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Americans by Australians Canadians British people
Britain or England in the USA New Zealand English is widely used Canada Australia for (doing )business travelling writing business letters making telephone calls as

B ritain the USA …..

the first language

the second language in China Germany India France Japan all over the world

People’s Park

River No.1 Bridge Bridge

Post office



Bookshop Museum Toilet Hospital

Shopping Centre Police Station

Clothing Shop Market


Train Station

River Hotel No 7 School Bank

Sentence structures

When was the market built ? It was built in…..

the museum the No.7 Middle School the hospital the TV factory the cinema ……

What is a market used for? It is used for doing business,buying and selling things. A police station is a place where the policeman (woman) works. More Prctice: a train station a park

a TV factory a bookshop a bank a post office

Asking the way and responses
? Excuse me ! Can you tell me the way to the ? museum,please? ? Can you show me the way to ? the museum,please? ? Can you tell me which is the ? way to the museum,please? ? Can you tell me how to get to the ? museum,please? ? Can you tell me how I can get to the ? museum ,please? ? Can you tell me where the museum is?

Responses Go along Zhongshang Road,and turn right at the second crossing .
Go up the road ,and take the second turning on the right. Go along the road to the end .You’ll find a white building between the cinema and the toilet. The hospital is just between the museum and the No.7 Middle School It’s easy to find .You can’t miss it. Excuse me ! Where’s the bank? I’m sorry I’m a stranger.I think you can ask that policeman over there Thank all the same .

Practice 1 Suppose you are standing at the gate of the cinema .And you want to go to the train station.Now make a dialogue.

Practice 2
On the first day of the new school year,you’ve been choen to be the guide.You show the new students the way to the classroom or to the dormitory.Now work in pairs.

Fill in the blanks Exercise 1: I can A: ____ ____! Can you tell me how ___ ___ get to the park, Excuse me please? turn Yes B: ____. Go ____ the street ,and ____ left ___ the third crossing.At along at the end of the street ,you’ll see a big gate ,it’s ____ between the zoo and the cinema.You can‘t _____ it. miss A:_____ very much. Thanks Exercise 2: A:Excuse me! Can you show me the ____ ____ the zoo ,please? ____ way to up take second crossing .Go B:Yes. Walk ___ this road and ____ the____ (第二)____ see (find)the zoo ___the right .It’s in ____ of across the bridge. You’ll ____ ____ on front the police station.You can’t ___ it. miss A:_____ you very much. Thank

Exercise 3: can get to A:Excuse me! Can you tell me how I ___ ____ ____the train station please? at B:Yes.It’s ____ the end of Zhongshan Road. A:Is it far ____ here? from take Yes,it’s about 40 ____ (分钟)walk.But you

can ___ a bus . minutes’ B:Which bus do I need? A:Bus No.3 will take you right there. Where’s the bus stop? B:___ side A:It’s on the other ___ of the street over ___. there B:Thanks.

Exercise 4: way to A:Excuse me! Can you tell me the ___ ____ the market,please? either B:Sorry.I don’t know ,_____. all the same A:Thank you ____ _____ _____.

Translation exercise: 1。我们学校建于1995年。 Our school was built (founded or opened) in 1995. 2。旅馆是作什么用的?它是供旅游者住宿用的。 What’s the hotel used for ? It’s used by travellers for staying in.

Go along the road to the end,and you’ll find the cinema. 4。在第二个拐角向右转。 Take the second turning on the right.. Or Turn right at the second turning. 5邮电局在银行和医院之间,你不会错过的。 The post office is between the bank and the hospital.You can’t miss it

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