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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Revision》课件 牛津版

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9A Unit 2 Revision Colour

Do some reading

Green is an energetic colour. It represents ______

nature growth new life and ______.it’s the colour of ______
envy and_______.

Red is a ________colour. It representspower _____ strong
and strong _____ feelings and the colour of______. heat It a decision.

can help when you are having difficultymaking _____

Grammar 1
1.would rather do sth. than (do) sth.

would rather (not) do sth. 2.prefer+ n. /pron. +to + n. / pron.
prefer doing sth to doing sth. prefer to do sth.


I like doing some shopping.
I don’t like doing some washing. I would rather do some shopping than do some washing.

I prefer doing some shopping to washing.


Kitty likes doing some cooking. Kitty doesn’t like doing some cleaning. Kitty would rather do some cooking than do some cleaning.

Kitty prefers doing some cooking to cleaning.


1)我宁愿学习也不愿玩电脑游戏。 I’d rather study than play games. I prefer studying to playing games. 2)他宁愿吃西餐也不愿吃中餐。 He’ d rather eat western food than (eat) Chinese food. He prefers eating western food to (eating) Chinese food.
3)Eddie宁愿穿蓝色, 也不愿穿粉红色. Eddie’d rather wear blue than pink .

Eddie prefers (wearing) blue than pink.

Grammar 2
由some, any, no, every与thing, one, body, 等构成。 如: something, someone, anyone, nobody


用法 1. somebody, someone, something, 常用于肯定句; 2. anybody, anyone, anything, 常用于否定句和疑问句

1. Maybe someone /somebody has eaten pizza. (positive 肯定) Has anyone / anybody eaten pizza? (question 疑问)

2.Is there anyone / anybody in your own classroom? There is no one / nobody in our own classroom. There isn’t anyone / anybody in our own classroom. (negative否定)

True or false: anyone help me? I’m in trouble. 1.Will someone anything 2.Would you like something to drink? Notes:1.表示请求、建议等委婉说法的疑问句中, 或期望得到肯定答复的疑问句中 ,常用含有 some的不定代词/副词 2.anyone也可用在肯定句表示“任何人”, “任何地方”。 Anyone can do this. . Anybody who breaks the law will be punished by the law.

? Someone _____ is (be) on the phone now, you have to wait for minutes. begins (begin) to grow in Everything ________ spring. Notes: 3.复合不定代词表示单数概念, 作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。

I have something important to tell you. Is there anything interesting in today’s newspaper? I don’t think there’s something wrong with the computer. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Anybody who got it should put up his hand.
Notes:4.复合不定代词被形容词、动词不定式 等修饰时,形容词和动词不定式等应置于其 后。

B 1. –Do you have _____to say for yourself? –Yes, it is this. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing d 2. –Everyone is here today, ____

_? –No, Han Mei isn’t here. She’s ill. A. isn't it B. is he C. aren’t they D. isn’t everyone C 3. There’s _____with his eyes. He’s OK. A. anything wrong B. wrong something C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing 4. Nothing ___ B too difficult for you in the world if you put your heart into it. A. are B. is C. be D. were C I’m so hungry. 5. What about_____? A. anything to eat B. to eat something C. something to eat D. to eat anything


Do some practising


Oril work Written work

Read the passage after class Do exercises in your textbooks

He prefers white . 1,他更喜欢白色. 2,我父亲更喜欢下象棋. My father prefers to play chess .

They prefer speaking to writing .

4, 数学与语文相比, 他过去更喜欢数学.
He preferred maths to Chinese in the past .

She prefers to go shopping on Sunday .

6,那时那男孩喜欢玩电脑游戏而不喜欢看电 视. The boy preferred playing computer games to
watching TV then .

Enjoy yourselves every day!

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