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Unit 6
I’m going to study computer science?



grow up

旅行;游历 travel

电脑程序设计人 programmer
工程师. engineer


all over


computer science communicate professional. move. somewhere. hold

储存;储蓄 save
超过; over pilot. act dream part-time rich

专业的; 移动;搬动 在某处; 举行;召集;

表演;演戏 梦;梦想; 兼职的 富有的;


? ? ? ?

pilot Tom is going to be a ______, because he loves planes. 2. Andy likes talking with people, so he is going to be a _________ . worker 3.Jimmy likes computers very much, so he iscomputer a ______________. programmer 4.Yao Ming, Beckham and Liu Xiang are players famous __________. reporter 5. I’m going to be a _________ in a hospital, because I want to help others. doctor 6.Jim wants to be a _______, because he likes tasty food. clerk 7. Kate is going to be abank ___________, because she likes counting money.

? 1.交更多的朋友

2.某个有趣的地方 somewhere interesting

? 3.组建足球队
? 5.储存一些钱 ? 7.听起来有趣

make more friends make the soccer team save some money


hold art exhibition communicate with

sound interesting

? 9.听起来像
sound like

8.收到某人的来信 get letters from sb 10.送……去……

? 11.找一份当…的工作 12.学会弹乐器 find a job as a … learn playing an instrument

? 13.取得好成绩

get good grades

work harder

Fill in the blanks with the key words given.

fax, work harder, communicate better with, over, leave one’s job, learn a new language

overfifty years old. 1. My father is _____ 2. I can speak English well. I’m going to learn a new languagenext year. __________________ leave his job 3. Uncle Martin is going to___________ and he wants to be a teacher in Japan . communicate better 4. Our parents want to ________________ with _____us. 5. Jim is hard-working. He’s going to ____________ work hardernext term. 6. How many e-mails and _____faxes did you get today?

1)—Is there _____ in today’s newspaper? —No, there’s _______. (2007 山东潍坊)

A. anything special; something unusual
B. anything special; nothing unusual C. special anything; nothing unusual

D. special anything; unusual nothing
2)Many local people in Leshan prefer to go ___ in Mount Emei for their summer holiday.(2007 四川乐山) A. somewhere cold B. cold somewhere C. somewhere cool D. cool somewhere 这个主意听起来不错, 我会考虑的。(2008山东烟台) This idea ______ ______ sounds like a good one. I will think about it.

A: What are you going to be when you grow up? B: I am going to be a/an …. A: How are you going to do that? B: I am going to …. A: Where are you going to work ? B: I’m going to work in…. (or: I’m not sure yet . Maybe Be

ijing or Shanghai.) computer programmer actor engineer doctor study computer take acting study math hard study hard science lessons

C:reporter : A is going to be a doctor when she grows up. She is going to study hard. A is going to work in shang hai

Fill in the blanks with the right forms:
1. I ________________ ( move ) to Guangzhou now. am moving going to play Are you _______________(play) 2. _____ soccer with me

next week?
going to visit 3. Where ___ is your sister_____________ (visit) tomorrow? 4. He ___________(watch) TV every day watche didn’t stayed s 5. Lucy _______________(not stay) at home last weekend. going to work (work) in China in 6. ____ Are they _______________ 2013?

根据应答语从方框中选出适当的问句补全对话。 Peter: ____________? B Linda: I'm going to be a teacher when I grow up. A Peter: ___________? Linda: I'm going to work harder in school this year. And I'm going to get a part-time job. Peter: ____________? C Linda: I want to put some money in the bank. I'll need money for college. Peter: ____________? D Linda: I want to work with computer. Peter: That sounds great! A. What are you going to do this year? B. Linda, what are you going to be when you grow up? C. What kind of job do you want? D. Why are you going to get a part-time job?

范文: 本学期即将结束,寒假就要来临,寒假你将如何安排你的学习与娱乐; 帮家人做哪些力所能及的家务活? 怎样调节自己的饮食与健康?写写 你的假期计划,使自己度过一个既轻松又充实的寒假。

To have a meaningful holiday, new Year is coming .to New
I made the following resolutions.

My resolution is to get better grades next term, I am going to study hard and do homework every morning. I am also ____watching programs in English to improve my English. I want to learn to play an instrument, I am taking piano lessons. It’s important to be healthy, ___I so will eat healthier food and less junk food.___ ____ ____, At ___ the same time I will get lots of exercise every day. at the same time, also, so
? Capital letter(大写字母) ?Different sentence structures. (不同的句型) ? Use some conjunctions. (使用连接词)

新年计划 学习 技能 健康 What ? 做什么? Why ? 原因

New Year is coming .To have a meaningful holiday, I made the following resolutions.

I want to…/ My resolution is to… I am going to…/ I am doing… /I will… It’s necessary to make a good plan. I think I will have a wonderful holiday.

1 This year I _______________ am going to learn (learn) a new language. got 2. I ______(get) over 100 letters last year. 3. I C a letter from my pen pal in Australia yesterday . A. get B. hear from C. got D. heard from 4. We learn C 1,000 English words now. A. more B. over than C. more than D. better than 5. I found a job B a baby-sitter during my last summer vacation. A. like B. as C. for D. with

Tomorrow, I’m going

to play soccer with my friends in the park _______________ I’m going to visit my grandparents _________________________________ in Shanghai with my family ___. Next week, I’m going to take up ___________________________ chess in our school chess club _________________________________ I’m going to learn to swim with my ___. He’s a great swimming player uncle.

3. Write about your plans.

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