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佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 (一)重点语法复习:




I think(that)you are right.



He said that he had left his umbrella in the library.

The teacher told the students that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.


在think,believe,suppose,expect 等动词所跟的宾语中,如果主句是第一人称且从句谓语是否定的,一般要将否定词not转移至主句谓语上去,而将宾语从句变为肯定形式。如:

I don’t think he has time to play chess with you.

I don’t suppose it is the rush hour yet.

4.whether 与 if

引导介词的宾语从句时,只能用 whether,不用if;与or not连用时,一般用whether,不用if;在句首时常用whether。如:

I am interested in whether he’ll go abroad.

We don’t know whether he will come or not.



I don’t know what your name is.



“Could you get some tea for me?” Mr.Blake said to his wife.

→Mr.Blake asked his wife whether she could get some tea for him.

【活学活用】 单项填空


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 1)Can you make sure ________ the gold ring?

A.where Alice had put

C.where Alice has put B.where had Alice put D.where has Alice put

答案:C 从语序上排除B、D两项,从时态上排除A项。

2)—I believe we’ve met somewhere before.


A.it isn’t the same

C.I don’t think so

met somewhere before.

3)The teacher asked me ________ I needed any help.


C.what B.that D.which B.it can’t be true D.I’d rather not 答案:C I don’t think so.意为“我不这样认为”,相当于I don’t think we have

答案:A 从前面的asked 判断,排除that,句意为“老师问我是否需要帮助”。

4)—The problem is too difficult,can you show me ________?


A.what to work it out

C.how to work it out B.what to work out it D.how to work out it

答案:C 如果宾语为代词的话,代词要放在work out中间,因此排除B、D两项。work out 已经接有宾语it,所以用how 引导表示方式。

5)He told us that the earth ________ round the sun.


C.to turn



Dictionaries are very useful books.People use dictionaries to find out the meanings of words.When you are learning English,you would use an English dictionary.Some students have dictionaries.Their dictionaries contain(包含)Chinese and English words.They are useful,and it is usually better to use a dictionary written completely in English.This will help you to begin to think in English.A good English dictionary will show you the correct spelling of a word and its pronunciation(发音).Many dictionaries also show why a word is used in B.turned D.turning 答案:A 因为宾语从句表述的是客观真理,所以用一般现在时。


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 sentences.

1.Dictionaries are used to find the meanings of words.

2.When we write something,we needn’t look up words in a dictionary.

3.A good dictionary will show us how to write a composition.

4.Some dictionaries contain Chinese and English.

5.It is useful for us to use an English dictionary when we learn English. 参考答案:1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T





1. A. 用 already或 yet

1) Have they taken down the old pictures ______? No, they haven’t_______.

2) Most of us have finished our compositions _____ .

3) He said he hadn’t visited the exhibition ________.

B.用 since或 for

1) We have learned five lessons _____ the beginning of this term.

2) Mrs Liao has been in hospital ______last week.

3) I have stayed at my aunt’s _____two weeks.

C. 用have gone或 have been

1) Where are the boy students? They ____________ to the school factory.

2) Is your father in? No, he___________to Shenzhen.

_______he ever ______ there before ?

Yes, he ___ there several times

3) He asked me if I________ to Hangzhou before.

I told him that I wanted to go there for a visit as I ____ never ____ to that city before.

2. 选择填空

1.Mother ____me a new coat yesterday. I ______ it on. It fits me well.


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 A. had made…have tried B. made…have tried

C. has made…tried D. made…tried

2 “He ____to draw horses already”. “When ______ he ?” “ Last year “

A. learned…has B. learned…did

C. has learned…has D. has learned…did

3.Tom _____up into the tree. Look, he ____ high up there !

A. has got…is B. has climbed…was C. got …was D. climbed…is

4.____ you _____ the text yet ? Yes, we ____ it two hours ago.

A. Did…copy…did B. Have…copied…have

C. Have…copied…did D. Did …copy…had

5. “Why ______ she _______ angry ?” “Because he _____ at her just now .”

A. did…get…shouted B. has…got…shouted

C. did…get…has shouted D. has…got…has shouted

6. ______you __________ the film before ? Where _____ you ____ it ?

A. Have …seen…did…see B. Did …see…did…watch

C. Have…seen…have…seen D. Did …see…have…seen

7.You ____ me waiting for two hours. I ____ for you since five.

A. kept…waited B. have kept…waited

C. kept…have waited D. have kept…have waited

8.Where ______ John _______ ? To the library. He _________ there for an hour.

A.has…been…has gone B. has…gone…has been

C. did…go…went D. did…be…went

9.______ the baby still _____ ? No, it _______ crying.

A. Has…cried…has stopped B. Is…crying…stopped

C. Did …cry…stopped D. Is…crying…has stopped

10. I _______ the way. I ________ here for quite many years.

A. knew…have lived B. knew…live

C. know…have lived D. know…live

11. _____ you ever _____ America ? Yes, I have.

A. Have…gone to B. Have…gone in

C. Have…been to D. Have …been in

12. My brother ____college for over three years.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has been at

13.He ________ the Army by the end of 1989. He ______ in the army since then.


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 A. joined…is B. has joined…has been

C. had joined…is D. had joined …has been

14. By the time I _____ back they ____ up ten satellites.

A. came…have sent B. came…had sent

C. come…have sent D. had come…sent

15. Jack ____ over five lessons by seven o’clock. Then he ____ a rest.

A. went…took B. went…had taken

C. had gone…took D. had gone…had taken

16. We ____ out by that time that he ____ a spy for a long time.

A. had found…had been B. had found…was

C. found…had been D. found…was

17. Before the news ____ him, he ____ to know about it.

A. reaches…has got B. reached…had got

C. reached…got D. had reached…got

18. I _____ him a second letter before I ____ from him.

A. wrote…heard B. wrote…had heard C. had written…heard D. have written…hear

19. People ____ that the soldiers _____ fighting.

A. say…had stopped B. said…has stopped C. say…stopped D. said…had stopped

20. We ____ in a good harvest because we ____ enough rain.

A. didn’t get…had had B. got…had had C. had got…had had D. got…hadn’t had

21. They _______ for five hours when they ______ in New York.

A. flew…arrived B. had flown…had arrived

C. flew…had arrived D. had flown…arrived

22. She ____ that it _____ for two days by that day.

A. says…has rained B. says…had rained

C. said…had rained D. said…rained

23. John _____ there since the year before, so he _____ them.

A. had worked…knew B. had worked…had known

C. worked…knew D. worked…had known

24. He _____ angry because he ____ for a long time.

A. had got…had waited B. got…waited


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 C. had got…waited D. got…had waited

25. -I have seen the film “Titanic” already.

-When __________ you __________ it?

-The day before yesterday.

A. have; seen B. will; see C. did; see D. did; seen

26. Mr Black __________ in China since five years ago.

A. lived B. has lived C. lives D. is going to live

27. We ____________ trees last Sunday. So far we __________ over 3,000 trees there.

A. planted; planted B. planted; have planted

C. have planted; planted D. have planted; have planted 练习答案:

1.A. 1) yet, yet 2) already 3) yet

B. 1) since 2) since 3) since

C. 1) have been 2) has gone, Has, been, has been 3) have been, have been



( ) 1. What did Mike say? He said ____________________.

A. if you are free the next week B. what colour was it

C. the weather is fine D. summer comes after spring

( ) 2. Tom asked my friend ________________.

A. where was he from B. that the earth is bigger than the moon

C. when did he come back D. not to be so angry

( ) 3. Let me tell you __________________.

A. how much is the car B. how much does the car cost

C. how much did I pay for the car D. how much I spent on the car

( ) 4. Peter knew _______________.

A. whether he has finished reading the book

B. why the boy had so many questions

C. there were 12 months in a year

D. when they will leave for Paris

( )5. Could you tell me ___________?

A. where do you live B. who you are waiting for

C. who were you waiting for D. where you live in

( )6. I can't understand ______the boy alone.

A. why she left B. why did she leave


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 C. why she had left D. why had she left

( )7. She told me the sun ______ in the east.

A. rise B. rose C. rises D. had risen

( )8.I don't know ________ up so early last Sunday.

A. why did he get B.why he gets C.why does he get D. why he got

( )9. The manager came up to see __________.

A. what was the matter B. what the matter was

C. what the matter is D. what's the matter

( )10. He asked his father _______.

A. where it happens B. where did it happen

C. how it happened D. how did it happen

( )11. No one tells us______, so we need your help.

A. how we should do B. what should we do

C. how to do it D. what to do it

( )12. Could you please teach me _______ the computer.

A. how check B. to check C. how to check D. to how checking

( )13.They don't know _______their parents are.

A that B what C why D which

( )14. ─Where do you think ______ he _____ the TV set?

─ Sorry, I've no idea.

A./, bought B. has, bought C. did, buy D. did bought

( ) 15. Our homework has changed a lot. Who can tell _____ it would be like in _____ five years.

A. how, another B. what, more C. how ,other D. what, another

( )16. ─ Could you tell me ______? ─ Yes. He ____ to the USA.

A. where is he/ has been B. where he is/ has gone

C. where was he/ has been D. where he was/ has gone

( )17. ─Mike wants to know if ____ a picnic tomorrow.

─Yes. But if it _______, we'll visit the museum instead.

A. you have/ will rain B. you will have/ will rain

C. you will have/ rains D. will you have/ rains

( )18. I really don't know if she _______ it when she ________.

A. finds/ arrives B. finds/ will arrive

C. will find/ will arrive D. will find/ arrives

( )19.Miss Liu said ______ she would leave the message on the headmaster”s desk.

A. that B. where C. which D. what

( )20. He asked me _______.

A. who will kick the first goal in the World Cup

B. when was the APEC meeting held

C. when China became a member of the WTO

D. where the 2008 Olympics will be held

( )21. In the bookshop , a reader asked the shopkeeper ______ Who Moved My Cheese was an interesting book.


佛山惟楚教育培训中心英语辅导资料 A. that B. how C. what D. if

( )22. You must remember _______.

A. what your teacher said B. what did your teacher say

C. your teacher said what D. what has your teacher said

( )23. I don”t know ______ .

A. which room I can live B. which room can I live

C. which room I can live in D. which room can I live in

( )24.--Do you know when he ______ back ?

--Sorry , I don”t . When he _______back , I”ll tell you .

A. comes ; comes B. comes ; will come

C. will come ; comes D. will come ; will come

( )25 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.

A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

( )26 Mary said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone

C. has never been D. had never been

( )27 The students want to know whether they___ a PE class today.

A. had B. has C. will have D. are

( )28. Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?

A. who B. what C. when D. that

( )29.I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.

A. what B. if C. when D. where

( )30. Do you know _____ they listened to yesterday evening?

A. what B when C why D how

二、1—5: DDDBB 6—10:ACDBC 11—15:CCBAD 16—20:BCDAC 21—25:DACCA 26—30:DCCBA

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