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another和the other专题(诀窍和习题)

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Another, the other, the others和others专题


1. Mr. Turner bought two bikes. One was for his wife, and ____was for his son.

A. another A. other

B. other

C. the other C. others C. other C. Others

D. one D. the other D. others D. Another

2. This cake is delicious! Can I have _______ piece, please?

B. another B. the other B. The others

3. I don’t like this pen. Would you please show me ___ one?

A. another A. Other

4. Some people like to rest in their free time. ______ like to travel.

5. Students are usually interested in sports: some like running, some like swimming, and _____ like ball games.

A. the others boys.

A. the other

B. the others

C. others

D. other

7. I have six coloured pencils; one is blue, another is red, and _____ are green.


B. others C. the other D. other

6. There are twenty-eight students in the class. Ten of them are girls and _____ are

A. others B. another C. others D. the others

8. Some of the speakers went straight to the conference room.____ speakers are still hanging around. A. The other university.

A. another; a A. others A. other

B. the other; an B. the others B. another

C. the other;a C. the other C. the other

D. another; an D. another D. others

10. There were three books on my table. One is here. Where are ___? 11. The supermarket is on _____ side of the street.

12. We have ten foreign students in our school. One is from America, ____ is from Australia and all ______ students are from England.

A. another; the others C. another; the other A. other her ______.

A. both; the other C. either; another A. another A. other

B. all; the others D. other; the others

C. the other

D. other D.others

13. Please give me ____ chance.

B. the other

C. another

D. the others

14. Mary didn’t want ____ of the two kinds and asked the shop assistant to show

B. one; another D. one; other’s

B. The others

C. Another

D. Others

9.he has two sons. One is a doctor, ____ is a student. He is now studying at _____

15. Tom, you should know how to get on well with _____.

B. others

16.There’s no _____ way to do it.

B. the other

C. another

17. --- what a hot day! Have you had a drink? --- Yes. But I’d like to have _____ after work.

A. it

B. one

C. other

D. another D. the other

18. This is not the only answer to the question. There are _____.

A. the others’ B. others him.

A. another

B. other

C the other

D. the others

20. I don’t like those shoes. Please show me ______.

C. another

19. He was a wonderful teacher. Everyone agreed it would be hard to find ____ like


A. another B. other C. the other D. some others

21. --- Did all the students in your class pass the test?

---- Some of them did. ______ didn’t.

A. Another

A. others B. The others B. other’s C. Some other C. others’ D. Others D. others’s 22. These cups are ours. Those are ______.

23. ---- Have you finished your report yet?

---- No. I’ll finish it in ______ ten minutes.

A. another

---- ______, please.

A. some more; Another two

C. another; two more

_____ five years?

A. how; other

Keys: 1-5 C B A C B 6-10 B D A C B 11-15 C C C C B 16-20 C D B A D 21-25 B C A A D B. other C. more D. less 24. --- Would you like _____ apples? B. any more; Two more D. some more; Other 25. Great changes have taken place in China. who can tell _____ it would be like in B. what; more C. how; another D. what; another


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