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新版深圳八年级英语下册unit1 Helping

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新版深圳八年级英语下册Unit One helping those in need

Voluntary work

Three teenagers offered to do some voluntary work during the school holidays.They wrote the following reports.

I did some voluntary work in a children’s hospital .The children there all suffer from serious illnesses. we organized a painting competition for them.

I meet a girl called Cindy .She wanted to paint a picture of the park near her home.I went there and took some photos of it.Cindy used them for her painting. Betty

There are many children without parents .I met some of these children with my mother .we tought them to tell stories .This helps them express their feelings. One child said ,”My friends don’t understand my pain.

We spend time with a girl called Vivien.Her parents died in a car accident,and she is unhappy and very lonely. She needs friendship. My mother and I will continue to visit Vivien. Mark

I want to help disabled children. They have difficulty walking or moving.I taught them to sing because music can bring them joy and peace.

I met a boy called Tim. He hurt his legs in an accident ,but he has lots of courage. We need to help children like Tim and raise their spirits . I will continue to do voluntary work in the future. Annie 重点词汇:四会单词:serious illnesses peace. courage spirits

difficulty express lonely. offer organized

扩展词:joy pay community friendship

短语:in need voluntary work ask permission suffer from raise

one’s spirits


1. Cindy is in hospital because she suffered from serious illnesses.

2. She wanted to paint a picture of the park near her home.

3. .I went there and took some photos of it

4. Her parents died in a car accident,and she is unhappy and very lonely.

5. He hurt his legs in an accident ,but he has lots of courage.

6. We need to help children like Tim and raise their spirits .

1.disabled 英 [d?s'e?bld]

adj.残废的;有缺陷的用作形容词 (adj.)

1. He was disabled from walking by the accident.


2. Employers are being encouraged to hire disabled workers.



2.raise money 筹集,募集

3.ill 与sick的区别

ill 和sick都有"生病的;有病的"之意,但用法并不完全相同。

ill 表示"生病的;有病的"这一意思时,一般用作表语,不能作定语;而sick 既可以作表语又可以作定语,如"病人"可以说a sick man 或the sick, 但不能说an ill man 或the ill。又如:She is ill / sick in bed. 她卧病在床。She is looking after her sick father .她在照顾她生病的父亲。

sick 有"恶心的;厌倦的"之意。如:The smell makes me sick.这气味使我感到恶心。

ill 作定语修饰名词时是"坏的;邪恶的"之意。如:He is an ill man. 他是一个邪恶的人。 illnesses

n. 疾病;某种具体疾病;不健康


[例句]Shamans use dreams to diagnose illness.



副词: voluntarily 名词: voluntariness 名词复数: voluntaries


? n.(教堂礼拜仪式前后或进行期间的)乐器独奏

? He made a voluntary statement to the police.

他自愿为警方作供。 ?

5.suffer 指一般的损害、痛苦等等,但suffer from指长期的或习惯性的痛苦或困难。

suffer vi.受痛苦;受损害


suffer the result /heavy losses /injuries承受结果/遭受大损失/负伤

suffer from headache/illness 遭受头痛/疾病的困扰

suffer (vt.) 和suffer from的区别:suffer 指一般的损害、痛苦等等,但suffer from指长期的或习惯性的痛苦或困难。




He died very quickly,he didn't suffer much. 他死得很快,没有多少痛苦.


You must be prepared to suffer consequences. 你要准备承担后果.

suffer from


She suffers from headache. 她患头痛病


Our business has suffered from lack of investment. 我们的企业因缺乏投资而受苦.

I'm suffering from a real lack of time this week.



Mrs. White's little boy is suffering from a bad flu bug again.

6.teach sb to do sth

...), invite sb to do sth(邀请某人做事), persuade sb to do sth(成功劝说某人做某事), teach sb to do sth(教某人做某事), tell sb to do sth(告诉某人做某事), want sb to do sth(想要某人做某事), wish sb to do sth(希望某人做某事 教某人做某事


7.help them express their feeling

Help sb do sth

8 spent time with sb

9. lonely和alone有什么区别

10.lonely与 alone两者都可以作形容词,充当表语,但应用的场合各不相同。

lonely 作形容词,充当表语,指“孤独的”,用于人时,指一种心理状态,突出内心里感到孤独、寂寞。侧重于缺少同伴友谊或同情而感到孤独、寂寞,含忧郁之意。

【情景例句】 He felt very lonely without his friends. 没有了朋友他感到非常孤独。

lonely 也可作定语,修饰地点名词,意为“荒凉的”,侧重于人迹罕至或远离人烟,很荒凉。

【情景例句】 He lives in a lonely village. 他住在一个荒凉的山村里。

alone 作形容词,充当表语,只是陈述一个事实,表示“独自的;单独的”,侧重于独自一人,无同伴,无其他人在场,显得孤立无援。alone只作表语不作定语。

【情景例句】 He was alone in the room. 他独自一人在屋里。

I was alone, but I was not lonely. 我独自一人,但并不感到孤独。

11 unhappy 是happy 的反义词;不高兴,不开心

12.difficulty困难 n

Have difficulty( in) doing sth 表示做某事有困难

跟不定式(to do)作宾语的动词:

want, wish, hope, manage, pretend, decide, learn, agree, expect, demand,

long, ask,

care, choose, dare, fail, offer, plan, prepare, promise, refuse, desire,


appear, intend, like


一、疑问代词who, what, which等和疑问副词when, where, how等后面跟不定式,构成不定式短语。这种结构在句中可作主语、宾语、表语、宾语补足语等句子成分。如:

1. Where to go is still a question. 到哪里去还是个问题。(作主语)

2. I know where to find the boy. 我知道到哪里能找到这个男孩。(作动词know的宾语)

3. We must first solve the problem of whom to serve.


4. The question is how to learn English well.



5. I asked her how to learn English. 我问她如何学英语。(用宾语)

二、“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”结构经常用在某些动词后作宾语,类似的动词有:tell, show, know, learn, teach, find out, forget, wonder, remember等。如:

I’ll show you how to do it. 我要让你看看如何做这件事。

You’d better find out where to put it. 你最好弄清楚要把它放在哪里。


I don’t know what I’ll do next. = I don’t know what to do next.

The doctor told him when he should take the medicine.

=The doctor told him when to take the medicine.


Li Ping doesn’t know why to learn English.

= Li Ping doesn’t know why he should learn English.

Which to choose is important. = Which we should choose is important.

The question is where to go. = The question is where we should go.


What to do? 怎么办?

How to get rid of the trouble? 如何摆脱困境?


1. because it allows people to get closer to them. 因为它允许你们更近距离的

接触它们。 Allow是动词,people 是宾语 to get closer to them 作宾语people的补足语

2. the world wide fund for nature chose the panda to be its symbol. 世界自然基

金会选择了大熊猫作为其标志。Choose----chose 是动词,the panda 是宾语 to be its symbol 作宾语补足语

3. ask sb to do sth 让某人做某事 tell sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事 4

invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 help sb to do sth 帮助某人做某事 want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事

4. tell sb not do sth 告诉某人不要做某事 my teacher tells us not to make too much noise. 我的老师告诉我们不要弄出太大声音。 My friend invites me to his home. 我的朋友邀请我去他的家里。

5. help/let/make sb do sth 帮助某人做某事/让某人做某事

his words makes everyone laugh. 他的话让每个人都笑了

she helps me do my homework. 她帮助我做作业

一. 动词不定式作目的状语:做某事是为了什么.

1. the wwf is working hard to save them all. 世界自然基金会正在努力挽救所有的动物。To save them all 是目的状语

2. dylan trained hard to improve his basketball skills. 迪伦刻苦训练一提高自己的篮球技能。

3. to improve his basketball skills, dylan trained hard.


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