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1. We often______ (play) in the playground.

2. He _____ (get) up at six o‘clock.

3. _____you ______ (brush) your teeth every morning.

4. What (do) ______he usually (do) ______ after school?

5. Danny _____ (study) English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art an school.

6. Mike sometimes ________ (go) to the park with his sister.

7. At eight at night, she __________ (watch) TV with his parents.

8. ________ Mike________ (read) English every day?

9. How many lessons_________ your classmate________ (have) on Monday?

10. What time_________ his mother_________ (do) the housework?

11. He never _____ a hat in winter.(wear)

12.The machine ______ smoothly.(run)

13.knowledge _______ power (be)

14.Time and tide ______ for no ma.(wait)


1. Do you often play football after school? (肯定回答)

2. I have many books. (改为否定句)

3. Gao Shan‘s sister likes playing table tennis (改为否定句)

4. She lives in a small town near New York. (改为一般疑问句)

5. I watch TV every day. (改为一般疑问句)

6. David has got a goal. (改为一般疑问句)

7. We have four lessons.(否定句)

8. Nancy doesn‘t run fast (肯定句)

9. My dog runs fast.



10. Mike has two letters for him.



11. I usually play football on Friday afternoon.



1. plays

2. gets

3. do brush

4. does do

5. studies

6. goes

7. watches

8. does read

9. does have

10. does do

11. wears (表习惯) 12. runs (表特征) 13. is (表真理) 14. wait (表真理) 15. describes (报纸,杂志)

改句子: Yes,I do

I don‘t have many books.

Gan shan‘s sisters doesn‘t like play table tennis. She doesn‘t live in a small village Near New york. Do you watch TV every day?

Has David got a boat?

We don‘t have four lesons.

Nanry runs fast.

My dog doesn't run fast

Does your dog run fast?

Does Mike have two letters for him?

Mike doesn‘t have two letters for him.

I usually don‘t play football on Friday afternooon.



1. Tom and Mary ___________ (come) to China last month.

2. Mike _________________(not go) to bed until 12 o‘clock last night. So he

_______ (get ) up late.

3. Mary __________ (read) English yesterday morning.

4. There _________ (be) no one here a moment ago.

5. I ___________ (call) Mike this morning.

6. I listened but ___________ (hear) nothing.

7. Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.

8. Last week we _________ (pick) many apples on the farm.

9. My mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.

10. She watches TV every evening. But she _______________ (not watch) TV last night.

11.________ your father ________ ( go ) to work every day last year?

12. —What time _______ you _______ (get) to Beijing yesterday?

—We __________ (get) to Beijing at 9:00 in the evening.

13.What __________ (make) him cry (哭) just now?

14. Last year the teacher ___________ (tell) us that the earth moves around the sun.

15. There ____________ a telephone call for you just now. (be)

16. There __________ not enough people to pick apples that day. (be)

17.There _____________( be not) any hospital (医院) in my hometown (家乡) in 1940.

18. There ____________ enough milk at home last week, wasn‘t there?

19. Eli ____________ to Japan last week. ( move)

20. –When _______ you _________ (come) to China? - Last year.

21. Did she ________ (have) supper at home?

22. Jack ____________ (not clean) the room just now.

23. _________ (be) it cold in your city yesterday?

24. How many people ________ (be) there in your class last term?

25. It ________ (be) hot yesterday and most children _______ (be) outside.

26. There ________ (be) a football match on TV yesterday evening, but I _________ (have) no time to watch it.

27. He ate some bread and _________ (drink) some milk.

28. ________ he __________ (finish) his homework last night?

29. I__________(be) tired yesterday.

30. I ___________(gain ) Arts degree last year.

31. What _________ you ___________ (do) last night?

32. My grandfather _________ (leave) Hong Kong for New York in 1998.

33. What _______ he ________ (do) yesterday?

34. Last week I _______ (buy) a new bike.

35. He ________ (be) here just now.

36. He __________ (not find ) his key last night.

37. My father __________ (drink) a lot of wine yesterday.

38. ________ you ________ (finish) your homework yesterday?

39. I ________ (eat) some eggs and bread this morning.

40. Her mother __________ (not give) the girl any present.


1. Father bought me a new bike. (同义句)

Father bought _______ _______ ________ ________ me.

2. Frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)

_______ Frank _______ an interesting book about history?

3. He‘s cleaning his rooms. (划线提问)________ he _______?

4. Why not go out for a walk? (同义句)

_______ ________ ________ out for a walk?

5. Thomas spent RMB 10 on this book. (否定句)

Thomas _______ _______ RMB 10 on this book.

6. My family went to the beach last week. (划线提问)

________ ________ ________ family _______ last week?

7. I didn‘t have any friends. (一般疑问句)

________ _______ have _______ friends?

8. I think she is Lily‘s sister. (否定句)____________________

9. Sally often does some reading in the morning. (否定句)

Sally _______ often ______ some reading in the morning.

10. He is a tall, thin boy. (划线提问)

_______ _______ he _______ ________?

练习题一 (习题答案):

一:1.came 2. didn‘t go got 3. read 4. was 5. called 6.heard 7.began 8.picked 9.didn‘t do 10.didn‘t watch 11. Did go 12.did get got 13. made 14. told 15.was 16. were 17.weren‘t 18.was 19.moved 20.did come21.have 22.didn‘t clean 23.Was 24.were 25.was were 26.was had 27.drank 28.Did finish 29.was 30.gained 31.did do 32.left 33.did do 34.bought 35.was 36.didn‘t find 37.drank 38.Did finish 39.ate

40.didn‘t give

二:1.is--was 2.go--went 3.goes--went 4.can--could 5.saw--see 6.watch--watching

7.didn't 后加上 do 8.waited 9.find--found

三: 1.a new bike to 2.did read 3.What's doing 4.Why don't you 5.didn't spend

6.Where were my going 7.Did I any 8.I don't think she is Lily's sister. 9.doesn't do 10.How does look like 8.They didn't read English last night.

四: Did they read English last night? Yes,they did./No,they didn't.

What did they do last night?



is\am_________ fly_______ plant________ are ________ drink_________ play_______ go________ make ________ does_________ dance________ worry________ ask _____ taste_________ eat__________ draw________ put ______ throw________ kick_________ pass_______ do ________


1. I ______ an English teacher now.

2. She _______ happy yesterday.

3. They _______ glad to see each other last month.

4. Helen and Nancy ________ good friends.

5. The little dog _____ two years old this year.

6. Look, there ________ lots of grapes here.

7. There ________ a sign on the chair on Monday.

8. Today _____ the second of June. Yesterday ______ the first of June. It _____ Children‘s Day. All the students ______ very excited.


There was a car in front of the house just now.




2 They played football in the playground.





1. I ______ (watch) a cartoon on Saturday.

2. Her father _______ (read) a newspaper last night.

3. We _________ to zoo yesterday, we _____ to the park. (go)

4. ______ you _______ (visit) your relatives last Spring Festival?

5. ______ he _______ (fly) a kite on Sunday? Yes, he ______.

6. Gao Shan _______ (pull) up carrots last National Day holiday.

7. I ____________ (sweep) the floor yesterday, but my mother ______.

8. What _____ she _____ (find) in the garden last morning?

She ____ (find) a beautiful butterfly.

9. It ____ (be) Ben‘s birthday last Friday 10. We all ___ (have) a good time last night.

11. He _____ (jump) high on last Sports Day. 12. Helen ____ (milk) a cow on Friday.

13. She likes ______ newspapers, but she ______ a book yesterday. (read)

14. He _______ football now, but they _______ basketball just now. (play)

15. Jim‘s mother _________ (plant) trees just now.

16. _______ they ________ (sweep) the floor on Sunday? No, they _____.

17. I _______ (watch) a cartoon on Monday. 18 We ____ (go) to school on Sunday.

19. It ____ (be) the 2nd of November yesterday. Mr White ___ (go) to his office by car.

20. Gao Shan ________ (put) the book on his head a moment ago.

21. Don‘t ______ the house. Mum _______ it yesterday. (clean)

22. What ____ you ______ just now? I _______ some housework. (do)

23. They _________ (make) a kite a week ago.

24. I want to ______ apples. But my dad _______ all of them last month. (pick)

25. _______ he ______ the flowers this morning? Yes, he _____. (water)

26. She ____ (be) a pretty girl. Look, she _____ (do) Chinese dances.

27. The students often _________ (draw) some pictures in the art room. 28.What ______ Mike do on the farm? He ________ cows. (milk)

练习题二 (习题答案): 一、1 am 2 was 3 were 4 are 5 is 6 are 7 was 8 is was was were

二、1 略

2 They didn‘t play football in the playground.

Did they play football in the playground? Yes, they did. No, they didn‘t.

三、1 watch 2 read 3 went didn‘t go 4 Did visit 5 Did fly did 6 pulled 7 swept didn‘t 8 did find found 9 was 10 had 11 jumped

12 milked 13 reading read 14 is playing played 15 planted 16 Did sweep didn‘t 17 watched 18 went 19 was went 20 put 21 clean cleaned 22 did do did

23 made 24 pick picked 25 Did water did 26 is is doing 27 draw 28 does milks



1. I ______(leave)in a minute. I ______(finish)all my work before I ______ (leave).

2. —How long _____ you _____(study)in our country?

—I _____(plan)to be here for about one more year.

—I _____(hope)to visit the other parts of your country.

—What ______ you ______(do)after you ______(leave)here?

—I ______(return)home and ______(get)a job.

3. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.

4. Mary‘s birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.

5. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon.

6. —_____ you _____(be)here this Saturday?

—No. I ______(visit)my teacher.

7. —______ I ______(get)you a copy of today‘s newspaper?

—Thank you.

8. I am afraid there ______(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can‘t join you.

9. Mike ______(believe, not)this until he ______(see)it with his own eyes.

10. Most of us don‘t think their team ______(win).


1. There __________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

A. will be going to B. will going to be

C. is going to be D. will go to be

2. Charlie ________ here next month.

A. isn‘t working B. doesn‘t working

C. isn‘t going to working D. won‘t work

3. He ________ very busy this week, he ________ free next week.

A. will be; is B. is; is

C. will be; will be D. is; will be

4. There ________ a dolphin show in the zoo tomorrow evening.

A. was B. is going to have

C. will have D. is going to be

5. –________ you ________ free tomorrow?

– No. I ________ free the day after tomorrow.

A. Are; going to; will B. Are; going to be; will

C. Are; going to; will be D. Are; going to be; will be

6. Mother ________ me a nice present on my next birthday.

A. will gives B. will give

C. gives D. give

7. – Shall I buy a cup of tea for you?

–________. (不,不要。)

A. No, you won‘t B. No, you aren‘t.

C. No, please don‘t D. No, please.

8. – Where is the morning paper?

– I ________ if for you at once.

A. get B. am getting

C. to get D. will get

9. ________ a concert next Saturday?

A. There will be B. Will there be

C. There can be D. There are

10. If they come, we ________ a meeting.

A. have B. will have

C. had D. would have

11. He ________ her a beautiful hat on her next birthday.

A. gives B. gave

C. will giving D. is going to give

12. He ________ to us as soon as he gets there.

A. writes B. has written

C. will write D. wrote

13. He ________ in three days.

A. coming back B. came back

C. will come back D. is going to coming back

14. If it ________ tomorrow, we‘ll go roller-skating.

A. isn‘t rain B. won‘t rain

C. doesn‘t rain D. doesn‘t fine

15. – Will his parents go to see the Terra Cotta Warriors tomorrow? – No, ________ (不去).

A. they willn‘t B. they won‘t.

C. they aren‘t D. they don‘t.

16. Who ________ we ________ swimming with tomorrow afternoon?

A. will; go B. do; go

C. will; going D. shall; go

17. We ________ the work this way next time.

A. do B. will do

C. going to do D. will doing

18. Tomorrow he ________ a kite in the open air first, and then ________ boating in the park.

A. will fly; will go B. will fly; goes

C. is going to fly; will goes D. flies; will go

19. The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match.

A. will watching B. watches

C. is watching D. are going to watch

20. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday.

A. shall be B. will be

C. shall going to be D. will going to be

21. They ________ an English evening next Sunday.

A. are having B. are going to have

C. will having D. is going to have

22. ________ you ________ free next Sunday?

A. Will; are B. Will; be

C. Do; be D. Are; be

23. He ________ there at ten tomorrow morning.

A. will B. is C. will be D. be

24. ________ your brother ________ a magazine from the library?

A. Are; going to borrow B. Is; going to borrow

C. Will; borrows D. Are; going to borrows

25. – Shall I come again tomorrow afternoon?

–________ (好的).

A. Yes, please B. Yes, you will.

C. No, please D. No, you won‘t.

26. It ________ the year of the horse next year.

A. is going to be B. is going to

C. will be D. will is

27. ________ open the window?

A. Will you please B. Please will you

C. You please D. Do you

28. – Let‘s go out to play football, shall we?

– OK. I ________.

A. will coming B. be going to come

C. come D. am coming

29. It ________ us a long time to learn English well.

A. takes B. will take

C. spends D. will spend

30. The train ________ at 11.

A. going to arrive B. will be arrive

C. is going to D. is arriving








1. am leaving ; will finish ; leave 2. will ; study ; plan ; hope ; will ; do ; leave ; will return ; get

3. am ; will 4. will give 5. will snow 6. Will, be ; will visit 7. Shall ; get

8. will be 9. won‘t believe ; sees 10. will win


1. C 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. D

9. B 10. B 11. D 12. C 13. C 14. C 15. B 16. D

17. B 18. A 19. D 20. B 21. B 22. B 23. C 24. B

25. A 26. A 27. A 28. D 29. B 30. D

三、 1.My uncle will come tonight.

2.He isn't going to live in the small house.

3.We are going to read this book.

4.—Will your father go fishing?—No,he is going swimming



1)give____ 2)use____ 3)move____ 4)skate____ 5)draw____6)tell____





1)Li Ping;learn;to;speak;English;


3)they;watch;a football match;on TV

4)he;look;out of the window;

5)look;the dog;sleep;

6)listen;the baby;cry;

7)they;have a meeting;at seven o'clock

8)the students;prepare for;an English test;now;


1)Mike is climbing the hill。

2)We are having an English lesson now。

3)Li Ping is jumping like a monkey。

4)The students are reading the text now。

5)I am studying English。

6)He is closing the window。


1)The baby is listening to the music。

2)I am looking for a jacket for my son。

3)She is smiling to herself in the mirror。

4)The boys are visiting the history museum。

5)The old man is sleeping right now。

6)The children are listening to the teacher of English。

7)The cats are running up the trees。


1)The woman is making a cake in the kitchen。

2)We are having lunch now。

3)The boy is waiting for his mother under the big tree。

4)You are playing the violin。

5)Mary is doing her best to study English well。

6)The students are doing their homework now。

7)Please open the door。


1)I________(talk).You________(listen)tO me now.

2)Look,the boy__________(run)fast.

3)----What are you doing?

----I_________(do) my homework.

4)----_______the students_______(read) English. ----Yes,they are.

5)Tom_______(not study)English.He is studying Chinese.

6)----Who_______(sing)a song?

----Li Ying is.

7)The girl_______(not eat)bananas now.


----They are standing over there.

9)Look! The boy over there_______(ply) a model plane.

10)----What is Meimei doing now?

----She______(watch)TV with her parents

11)He____(study) English very hard.

12)We often____(buy)books and things like that in the shop.

13)Polly____(not eat) a banana now.


1)Jack is _____with Jim. They are good____.

A: running; friend; B: running; friends;

C: runing; friends D: run; friend's

2)Look! Mary ____doing____homework.

A:is;one's B:is;her C:are;his D:are;her

3)The Greens____supper now.

A:is having B:are;having C:is haveing D:are;having

4)The children are____TV.

A:watch B:seeing C:watching D:reading

5)Are the boys looking at the blackboard? Yes,they____.

A:aren't B:do C:don't D:are

6)There's____girl,she is very tall.

A:second B:two C:a second D:all second

7)--Do you have a red pen?Which of the following is wrong? --____.

A:Yes; I have one B:Yes,I have it C:Yes,I do D:Sorry,I don't

8)--Excuse me.May I borrow a pen,please?


A:It doesn't matter; B:Thank you;

C:Certainly,here you are; D:Not at all.

9)The boy is late for class.So he says tO the teacher,"________". A:I'm sorry B:Excuse me,May I come in?

C:Let me in, D:I don't want to be late.

10)I don't want a red apple.I want____.

A:green apple B:a green C:a green one D:one green



May I____your bike,____?


We________the exercises oF the____lesson.


Mr Li is my__________teacher.


Do you have a __________?


I'm____that I came____here? 一答案:1、giving;2、esing;3、moving;4、skating;5、drawing;6、telling;



19、forgetting;20、saving;21、closing;22、seeing;23、carrying。 二___答案:Li Ping is learning to speak English。

___答案:It is raining now。

___答案:They are watching a football match on TV。

___答案:He is looking out of the window。

___答案:Look!The dog is sleep。 ___答案:Listen! The baby is crying。

___答案:They are having a meeting at seven o‘clock。

____答案:The students are preparing for English test now

三、____答案:Is Mike climbing the hill?

____答案:Are we having an English lesson now?

____答案:Is Li Ping jumping like a monkey?

____答案:Are the students reading the text now?

____答案:Are you studying English?

_____答案:Is he closing the window?

四 __答案:Who is listening to the music?

__答案:Whom/Who Are you looking for a jacket for?

__答案:Where is she smiling to herself ? __答案:What are the boys doing?

__答案:When is the old man sleeping?

___答案:What are the children doing?

__答案:What are the cats running?

五 _____答案:The woman is not making a cake in the kitchen。

____答案:We are not having lunch now。

____答案:The boy isn‘t waiting for his mothe under the big tree。

______ 答案:You aren?t playing the violin。

_____答案:Mary is not doing her best to study English well。

_____ 答案:The students are not doing their homework now。

_____ 答案:Please don?t open the door。

六:1、am;talking;are listening;2、are running;3、am doing;4、Are;reading;5、is not studying;6、is singing;7、isn?t eating;8、Are standing;9、is plying;10、is watching;11、studies;12、buy;13、is not eating。

七 答案:1、B;2、B;3、D;4、C;5、D;6、C;a second 不定冠词+序数词表示―又一‖;7、B;因为a red pen是指,而it是特指。8、C;9、B;打搅对方的道歉语;10、C。

八 答案:1、borrow;please;2、are ;doing;first;3、first;English;4、black;one; 5、sorry/afraid;late



1 Have you ever ______(take) a train?

2 It _________(be ) more than three years since Jim ______(leave) here. 3 Have you _____(make)friends with your new classmates yet?

4 I _______(have) my lunch and I'm not hungry now.

5 Jim has never seen a panda, _____he?

6 We ______(be) good friends since we met at school.

7 We can't find him anywhere. Perhaps he______(go) home.

8 He _____(read) the book before.

9 Mr. Green _____(teach) us a lot about social studies since September. 10 I _____never____ (meet) her sister before.

11. He ____________(work) in our school for five year.

12 He ______(come) to our school last year/in 2008.

13. They _______________(cook) the supper already.

14. They ___________ (cook) the supper half an hour ago.

二、 句型转换。

1、He has never surfed, __________________?(改成反意疑问句)

2、They have been here since 2000. (对划线部分提问)

have they been here?

3、The old man _________ last year. He_________ _________for a year. (die) (动词填空)

4、This factory opened twenty years ago.(同义句转换)

This factory ________ for twenty years.

5、Miss Gao left an hour ago. (同义句转换)

Miss Gao ________ _______ ________ ________ an hour ago.

6、Her mother has been a Party member for three years .(同义句)

Her mother _______ the Party three years ________ .

7、The Green Family moved to France two years ago. (同义句转换)

_______ two years ________ the Green family moved to France.

8、The bus has arrived here. It arrived ten minutes ago. (把两个句子合并成一个


___________________________________________ 答案: 一、填空

1 taken 2 has been, left 3made 4 have had 5 has 6 have been 7 has

gone 8 has read 9 has taught 10 have met

11 has worked 12 came 13 have cooked 14 cooked


1、has he? 2、How long 3、died, has been dead

4、has been open 5、has been away 6、joined;ago

7、It is, since 8、The bus has been here for ten minutes.

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