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1.(1)introduce sb. to …把某人介绍给…, plenty of

2.(1)anyone(不定代词)任何人,不能与of连用. (2)any one "任何一个人或物",可与of连用.

3.(1)相当地:fairly, quite, pretty, rather., 由轻到重,fairly—quite—rather—pretty—very.

(2)rather和 quite,放在不定冠词a/an之前,也可放在不定冠词a/an之后,还可修饰动词.如,This is quite/rather a good book. =This is a quite/rather good book. , I quite/rather like red. (3)只有rather可修饰比较级,还可和too连用. This bike is rather more expensive than that one.

4.(1)not…in the slightest=not…at all根本不.(2) one or two+复数 “一两个”,如,one or two eggs一两个鸡蛋.

5.(1)whole强调完整性. the whole+单数/不可数, the whole school整个学校.

(2)all强调总量. all the +复数/不可数, 如,all the boys所有男孩, all day整天.

6.rather than, instead of 而不是,prefer ,喜欢

(1)prefer to do…rather than do, 宁愿干…而不愿干…, 如,I prefer to read rather than do nothing.(2)would rather do…than do ,或would do… rather than do宁愿干…而不愿干…, 如, He 他宁愿死也不愿失去他儿子. I would rather read book than watch TV.我宁愿看书,也不愿看电视. (3)would rather not do sth.宁愿不干某事, 如, I’d rather not say what I think.我宁愿不说出我的想法. (4) would rather+宾语从句, 从句中的谓语动词要用虚拟语气.如, He would rather that you didn’t go with him.

7.(1)come up with提出,想出, (2)come out出版,开放, (3)let…down使…失望,

(4)solutions to sth. 解决某事的方法, the key to the door门的钥匙, the answer to the question问题的答案, on the way to school在上学路上 , a ticket to a ball game一张球赛票 (5)offer提供,提议, offer to do sth.主动提出干某事, offer…to sb.把…提供给某人.

8.受伤,injure, hurt, wound, burn. (1)injure指由于意外或事故造成的损伤.He was badly injured in the accident. (2)hurt指肉体上的伤害,也可指精神上的伤害. (3) wound指战斗中刀枪的创伤,伤口. The soldier received two wounds in the battle. (4) burn烧伤.

9.(1)拒绝干某事. (2)be faced with面临… , be faced by面临… , make faces做鬼脸 , (3)by accident =by chance 偶然地, (4)hide sth, from sb.藏某物不被发现. (5)medicine(一般不可数), take medicine服药

10.穿,戴 , (1)wear穿着,戴着(表状态) (2)put on穿上,戴上(表动作), (3)be in +衣服 “穿着,戴着(表状态)” (4)dress穿衣 , , He can dress himself.他会自己穿衣. Get dressed, dress in打扮 , be dressed in打扮 ,

(5)have on穿着.

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