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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Main task》课件3 牛津版

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calm colours

warm colours

energetic colours

strong colours

calm warm


energetic strong

white orange yellow green red

Calm colours
calm: feel relaxed, calm, peaceful, sad be good for the mind and body create the feeling of harmony

Calm colours
white purity: feel calm; peaceful the colour of purity

Warm colours
wisdom: remind you of a warm, sunny day; the colour of wisdom; feel warm, happy

Warm colours

Joy: feel warm; a happy and satisfied feeling; bring you success and cheer you up

Energetic colours
feel energetic; give energy; new life and growth; the colour of nature; the colour of money and envy

Strong colours
power: the colour of heat and strong feeling; help you take action and make a decision

power and

1. 将颜色和其代表的含义连线
1. black 2. blue 3. green 4. orange 5. red 6. white

a. calm and peace
b. power and protection

c. wisdom and warmth
d. power and strength e. energy and nature f. sadness or calm g. success and joy

7. yellow

Millie is doing her project on the relationship between colours and moods. She wants to write about the moods of people by looking at the colours of their clothes. Let’s help her. First discuss the picture.

Talk about the girl in the picture

According to the picture, please answer the following questions? 1. How many people are there in the picture? Two 2. Where are the people? Near a river. 3.What is the man wearing? A blue shirt and black trousers 4.What is the woman wearing? A red dress and a pair of white shoes. 5. can red balance white? 6. Do they look happy? 7. Do you like what they are wearing?

white power shoes peace

red strength





Structure of the passage
? Papa 1. What to wear ? Para. 2---3 Colours and what they represent ? Para. 4. The writer’s opinion / idea

Talk about the advertisement

Colour of T-shirt: ______ green Represents: _______________ energy and nature Colour of skirt: _______ yellow Represents: ________________ wisdom and warmth Colour of hat: white _____________ (and orange) Represents: ____________ calm and peace Colour of shoes: ________ blue calm and sadness Represents: _______________

Moods: relaxed, peaceful, bright, fresh 精神饱满的 and cheerful Reasons:
Because of the outdoor sunshine and the scene, it looks like the woman’s on holiday.

Is it a good fruit juice Yes. advertisement? ______ Why ? Sunshine and beaches make you
feel thirsty. The juice looks refreshing. (使)恢复活力

Colour of shirt: ______ orange Represents: _______________ success and joy Colour of trousers: _______ blue Represents: ________________ sadness and calm black Colour of glasses: _____________ Represents: ____________ power and protection Colour of shoes: ________ white calm and sadness Represents: _______________

Moods: fast and powerful Reasons: The man looks very busy and he is running. He might be doing something important. Is it

a good mobile phone advertisement? Yes. Why ? Strong and powerful colours are used to give the feeling of success.

Sample writing
The woman in this advertisement is wearing a green T-shirt and a yellow skirt.This is interesting because yellow and green are both positive colours.Yellow represents warmth and wisdom and can also remind you of a warm,sunny day.Her T-shirt is green.Green represents engery and nature.Maybe the woman feel tired and decided to wear green because this colour can make her feel more energetic.

The woman’s shoes are blue.Blue represents trust and it can also make us feel calm.
Maybe the woman is a bit stressed and that is why she wears blue. I think this woman is cheerful and friendly.She prefers warm,energetic and calm colours to strong colours.I think she must be very happy because yellow can remind you of a warm ,sunny day and green can give you lots of energy. I like this advertisement because it makes me feel wqarm and reminds me of the summer holidays.

Sample writing
The man in the advertisement on the right is wearing an orange T-shirt and blue trousers.This is interesting because these two colours have different meanings.Orange represents success and can cheer you up if you are feeling sad about something.I think success is important to him,but he also looks like he needs to calm down.
His shoes are white,which represents clam and peace,but his glasses are black.Black represents power and passion.I think this man has trouble making decisions.He seems to be moving very fast and doing many things at the same time. I do not think this is a good advertisement because most people would rather relax and feel calm than be very busy like the man in the picture.However,red is a good colour for the phone because red represents power and strength.People who enjoy being busy also like to feel strong and powerful.

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