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Unit 1 The Changing World
Topic 1 Our country has developed rapidly.

Section A
重庆市北碚区夏坝中学 福建省晋江市罗山中学 瞿兴俐 王淑春

Did you have a good summer holiday?

A: Where have you been? B: I have been to...

A: Where have you been?
B: I have been to the park.

A: Where have you been?
B: I have been to Sydney.

A: Where have you been? B: I have been to the bank.

A: Where have you been? B: I have been to the museum.
sb. have/has been to … 某人 去过……(去而复返)

A: Where has Mr. Lee gone?
I can’t find him. B: He has gone to the


A: Where has Jane gone? I can’t find her. B: She has gone to the


A: Where has Michael gone?
I can’t find him.

B: He has gone to the
English Corner.

A: Where have Maria and her
mother gone? I can’t find them. B: They have gone to the shop.

sb. have/has gone to … 某人 去……了(去而未归)

Pair work
1.A: Where have/has ... been? B: ... have/has been to …

2.A: Where have /has ... gone? B: ... have/has gone to …

1c Pair work
A: Where have/has ... been? B: ... A: What did ... do? B: ... A: Where is/are ...? B: ... have/has gone ... A: When will ... come back? B: ...

2 Work alone
1. A: Where ______ have you ______? been have ______ been to my grandma’s home. B: I ______ Where 2.A: I’m not have feeling well. I have a cold. you been? Have you ______ been to the hospital ? B: ______ A: Yes, I have.

3. A: Where is our chairwoman? I have Where’s I have been Jane?something to tell her. to the gym. has ______ gone to the airport B: She ______
4. A: Where is your grandson ? She has gone I haven’t seen him for a long time. to the library. B: He ______ has ______ gone to New York.

Look, listen and answer. 1. Where has Rita been?

She has been to India.
2. What about Jane? She has been to Mount Huang.

1b Work alone


Mount Huang



an English Cuba summer school

Example: Kangkang Maria Jane has has has been been gone to to to an Mount Cuba. English Huang. summer school. Rita India.

Key phrases and expressions:
How was your trip? 1. 你的旅行如何? _________________

2. 发生

_________________ take place _________________ so … that …

have/has been to 3. 曾去过……(去而复返) _________________

4. 太……以至于……

have/has gone to 5. 到……去了(去而未归)________________
6. 上课铃响了。

There goes the bell. _________________
=That’s the bell.

= The bell is ringing.

Retell 1a according to the key words.

India ---- take place ---- hometown
Mount Huang---- beautiful ---- but

an English summer school ---Cuba----volunteer

Choose the best answer.
1. –– Where is Zhao Ming? Mr. Lee asks him to go to the office.

B the playground. He is playing football there. –– He ______
A. has been to C. have been to B. has gone to D. goes to

A diet and exercise are both important for health. 2. ______
A. P

roper B. Bad C. Rich D. Delicious

C 3. –– Hi, Kangkang, where have you______?
A. gone
C. been

B. been to
D. gone to

B late that he was late for work today. 4. He got up ______
A. such B. so C. very D. too

Sum up
1. 现在完成时
2. have/has been to ... have /has gone to ... 3. take place 4. so … that …


1. Read 1a aloud.

2. Make sentences with have/has
gone to ... and have/has been to ...

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