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Unit 3--period 2

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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

Section A (2)

What were you doing last…? Saturday Sunday
morning morning


What was Tom doing last…?
Last Monday

Last Tuesday

Last Wednesday Last Friday

Learning aims:
1.Learn the new words and phrases on page19. 2. when 和while 的用法. 3. Continue to learn The Past Progressive Tense.

Do you know these new words? Please learn the new words in groups.

alien, bought, land, got, take off, while


Listen and number the statements in the order you hear them.

5 __The alien visited the Museum of Flight. 4__The alien bought a souvenir. 1__A UFO landed on Center Street. 3__The alien went into a store. 2__An alien got out of the UFO.

Listen again, complete the following sentences with and while.
1.The boy was walking down the street _____ a UFO landed. when

2. The girl was shopping when ______ she saw the alien get out.

while 3. _____ the alien was buying a souvenir, the girl called the police.
4.while _____ the alien was visiting the museum, the boy called the TV station.

Read 2b again and answer the question: What are the differences between “when” and “while”?

(1)when “当----时”,可表示瞬间,时 间段,主从句所表示的动作 事情可同时, 也可以先后顺序发生.

(2) While “正当(正在)- - -时”, (指同时),用于指同时进行的两延续 性的动作相伴随而发生,常对同类的两动 作进行对比, while 从句中动词须用延续 性动词.

训练反馈: 1.Finish off 2c. Groupwork. Make the sentences with “when” and “while”. 2. Fill in the blanks with “when” and “while”.

1._____ he went out, it was raining When heavily. 2. _____ WhenI saw Helen, she was wearing the blue dress.

While 3. ___ the boy was walking down
The street, the UFO landed. 4.While ___ the girl was shopping, the alien got out.

While 5. He was reading a newspaper___

he was waiting for a bus. 6. While ___ mother sweeping the flool I left home.
7. The boy was walking down the When street ___ the UFO landed. 8. The girl was shopping___ the alien got out.

过去式:landed; 过去分词:landed; 现在分词: landing; 复数形式:lands; 一 n 1. 陆地, 陆上, 地面2. 国家, 国土3. 土地, 田地; 地产 4. 乡村生活5. 地产;地皮 二 vt. & vi 1. (使)登岸, (使)下船, (使)着陆2. 降临;使陷 于(困境);使不得不应付 三 1. vt. 自船上卸下2. 获得3. 捕到,钓到(鱼) 四 vi. 1. 跳落,跌落,被抛落(地面) land的用法例 1. When the land was seen, the sailor let out a whoop of joy.当看见陆地时,那水手发出一声欢呼。 2. The land is laid down with red or white clover. 这块土地种上了红花和白花苜蓿。

浅议in front of…和in the front of的区别及其它

在英语中,有 的词组,有没有定冠词,会

引起意义上的变化。像in front of…和in the front of一样。in front of…是“在……的前面, 前方” 指在某一场所的外面;而in the front of…则是“在…的前 部(指某一结构本体的前部) There is a river in front of the hospital。The driver is sitting in the front of the bus。 用不用定冠词,意义发生变化的例子有: 1)at sea表示“在航行中,或海上航行”;而at the sea则表示 “在海边”。例如:when she woke up,the ship was at sea。 He spent the summer at the sea他在海滨度过了夏天。 2)in red表示“穿着红色衣服”;而in the red表示“亏损、负债” 例如:she is in red today今天她穿着红色衣服。 The foreign company was in the red last year。 3)by day在白天;by the day论日、按日 They explored the island by day他们白天在那岛上考察 The workers are paid by the day工人们按天计酬

4)three of us表示“我们中的三个人”;the three of us(共有三个人)Three of us visited the school。(“我们”的总数超过三人) The three of us went to Beijing last month(“我 们”的总数恰好是三个人) 5)go to bed就寝;go to the bed到床上去 what time do you go to bed?你通常几点睡? Will you please go to the bed and fetch my coat? 请你到床上取一下我的外衣好吗? 类似的还有:in the green(在年富力强的时候); go to school(去上学);go to the school(到学 校去)等等。这种一字之差,意义不同的情况,在 学习时,必须要引起注意,方能在今后的英语学习中, 不走弯路,不闹笑话。

happen是不及物动词,它的用法常见的有如下几种情况: 1. 表示"某地(某时)发生了什么事",常用"sth.+ happen +地点/时间"这一结构来表达,此时主语应是事 情。例如: The story happened in 2003. An accident happened in that street. 那条街上发生了 一起事故。 2. 表示"某人出了某事(常指不好的事)",要用"sth.+ happen+to sb."这一结构来表达。例如:A car accident happened to her this morning. 今天上午她发生了交通 事故。 What happened to you? 你怎么啦? 3. 表示"某人碰巧做某事",要用"sb.+ happen+ to do sth."这一结构来表达。例如:I happened to meet a friend of mine in the street yesterday. 昨天我碰巧在街 上遇到了我的一个朋友。

4. happen表示"碰巧或恰巧发生某事"时,还可用 "It happens / happened that..."这一结构来表达。 例如: It happened that Brian and Peter were at home that day. 碰巧那天布莱恩和彼得在家了。 It happened that he had to take part in a meeting that afternoon. 碰巧那天下午他不得不 参加一个会议。 注:that从句中的主语是人时,此种结构可以与 "sb.+ happen + to do sth."结构互换。例如: It happened that Brian and Peter were at home that day. = Brian and Peter happened to

be at home that day.

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