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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Reading I》课件 牛津版

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Reading (I)

Look at the picture and name the colours.

1. What’s your favorite colour? 2. Do you know anything interesting about colours?

Have a try!
What do you feel... when you see the following colours?

We call these feelings our moods. So we know colours can affect our moods and make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy.

n. the way you are feeling at a particular time
【Try to guess the meaning of mood】


I believe that the weather can affect a person’s mood.


adj. feeling like sleeping

1. 我现在觉得很困.
I feel sleepy now.

2. 我们太困了,不能继续工作了.
I feel too sleepy to go on working.

【Fill in the blanks】 sleeping 1. Be quiet, don’t disturb the ________ child. sleepy 2. I’m too _______to keep my eyes open. 3. Finding the baby_______, asleep he turned off the radio.

Read the text quickly and answer questions.
①How many kinds of colours are talked about in the text? What are they? ②What colours are mentioned in the article?

Four kinds of colours.
Calm colours Warm colours
(blue , white) (orange , yellow)

Energetic (green) colours (red) Strong colours

Match Column A with Column B.


calm colour warm colour energetic colour

strong colour

Scanning: Read Paragraph 2
loudly and try to fill in the blanks.
Blue and white can make you feel relaxed calm andpeaceful ________, ________. Blue can ________ create the feeling of harmony. sadness Blue can also represent_________. purity and it White is the colour of ________ can stop you feeling stressed ________.

Try to guess the meaning
1.Although the exam is coming, he still feels relaxed because he is always hard-working. 2.We must be calm before danger. 3.Our country is a peaceful country. 4.She is satisfied with his son’s progress. 5.The rose represents love. 6. If you can’t make a decision, you have to give up.



Q: How do you feel when you see the warm colours? They can give you a happy and satisfied feeling.
They can also create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Complete the table. (para3)
Warm colours orange yellow What does it? joy represent wisdom remind you of What can it bring you success; a warm, sunny do? cheer you up day.

T or F questions. (para4&5) 1.Red is the colour of heat and represents nature. F 2.Green is only the colour of new life and growth. F 3.Green can give us energy. T 4.Red can help you to make a decision. T 5.When you feel tired or weak, you should wear red clothes. F

Page 28
Let’s do PartB1&PartB2 together!

Can you finish the following table without difficulty.

You are winners
Colours Clam colours blue white Moods (harmony, sadness) (calm, peace, purity)

Warm colours orange (joy, success) yellow (warmth, wisdom) (energy, nature, Energetic green growth, envy) colours

Strong colours


(strength, power)

After reading, you know sth interesting about colours. Would you like to share the knowledge with your frie

nds? Please fill in the blanks and use the example as a model.

This article tells us something about the relationship between colour and _______. Blue moods ________ ______and _____ white are calm colours because they make you feel calm and peaceful _____. Blue can also represent sadness ______,and white is the colour of Orange represents _____ purity . _______ yellow is the colour of joy ,and ______ intelligence and ______ wisdom . They are warm colours . _____

Green _____ is an energetic colour . It represents new life and growth _____ as it is the colour of _____ nature . It envy is also the colour of ______. strong colour . Red is a ______

It represents power _____ ,_____ and heat strong feeling .

1. Read the article again and again. 2. Underline the useful phrases. 3. Finish the exercise <learn English with you>.

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