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第一部分 听力部分


Task 1 Listen and choose


You will hear:I’m Tina. I like drawing on weekends.

0. What does Tina like doing on weekends?

A. B. C.

Listen and answer Question 1

1. How does Mr White go to work ?

A. B. C.

Listen and answer Question 2

2. W hat animal will the speakers go to see first?

A. B. C.

Listen and answer Question 3

3. What does Mike’s mother do?

A. B. C.

Listen and answer Question 4,5and 6

4. Where is the woman?

A In the toy shop B In the clothes shop C In the bookshop

5. What’s she looking for?

A. She’s looking for a bear. B. She’s looking for a toy car. C. She’s looking for a toy bear.

6. How much is the green teddy bear?

A. 200 yuan. B. 100 yuan.

C. 80 yuan.

Listen and answer Question 7,8and 9

7 What was the natural dister?

A A flood B An earthquake C A snowstorm

8 Why couldn’t the girl’s brother come back?

A Because he had a lot of work to do B Because he didn’t want to come back

C Because the railway didn’t work

9 Who helped the people trapped at home?

A Their friends B. Their neighbours C The policemen

Listen and answer Question 10,11 and 12,

10.When will they go to the zoo?

A.Next month B.tomorrow C.Next Saturday

11.How will they go there?

A. By bike B.By bus C.By underground

12.What is the man going to take?

A.An umbrella B.Bird food C.A camera

Task 2 Look,listen and match

Example You will hear:

Hi, boys and girls. Do you like shopping? A new store is on Center Street.

You know “0” is the







Task 3 Listen and write


You will hear:

Example :You will hear:

This is my best friend Susan. She is wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

You will read: 0


Task 1 Read and match




0 It has a long neck

22 __B___It only lives in China. It likes eating bamboo shoots and leaves 23 __D____It is the boat of the desert. It can live a longtime without water. 24 ___A___It can live very long on the land or in water

25 ___E___It is the king of the animals. It likes eating meat.

Task 2 Read and choose


the age of thirteen and eighteen. He was very strict with the boys but because when I was young , he usually gave me nice things, told me interesting of him.

At school, when room full of noisy boys, there at once. When he looked at a boy, that red in the face, and looked down at his shoes. If a boy didn’t do his homeworkand brought him his poor and careless work, my grandfather would pick up the boy’s book and threw itthe room, shouting, “Do it again and bring back tomorrow morning!” If the boy forgot to bring the work with he had to do it again and again, and yet again. My they left his school.

( C )26. A. of B. between C. at D. by

( B )27. A. to the girls B. on the face C. at heart D. careful

( B )28. A. afraid B. fond C. proud D. careful

( )29. A. came near B. walked into C. went towards D. passed by

( )30. A. fear B. silence C. smile D. cry

( )31. A. turned B. changed C. appeared D. seemed

( )32. A. again B. at all C. well D. in class

( )33. A. into B. up C. across D. off

( )34. A. the first B. at a C. a second D. for some

( )35. A. after B. since C. before D. while


In England nobody under eighteen years old is allowed to drink in a bar .

Mr Thompson often went to a bar near his house.But he never took his son, Tom, because he was too young.Then when Tom had his eighteenth birthday, Mr Thompson took him to his usual bar for the first time.They drank for an hour.Tom drank a bit.Then Mr Thompson said to his son,“Now, Tom, I want to teach you a useful lesson.How do you know when you’ve had enough? Well, I’ll tell you.Do you see those two lights at the end of the bar? When they seem to become four, you’ve had enough and should go home.”

“But, Dad,”said Tom,“I can only see one light at the end of the bar.”

36.Young people ______ allowed to drink in a bar until eighteen.

A.is not B.are not C.many D.must

37.When Tom was a child, his father often went to a nearby bar______ taking him.

A.by B.for C.with D.without

38.On Tom’s eighteenth birthday, he drank together with his father in that bar for ______. A.the first time B.once

C.many times D.eighteen times

39.Father wanted to tell his son ______.

A.the time to drink B.something about the light

C.when to stop drinking D.something about the bar

40.In fact, there ______ at the end of the bar.

A.was one light B.were two lights

C.were three lights D.were four lights


In 1620, about half the USA was covered by forests. Today the forests have almost gone. A lot of good land has gone with them, leaving only sand. China doesn't want to copy the USA's example. We're planting more and more trees. We've built the " Great Green Wall" of trees across northern part of our country.The Great Green Wall is 7,000 kilometres long, and between 400 and 1,700 kilometres wide. It will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. It will stop the sand from moving towards the rich farmland in the south. More "Great Green Walls" are needed. Trees must be grown all over the world. Great Green Walls will make the world better.

41.In 1620, about ______ the USA was covered by forests.

A.a third B.half C.two thirds D.a fourth

42.A lot of good land has gone with ______.

A.sand B.water C.wind D.forests

43.The Great Green Wall in China is ______ long.

A.7,000 kilometers B.1,700 kilometers

C.7,000 meters D.400 kilometers

44.Trees must be grown in ______.

A.China B.the USA C.some countries D.every part of the world

45.______ will make the world better.

A.The Great Wall B.Tall buildings

C.Great Green Walls D.Flowers and grass

Task3 Read and write


Dear Mike, We got your letter yesterday. Yes, we can visit you at Christmas. We thought to spend(度) Christmas at home, but now we are going to be with you. Your brother Jack will not be in school then. The weather in Chicago is cold, but is doesn’t matter. Sometimes we like the snow. We got our plane tickets. We will get to your city on the 18th. We will stay with you for two weeks. Is that all right with you? We’ll take our favourite recipes(食谱), so we can have a nice Christmas dinner at your home. See you soon. Love Mom and Dad

Answer each of the follwing question in 1.Who ia this letter from? .

2 What is Mike’s brother name ?

3 How will Mike’s parents go to his city ?___________________

4. How long will Mike’s parents stay with him?_________________________

The movie 5 Where will they have a nice Christmas dinner?_________________


Task 1 Make up sentences

Example: that is one

The movie is as interesting as that one.

51.school Tom after ___________________________

52. what your does


53. can’t He home Paris.

________________________________________________. who yesterday hit by was

________________________? 55. do like what kinds of music you


Task 2 Write a story

Cigarette (香烟) pick up throw into the dustbin, No Smoking



M: Good morning, madam. What can I do for you?

W: Good morning, sir. I’m looking for a teddy bear for my daughter.

M: What color does she like, pink or green? Is this pink one all right?

W: Yes, the color is fine. But I think it’s too big.

M: Oh, I see. Look at the green one. It’s much smaller than that pink one.

W: Hum. How much is this?

M: Two hundred yuan.


M: What are you searching for on the Internet?

W: I was searching for the information about the disaster that happened in Guangzhou.

M:What happened in Guangzhou?

W:There was a big flood in Guangzhou. My brother couldn’t come back home for a holiday. M: Why?

W:Beacause the flood broke the railway and it didn’t work.

M: What about daily life of the people who were trapped in the flood?

W: It was Ok.They stayed at home.The police visited them and gave them a lot of food.


W:We shall meet the others at the Beijing Zoo at 7:00 next Saturday,don’t we?

M:Yes,that’s right.

W:Do you know how to go there?

M:Yes,I have a map.It will take us about 4 hours to go there by bus.

W:What do you know about the zoo?

M:It keeps lots of different animals.

W:What kind of animals shall we see there?

M:I’m not sure.I know there are many different kings of bires. I’m going to take my camera with me.

W:That’s a good idea.What are you going to wear/

M:Well,if it’s wet.I will wear my thick shoes and take my raincoat with me.

Task 2 Look,listen and match

Hi, boys and girls. Do you like shopping? A new store is on Center Street. Let’s go and see it. They have brown hats for﹩12. The red coat on the shelf 1 is ﹩29 and the purple dress on the shelf 2 is ﹩26. There are colorful T-shirts in the shop. The yellow T-shirts under the red dress are﹩20, and the pink pants under the purple dress are on sale for ﹩18! They are suitable for girl students. The red shoes are on sale for ﹩22! How much is the bag? Sorry, it’s mine.

Task 3 Listen and write

Thanks for coming! Now, let me tell you about my friends. This is my best friend

Susan. She is wearing jeans and a T-shirt. You’ll like her because she’s friendly

and she can be funny. We were at school together. We had so many laughs. This is Kevin. He’s the one wearing the suit. He’s serious, but very kind. He’s a teacher. I’m sure the kids love him. Next to him, in the shorts, is Sam. He always wears shorts. He’s crazy, but he’s interesting. Oh, and there’s Mary, she is dancing over there, wearing the dress. She’s really clever, but she studies all the time. She’s so hard-working. You wouldn’t believe it. I love all my friends.

26—30B C A B B 31—35 A C C C A

B: 36.B 37.D 38.A 39.C 40.A

C: 41.B 42.D 43.A 44.D 45.C

46 Mike’s parents 47Jack 48 By plane 49 For two weeks 50At Mike’s home

Part Three Writing

51 Tom plays basketball after school twice a week

52 What does your best friend look like ?

53 My father can’t be at home, He has gone to Paris.

54 Who was the little boy hit by yesterday?

55 What kinds of music do you like?

Task 2 Write a story

A middle-aged man threw a cigarette on the ground, just then a little boy ran over to pick it up. After that ,he took the man to a dustbin and threw the cigarette into the dustbin. There was a sign on the wall. It said “No Smoking” .The little boy pointed to the sign and said “Uncle,Please don’t throw litter here”. The man’s face turned red.

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