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Starter lesson1-2同步练习

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Starter lesson1-2 同步练习










9. 一张全家福

10. 长头发的这个女人


12. 看起来年轻

13 .汤姆叔叔


15. 我没有兄弟姐妹。(两种表达)


17. 07:15 (两种表达)

18. 11:55 (两种表达)



1.Tom and I ______ (be)in the same class.

2. You look 3.Let’s ______ (be)happy.Children’s Day is coming.

4. There _________(be) a pen and some pencils on the desk.

5. It’s time _______(have) breakfast.

6.My mother likes _____. She _____ many delicious food yesterday. (cook) 7.It means “No ___8.Would you like ______ (be) my penfriend? 9.Why don’t you ______ (go) home now? 10.----Where ______ (be) you just now? -----I_____ (be) in the playground. 11._____they _____ (go) to visit Shang Hai next week? 12. Mike swims as _____( slow) as Jack. 13 Gao Shan’s schoolbag is _____ (heavy) than ______ (David) 14.They are _______ (colour) those pictures. 15There is a lot of _____here. It often _____in spring. (rain) 16Turn left at ________ (five) crossing.

三、 完型填空

Dear Stella, I am Amy. I am __1__ happy girl. I am 12 __2__ old. I study at Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. I __3__ my school. I have __4__ friends here. I love my home __5__ I can see a park. In the morning, I get up at 6.30 a.m. I go to school at 7.30 a.m. I __6__ classes at 3.20 p.m. I go __7__ tennis from 3.30 p.m. to 4.20 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. __8__, I play tennis at that time. I __9__ at 4.30 p.m. In 1

the evening, I spend an hour __10__ homework. I go to sleep at 9.30 p.m. Please tell me about your life. Love, Amy ( )1. A. a B. an C. the

( )2. A. year B. years’ C. years

( )3. A. don’t love B. loves C. love ( )4. A. many B. much C. lot of

( )5. A. to B. so C. because ( )6. A. begin B. start C. finish

( )7. A. play B. playing C. player

( )8. A. some times B. sometime C. sometimes

( )9. A. go home B. go to school C. go to bed

( )10.A.do B. does C. doing

四 阅读理解。

A)Once there lived a very clever man whose name was Aesop (伊索). One day as he was taking a walk, he came across a traveller.(旅游者). The traveller stopped him and asked, "Excuse me,, can you tell me how soon(多久) I'll get to town?" "Go." Aesop answered. "I know I must go." said the traveller, "but I want to know how soon I'll get to town." "Go!~ " Aesop said again angrily. "This man must be mad(疯的)," the traveller thought and went on. After the traveller had gone some distance(距离), Aesop shouted after him, "You'll get to town in two hours." The traveller was greatly surprised(惊讶). He turned back and asked, "Why didn't you tell me that before?" "How could I tell you that before?" Aesop answered, "I didn't know how fast you could walk." ()31. One day Aesop ____________ a traveller while he was walking.

A. stopped B. found C. met D. saved ()32. The traveller asked Aesop

A. to show him the way to town B. how long it would take him to get to town C. to give him some money D. to tell him where the town was: ()33. Why didn't Aesop give the traveller the answer at first? Because he__________. A. thought the traveller a was rude man B. didn't know the distance C. wanted to tell him later ()34. When did Aesop give the traveller the answer?

A. After the traveller got to town. B. After the traveller had walked some distance. C. when he wasn't angry. D. When the traveller asked him a third time. ()35. From the story we know Aesop was ________

A. clever B. hard-working(勤劳) C. stupid (愚蠢) D. friendly



Mr. Smith doesn’t feel well in his eyes. He can’t see clearly. Today, when he is

walking on the road in the country,(1 ) “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Running after my scarf.”

“Your scarf? That’s my white cat you are running after.”

1( 1)把文中划线部分翻译成汉语

2.What does a girl from the window ask him?

3.Why does Mr. White run after the cat?

4.“Mr. Smith doesn’t feel well in his eyes”means

( )5.. What does “clearly” mean?

A.干净的 B. 正确的 C. 清楚的


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