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unit 2单元重点

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Unit2 (重点短语、句子、语法)


On weekends

Exercise do exercise

Always usually often sometimes hardly ever never

Every day once a week twice a week three or four times

A week

Go to the movies

Surf the internet

Use the internet

Be full for

Stay up late

Go to bed early

Have dance/piano lessons

Junk food

Want to do sth

Go camping

fifteen percent 百分之十五

At least 至少

Go online 上网


How often do you exercise?

What do you usually do on weekends?

Do you go shopping?

Yes ,she usually does.

How often do you go to the movies?

I always/usually/often/sometimes/hardly ever/never go to the movies I go the movies every day/once a week/twice a week. How many hours do you sleep every night?

Last month we asked our students about their free time activities. How many percent of students exercise four to six times a week? Only forty-five percent exercise four to six times a week.

It is good to relax by using the internet or watching game shows..




a. sometime是副词, “在某个时候”, “某时”

Will you come again sometime next week?

She was there sometime last year.

b. some time是名词词组, 意为“一段时间”,


I will stay here for some time.

He worked on the trouble for some time.

c. some times是名词词组, 意为“几次,


I met him some times in the street last month.

The factory is some times larger than that one.

although 为连词,意为:“虽然,尽管”。

注意:在英语中,当表示“虽然…,但是….”这样的意思时,although和but不能在同一个句子中使用。也就是说,在一个句子中,有although就没有but ,反之亦然。如:

Although the car is old , it still runs well.

=The car is old , but it still runs well.


“数词+percent of”作主语时,当 of 后面的名词是不可数名词或可数名词单数形式时,谓语动词用单数形式;当它是可数名词复数形式,则谓语动词用复数形式。


Over seven percent of the Earth surface ia water.

It’s too late 字面意思为“为时太晚,来不及了”


Now you know you are wrong , but it’s too late.


句中, It’s too late 与before共同组成从句,表示“不要等到为时已晚;不要等到来不及的时候; 趁还来的及”。如:

You should work harder before it’s too late to catch up.你现在用功还赶得上。

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