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一、 听力


( )1. What does the boy play on Sunday?

A. B.


)2. What does the boy get from his father on his birthday?



( ) 3. Where are the boy’s socks?

. A B


( ) 4. What does the boy want to eat?

A. B.

( ) 5. When is the girl’s birthday?

A. B.

第二节:听长对话,选择正确的选项。(5分) A. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第6-7两小题。 ( ) 6. What is Sally’s favorite subject?

A. Science. B. Music. ( ) 7. Who is Sally’s art teacher?

A. Mr. Brown. B. Mr. Martin. B. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第8-10三小题。 ( ) 8. What does Tony want to do at first(起先)?

A. Play basketball. B. Play soccer. ( ) 9. What does Tina have?

A. A tennis ball. B. A soccer ball.

C. C. C C. C. C. Art. C. Mr. White. C. Play ping-pong. C. A basketball.

( ) 10. Why does Tina want to play ping-pong?

A. She thinks it’s difficult. B. She thinks it’s relaxing. C. She thinks it’s fun.

第三节:听短文,选择正确的选项。( open开 , close 关)

( ) 11. The bookstore is ____________.

A. big and nice B. small but nice C. big but not nice

( ) 12. Every day ________ come to buy books and school things in it.

A. many teachers B. many students C. many women

( ) 13. The shop doesn’t sell ___________.

A. fruits B. pens C. socks

( ) 14. The students can buy food ________.

A. after class B. after school C. in class

( ) 15. Classes are over(结束) at _______in the afternoon.

A. 4:00 B. 5:00 C. 6:00


二、 单项选择(10分)

( ) 16. English is _________ useful subject. We all work hard on it.

A. a B. an C. the D. \

( ) 17. — _______ do you spell your given name?

— A-N-N, Ann.

A. Why B. What C. How D. When

( ) 18. — ________, are you Dave? — Sorry, I’m Dick.

A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Thank you D. I’m fine

( ) 19. I think science is difficult , _________ it’s interesting.

A. and B. so C. because D. but

( ) 20. — I want to buy the book Old man and the sea. Do you know its ________?

— Yes. Twenty-five yuan.

A. color B. subject C. price D. name

( ) 21. — Is Ms. White your teacher?

— Yes, _______ is a good teacher.

A. he B. she C. I D. her

( ) 22. I don’t like sports, but I love to ________ NBA games on TV on Sunday morning.

A. watch B. play C. look D. see

( ) 23. Let’s eat hamburgers for lunch. Is this OK ________ you?

A. for B. with C. in D. at

( ) 24. — Is this your ruler?

— ___________. My ruler is in my bag.

A. Yes, it is B. Yes, this is C. No, it isn’t D. This isn’t

( ) 25. — The notebooks are eight dollars.

— OK. __________.

A. I’ll take them B. I’ll take it C. I want to buy it D. Here you are

三、 完形填空(10分)

Do you know your grandparents? Are they happy? people(人们) in Zhoushan are happy. In the morning you can see old people play 也after their sons and daughters go to work and grandchildren(孙子、孙女) go to school. Mrs. Chan is in a Yue Opera(越剧) club(俱乐部). So she learns(学习)to sing the opera in the ’s really interesting. Mr. Chan is in a(n) Their friends Mr. and Mrs. Zhang aren’t in any clubs. They play computer games at

very much. These days some old people want to have a shopping club. In the club they can talk

How happy the old people in Zhoushan are!

( ) 26. A. Old B. Young C. Small D. Big

( ) 27. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) 28. A. difficult B. busy C. right D. boring

( ) 29. A. club B. class C. room D. party

( ) 30. A. art B. sports C. music D. English

( ) 31. A. play B. do C. act D. see

( ) 32. A. school B. city C. park D. home

( ) 33. A. know B. think C. find D. watch

( ) 34. A. us B. him C. them D. you

( ) 35. A. in B. with C. for D. at

四、 阅读理解(30分)

( A. Teachers’ Day B. classmate C. birthday D. Chinese

( ) 37. The party is on ____________.

A. Sunday, June 16th B. Sunday, June 6th

C. Monday, June 16th D. Monday, June 6th

( ) 38. The party starts(开始) at ___________.

A. four thirty in the morning B. five thirty tomorrow

C. three thirty in the evening D. four thirty in the afternoon

( ) 39. She has her party at ________ Hong Mao Building.

A. Flat 5A B. Flat 15A C. Flat 5B D. Flat 15B

( ) 40 Alice’s telephone number is ___________.

A. 8625473 B. 82654733 C. 86245733 D. 86254733


Dear David,

How are you? I’m fine. I’m in London(伦敦), at a school of English. I’m in Class Seven. It has eight students. They are from different countries(不同的国家)----Spain, Japan(日本), Argentina, Switzerland and Thailand. Our teacher’s name is Henry Briscall. He’s very nice. He’s a good teacher.

I live(居住) with an English family, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. They have two sons and a daughter. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, and Andrew is seven. They are all very friendly to me, and we are good friends.

London is very big and very interesting. The weather (天气) is good and the parks are nice! Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James’ Park are all in the city center(市中心).

English food is OK, but the coffee is not good!

Are you all right at home in Shanghai? Is everything OK? Write to me.

Love, Paul

( ) 41. The letter is from_______________.

A. David B. Paul’s friend C. Shanghai D. London

( ) 42. The writer (作者) lives _________ now.

A. at school B. at home in China

C. with his classmates D. at Mr. Brown’s home

( ) 43. Hyde Park is _________.

A. in a school B. in London C. in Japan D. in Shanghai

( ) 44. The writer’s class has ________.

A. many students B. 7 boys C. 8 students D. 8 girls

( ) 45. The letter is NOT about _________.

A. the writer’s classmates B. the writer’s teacher

C. the writer’s dinner D. London


Hello, everyone! My name is Steve. Lunchtime is my favorite time. I love the school lunch. Many students don’t like the school lunch. They take their own(自己的) lunch to school. Their mothers may make hamburgers and salad for them for lunch. Some students take leftovers(剩饭菜) for lunch. But I don’tgood and healthy food. Then I take my food to my lunch table and sit(坐) with my friends. Boys don’t sit with girls. We eat lunch and we like to talk(谈论) about sports and TV shows(电视节目). We also talk about school life(生活): our favorite subjects, our favorite teachers and our favorite days. After our lunch, we usually play games.

At school, I love lunchtime. For me it is the best time of my day!

( ) 46. Students don’t take __________ to school for lunch.

A. salad B. leftovers C. hamburgers D. fruit and vegetables

( ) 47. What does the underlined word “ cheap “ mean?

A.差的 B.好的 C. 便宜的 D. 贵的

( ) 48. They don’t talk about ____________.

A. favorite girls B. favorite subjects

C. favorite teachers D. favorite days

( ) 49. Which one is right?

A. Steve doesn’t like school lunch.

B. Boys often sit with girls at lunchtime.

C. All the students take food for lunch to school.

D. For Steve, lunchtime is the best time of his day.

( ) 50. What’s the title(题目) to the passage(文章)?

A. My School B. My Favorite Day

C. My Classmates D. My Lunchtime


A ( ) 51. Let’s play tennis! ( ) 52. Who is your math teacher? ( ) 53. Is Bob a tennis player? ( ) 54. When is your School Day? ( ) 55. What color do you like?

六、 词汇运用(15分)

A. 根据首字母或中文提示,用单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。(10分)

56. — W_______ the English book? —It’s under the radio.

57. September is the n________ month of the year.

58. Tom’s room is not t________, and his books are everywhere. He doesn’t clean his room.

59. Dick and Nick are my aunt’s sons. So they are my c__________.

60. My brother often goes to school a_________ breakfast.

61. Mr. Green is our _________(地理) teacher. He’s fun.

62. There is a big __________ (图书馆) in our school.

63. Gina is a good girl. She always does homework in the evening and ________ (完成) it at 8:00.

64. Math is very __________(容易的) for him, I think.

65. It’s not your model plane. It’s ___________(我的).

B. 用


66. He’67. In Zhoushan, it is very hot(热) in __________.

68. Milk is healthy. My mother_________ me to have it every day.

69. Cindy likes healthy food. She eats very __________.

70. — Helen, _________ don’t you go and play games with us?

— Because I’m busy.

七、 书面表达(10分)




Dear Mr. Li,

My name is Helen. I’m 14 years old._____________________________________________








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