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Unit 5

1.have a soccer ball 有一个足球 2.two ping-pong bats 两个乒乓球拍 3.tennis racket网球拍

4.play ping-pong 打乒乓球 5.play basketball, 打篮球 6.play volleyball, 打排球

7.play soccer, 踢足球 8.play tennis, 打网球 9.play baseball打棒球

10.want to do sth 想做某事 11.be late, 迟到 12.be late for school ,上学迟到

13.be late for class 上课迟到 14.Let’s do sth. 咱们做某事 15.let sb do sth.让某人做某事

16..That sounds good. 听起来不错17.That sounds great. 听起来挺好 18.That sounds interesting. 听起来有趣

19.That sounds boring.听起来无聊20.That sounds difficult. 听起来挺难 21.That sounds relaxing. 听起来放松

22..watch TV 看电视 23.watch… on TV 在电视上观看 24.play computer games打电脑游戏

25.go to the same school 上同一所学校 26.go to school 去上学 27.love soccer, 热爱运动

28.love tennis, 热爱网球 29.love basketball, 热爱篮球 30.love volleyball, 热爱排球

31.love baseball, 热爱棒球 32.love sports, 热爱运动 33.like soccer, 热爱足球

34.like tennis, 喜欢网球 35.like basketball, 喜欢篮球 36.like volleyball, 喜欢排球

37.like baseball, 喜欢棒球 38.like sports, 喜欢运动 39..at school在学校

40..play soccer with sb 和某人一起踢足球 41.watch sports on TV 在电视上观看运动

42. five soccer balls 五个足球43..Soccer is difficult for sb. 踢足球对我来说挺难的

44.Playing soccer is difficult for sb. 踢足球对某人来说挺难的

45.in the same school 在同一所学校 46.after class 下课后47.Sth is interesting/difficult….某物有趣、挺难

48.be interested in sth 对、、、感兴趣 49.take interest in sth对、、、感兴趣 50.after school放学后

Unit 6

1. an ice-cream 一份冰激凌 2. three strawberries 三个草莓 3. an orange 一个橙子

4. a salad 一份沙拉 5. five photos 五个土豆 6.do homework 做作业

7. do sports 做运动 8.like tomatoes 喜欢吃西红柿 9. much food 许多食物

10. many foods 许多种食物 11.some food 一些食物 12. some foods 几种食物

13. some apples 一些苹果14. eight chickens 八只小鸡 15. some chickens 一些小鸡

16. have breakfast 吃早饭 17. have lunch 吃午饭 18. have dinner 吃晚饭

19. some fruit 一些水果 20. some fruits 几种水果 21. many fruits 许多种水果

22. much fruit 许多水果 23.how many +c,n 多少、、、 how much +uc,n 多少、、、

24.have …for breakfast 早饭吃、、25. have … for lunch午饭吃、、26. have … for dinner 晚饭吃、、

27. like …for breakfast早饭喜欢吃、、28. like … for lunch午饭喜欢吃、29. like … for dinner晚饭喜欢吃、

30.have milk 喝牛奶 31. some fish 一些鱼肉 32. some fishes 几条鱼

33. many fish 许多种鱼 34 much fish 许多鱼肉 35. many fishes 许多条鱼

36. many oranges 许多橘子 37. much orange 许多橘汁 38. orange oranges 橘色橘子

39. an orange orange 一橘色橘子 40. like sth 喜欢某物 41. like to do sth 喜欢做某事

42. like doing sth 喜欢做某事 43. volleyball star 排球明星 44. sports star 运动明星

45. eating habit 饮食习惯 46. need sth 需要某物 47. need to do sth 需要做某事

48. be healthy 健康的 49. want to be fat 想胖 50. want sth 想要某物

51. want to do sth 想要做某事 52. want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 53. what fruit 什么水果

54. what food 什么食物 55. healthy food 健康食物 56. eat well 吃得好

57. after dinner 晚饭后 58. be like 像、、、 59. look like 看起来像、、、

60. sound like 听起来像、、、 61. sound +adj 听起来、、、 62. look + adj 看起来、、、

63.be good for 对、、、有好处 64.be good at 在、、、学得好 65. some chicken一些鸡肉

66.think about 思考 67. your health 你的健康 68.next week 下周

69. ask sb for sth 向某人要某物 70. this week 本周 71. vegetable salad 蔬菜沙拉

Unit 7

1.a big purple hat一顶紫色的大帽子, 2.need to do sth需要做某事, 3.let sb do sth让某人做某事,

4. How about doing sth做某事怎么样, 5. buy sth for sb为某人做某事, 6. buy sth from …从、、、买某物,

7.sell sth to sb把某物卖给某人, 8.be on sale在促销, 9. the shoes on sale促销鞋,

10.a pair of shoes一双鞋, 11.skirts in all colors各色的鞋, 12.skirts in black and white黑白相间的裙子,

13. for only $15只有15美元, 14. for only $15 each每件只有15美元, 15. at our great sale大减价,促销,

16.at very good prices以合理的价格, 17. help sb to do sth帮助某人做某事, 18. help sb do sth帮助某人做某事,

19. a sweater for school适合学校的毛衣, 20.a bag for sports适合运动的包, 21.look nice看起来漂亮,

22.look like a hat看起来像帽子,

Unit 8

1.have a school trip进行校游, 2.have a soccer game举行足球比赛, 3. Children’s Day儿童节,

4. Women’s Day妇女节, 5.Teachers’ Day教师节, 6.New Year’s Day元旦,

7.School Day校开放日, 8.English Day英语日, 9. next week下周, 10. like sports喜欢做运动,

11.have a book sale进行书促销, 12.have a good time玩的开心, 13.have an English party举行英语聚会,

14.have an art festival举办美术节, 15.have two ball games举行两场球赛, 16.this term这学期,

17.on September 21st 在九月21号, 18.an English test一场英语测试, 19.basketball game篮球比赛,

20.Sports Day运动日, 21. at three in the afternoon在下午三点, 22.at three this afternoon今天下午三点,

23.have fun doing sth做某事开心, 24.in September在九月,

Unit 9

1.play games做游戏, 2.the next day第二天, 3.That’s for sure毫无疑问,

4.music teacher音乐老师, 5.one’s favorite subject最喜欢的科目, 6.have Chinese上语文,

7.be busy with sth忙于某事, 8.be busy doing sth忙于做某事, 9.Bill’s birthday party比尔的生日,

10.on Monday在星期一, 11.on Monday morning在星期一下午, 12.from… to…从、、、到、、、,

13.have an art lesson上一节美术课, 14. for two hours长达两小时, 15.difficult but interesting难而有趣,

16.after that那之后, 17.at 9:00在九点, 18.want to do sth想做某事, 19. your math class你数学课,

20.be really busy的确很忙, 21. have two math classes上两节数学课, 22.See you at music class在音乐课上见,

23.what subject哪个科目, 24. finish doing sth做完某事, 25. Thanks for doing sth谢谢做某事,

26. ask sb to do sth让某人做某事, 27.want sb to do sth想要某人做某事,

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