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Lesson Plan

Background information:

Students: 40 Junior high school students, Grade 1.

Lesson duration: 45min.

Teaching objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1. Say in English the names of fruits and vegetable.

2. Use the structure“Do you like…”to grasp words.

3. Use interview strategies to find out information and take notes.

4. Present the interview results confidently to other students.

5. Learn to be a good listener and brave to ask questions in English.

Teaching Contents: vocabulary of fruits and vegetables

Structure: Do you like bananas?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

Teaching aids: PPT (vocabulary and speaking)

To speak vocabularies according to show pictures in PPT.

Teaching Procedures:

Step 1: To show a flash “The Song of Apple” to lead students to the new lesson. Step 2: Learn the new words

a) to show the pictures of fruits and vegetables in PPT and let students read loudly follow teacher; (15 minutes)

b) Then, use structure “Do you like bananas?” to make dialogues in groups in order to remember new words deeply and grasp this structure.

Step 3: A Task: use what is learned to do an interview in group. (10 minutes)

Step 4: to read the text

Step 5: Homework (1 minute)

Copy the new words and structure in this lesson and in the next class, we will do a dictation.

Step 6: to learn the song “The song of apple”. (4 minutes)

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