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Unit 6
I’m going to study computer science?


1. 在??的开端 _________________ at the beginning of 2. 写下;记录下 _________________ write down 3. 关于;与......有关系 ________________ have to do with take up 4. 学着做;开始做 ___________________ 5. 有相同之处 _______________________ have something in common 6. 太??而不能 ________________ too … to … 7. 向某人许诺 __________________ make promises to sb. 8. 提高某人的生活 _________________ improve one’s

1. own adj. & adv.


常用结构:“one’s own + 事物”某 人自己的事物 e.g. This is my own camera. I bought it with my own money. 这是我自己的照像机,是我用自己的钱 买的。

2. personal adj. 个人的;私人的 名词 person (人) + al → personal 个人的

e.g. Personal health is necessary for this job. 做此工作需要健康身体。
This kind of dog can guide the blind person. 这种狗能引导盲人行走。

3. relationship n. 关系
名词 relation + ship → relationship 关系

e.g. The relationship between Mr. Smith and his son is very close. 史密斯和他儿子的关系 很亲密。

take, listen, make, is, help, learn, are are Resolutions _______ promises to yourself. They may _________ to make help you a better person and to make your life easier. I am going to ________ make four resolutions.

The first resolution is about my own personal improvement. Next year, or take up maybe sooner, I am going to _______ is a new hobby. I think singing ________ a learn great activity so I am going to _______ to sing. I think this will also make my family happy because they love to ______ listen to music and sing together.

1. are; 句意“决心是对你自己的许诺。”
2. help; 空格前有情态动词may,可知空 格处应用动词原形;此处应为固定搭 配help to do sth. 帮某人……

3. make;句意“我打算下四个决心。”
4. take;固定搭配 take up 开始学习。

5. is;动名词 singing 做主语时,做单数 看,因此空格处应用is的形式。 6. learn;固定搭配learn to do sth. 学习 做某事 7. listen; 固定搭配 listen to music 听音 乐

3b Write your resolutions under the following headings. 1. Ideas for improving my physical health ___________________________________ get more exercise; eat healthier food 2. Ideas for improving my relationships with my family and friends help mom with housework; ___________________________________ ___________________________________ play games with friends

3c 写作指导:

cleaner and greener. 1. We’re going to make subway better. Then people don’t have to drive to work. 2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________ 4. __________________________________

e.g. 1. I want to be a compute programmer, I’m going to study computer science. 2. I want to be an engineer. I’m going to study math.

3. I’m going to be a doctor. I’m going to study medicine.

2. Fill in the blanks in the conversation. A: What do you ______ want to be when you grow up? B: I want ______ to be a scientist. A: Wow! That sounds cool. But it’s also How going difficult. _____ are you _____ to do that? going B: After I finish high school, I’m

A: Where ______ are you ______ going to study? B: In Hefei. I’m ______ to study there going for four years. A: I think I want ______ to be a teacher. I’mgoing ______ to teach in Wuhan.

1. want; 由时间状语“当你长大后”, 可知空格处意为“你想成为什么人 2. 物”。 to be; 动词want后面跟to不定式短语

做宾语。句意“我长大想成为一名科 学家。” 3. How; going; 分析句子结构,主、谓、 宾语都有,可知应缺少状语成分;句 意:你打算如何做?

4. going; 因为上面的问句为一般将 来时态,因此本句应也用一般将 来时态,故用 be going to 结构。

5. Where, going; 由答语“在合肥”, 可知所问的为地点,句意:“你 打算在什么地方学习?”

6. going; 本句也应是一般将来时态。

7. to be; going; want 后面跟 to 不定式 结构;并且后一句也应为一般将来 时态。句意:我想成为一名教师, 我打算在武汉教书。

首先,掌握方框中单词的含义;并阅读短 文,整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,根据上下 文意及固定搭配来确定空格处的意思,从 而确定空格处所用的单词。 最后,再通读一遍句子,检查是否正确。

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? What is it? My New Year’s Resolution has to do with self-improvement. I’m going to take up violin. I’m going to take violin lessons every weekends. My New Year’s Resolution has to do with physical health. I’m going to eat less fast food and get lots of exercise.

3. Write about your plans.
Tomorrow, I’m going toplay soccer with my friends in the park _______________ I’m going to visit my ____________________________________. grandparents in Shanghai with my family Next week, ___________________________ ____________________________________. I’m going to take up chess Next month, in our school_________________________ chess club ____________________________________. I’m going to learn to swim Next my year, ___________________________ with uncle. He’s a great swimming

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