完成句子。 1. My telephone number is 1567481. (对划线部分提问) ____________________________? What’s your telephone number 2. I’m fine. (对划线部分提问) _____________? How are you

3. Tom’s last name is Green.

(对划线部分提问) _______________________? What’s Tom’s last name 4. her, first, is, Gina, name (连词成句)
_____________________. Her first name is Gina 5. your, what, number, is, telephone (连词成句) What is your telephone number _____________________________?

Exercise 根据上下文完成下列对话。 1. A:Hello. I'm Mary. Hi, Mary B:___________! I'm Jim. meet Nice A:_______ to _______ you. 2. What’s your name A:_________________? B: I’m Bob Smith. What’s your telephone number A:____________________________? B:It's 3344668.

3. A:Hello.___________. I’m Bill B:Hi, Bill.______Tom. I’m A:_______________here. Nice to meet you B:Me, too. 4. A:What's his name? B:___________ Tony. His name is A:And _______________? what’s her name B:Her name's Gina.


What’s your name A: Excuse me._________________, please? Jack Brown B:My name is ___________.

And ________________? what’s your name
A: Mary Smith. Nice to meet you. B:_______________, too. Nice to meet you A:What's your telephone number? B:_____ 3940588. It’s A:And ___________________ is 5082688. my telephone number

Exercise 把下列单词变成句子。注意标点和大写字母。 1.is what his name  name is his Bruce  2.her what name is and  is her Jenny name What is his name?
His name is Bruce. And what is her name? Her name is Jenny.

Are you Bob? 3.Bob are you  i no am not am I Bill No, I am not. I am Bill.

1. Review the words and conversations in Unit 1. 2. Use the new words and sentences in Unit 1 to make your own conversations and write them on

your exercise book.

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