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九年级英语第一单元导学案(5)Unit One How do you study for a test

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Unit One How do you study for a test ?

导学单(The fifth period )

【学习目标】 1 掌握新单词 ,学习page6课文。2 掌握课文中短语的用法。3.熟读课文熟读课文并完成Self Check 中的练习

【学习重难点】 1 熟记重点短语。2.课文中短语的用法。


First of all首先, to begin with刚开始, in class在课堂上, laugh at嘲笑取笑, make complete sentence做出完整的句子 , watch English-language TV看英语电视节目 , help a lot有很大帮助, do listening practice做听力练习 , the secrets of ……的决窍 , decide to do sth. 决定做某事 , take notes做笔记 , write one’s own original sentences自己造句, this term这学期 one’s pronunciation be poor某人的发音很差, have trouble doing sth. 做某事有困难, grammar in original sentences原句中的语法 , talk fast说话快, look up查阅, look through浏览 , make up编造,组成, 补上失去的.. ,as a second language作为第二外语 , be used around the world for computers被全世界的电脑所使用 , in science在科学领域 , help sb. understand sth. 帮助某人理解 , deal with处理应付, useful learning tools有用的学习工具, have different meanings and usages 有不同的含义和惯用法

【练习】一.阅读3a,回答下列问题 :

1.Why couldn’t the writer understand the teacher at the beginning?

2.Why was the writer afraid to speak in class?

3.What′s the secret of becoming a good language learner?

4.How did the writer solve(解决 )the grammar challenge?

5.What other ways can you think of to improve your English?


1、Lily 认为学好英语的最好方法是阅读杂志。 Lily thinks ________ ________ ______ to learn English is _______ magazines.

2、我通过与朋友练习对话提高我说英语的技巧。I improve my spoken English skills ________ ________ conversations with friends.

3、Lydia 因一件小事跟她朋友生了好长时间的气。Lydia ________ ________ with her friend for a long time about a small problem.


It_________ _________ if you_________ _________ every word.

5. 我们对这件事激动不已,最终用汉语结束了谈话。

We and finally _______ _______ speaking in Chinese

6. 首先,对我而言,听懂老师的话并不容易。 ____ _______ ______,it wasn't easy for me to understand the teacher.

7. How do you _______ _______ (你如何处理) this problem?

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