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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Revision复习课》课件 牛津版

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Unit 2 Revision Period 1

? Teaching Aims : 1. Know the spelling of some words and usage of some phrases 2.Grasp the main idea of Reading and use the information to describe a certain person’s characterics 3. Know the synonyms

? Key words: pink, rainbow, affect, mood, sleepy, represent, relaxed, paint, peaceful, mind, create, sadness, feel, remind, wisdom, physical, strength, power, heat, difficulty, worried, realize, unhappiness, jogging, diary, seem, colour (vt.), discover, promise, free, perhaps, tight, powerful, balance

? Key phrases: would rather…than…, …nothing wrong with…, look good on…, affect/change one’s mood, make sb. feel + adj., create the feeling of harmony, feel sad/blue, feel stressed, prefer… to…, cheer…up, remind…of…, the colour of wisdom, represent new life and growth, make it easier for sb. to do…, have difficulty doing sth., make a decision, take action, calm down, be in a bad mood, get your money back, keep doing, think of sb. to talk to, colour sth. …, look good in…

Key sentences: ? I’d rather wear blue than pink. ? I prefer blue to pink. ? I prefer walking to jogging. ? I prefer to wear jeans. ? There is nothing wrong with pink ? Is there anything wrong with pink? ? There isn’t anything wrong with pink. ? There is somebody in the fitting room. ? There isn’t anybody in the fitting room. ? There is nobody in the fitting room. ? Is there anybody in the fitting room?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Blue looks good on you. You look good in red. How many colours are there in a rainbow? Colours can change our moods and make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy. Wearing red makes it easier for you to take action. This can help when you are having difficulty making a decision. Could you give me some advice? Why don’t you give me some advice? Why not give me some advice? How/What about giving me some advice? Please give me some advice, will you?

? Grammar 1.学会用would rather ….(than…) 表达喜爱,进 行选择。 2.学会用prefer …to… 表达喜爱,进行选择。 3.学会正确使用指人的不定代词和指物的不定 代词。

But blue looks good on you!

颜色/衣服 look good on sb. =sb. look good in 颜色/衣服
1.蓝色穿在你身上看上去不错。 Blue looks good on you. = You look good in blue. = Blue matches you well. 2.白皮肤,金黄色头发的人穿橙和绿色看上去看 。 People with pale skin and blonde hair look good in orange and yellow. = Orange and yellow look good on people with pale skin and blonde hair. = Orange and yellow match people with pale skin and blonde hair well.

How many colours are there in a rainbow?Do you know? Do you know how many colours there are in a rainbow? What are they? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Colours and moods
blue create the feeling of harmony Calm colours represent sadness white the colour of purity orange represent joy Warm c

olours bring you success, cheer you up yellow the colour of the sun / wisdom Energetic colours green give you energy represent new life and growth the colour of nature/money and envy Strong colours red represent power the colour of heat and strong feelings moods

{ { { {

Synonyms n. 1. moods feelings 2. characteristics________ 3. sadness ________ 4. hope ________ 5. happiness ________ 6. journey ________ adj. 1. strong ________ 2. sad ________ 3. smart ________ 4. wrong ________

5. satisfied 6. energetic 7. calm 8. big 9. small 10.fast 11.happy v. 1. affect 2. know 3. need 4. hope 5. get to

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
_________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Why don’t you do sth.? Perhaps you should do sth. How about…? It’s a good idea to do sth.

? 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空: 1.I’m very _______ ( sleep ). I want to go to bed. 2.Green represents new life and _______ ( grow ). 3.The sun brings us ______ ( warm ). 4.Most people prefer going out to ______ ( stay ) at home on Sundays. 5.She has difficulty _______ ( speak ) English. 6.We should have a _______ ( power ) body. 7.The ______ music made me _______ ( relax ). 8.What made you _______ ( think ) so? 9.His father was _______ ( satisfy ) with his performance. 10.Mr. Black is a _______ ( power ) person and has lots of ______ ( energetic ).

11.I feel calm in the room because the wall _________ ( paint ) blue. 12.______ ( read ) in the sun is bad for our eyes. 13.Does blue represent _______ ( sad )? 14.Amy passed the exam and she felt _______ ( joy ). 15.The contented _______ ( feel ) stop me from trying best. 16.All of us think Daniel is a boy of _______ ( wise ). 17.They have some ________ ( 困难) ________ ( 做出) a ________( 决定). 18.What does a star _______ ( 代表) on this map? 19.The music gave her a happy and ________ ( 满足的) feeling. 20.Suddenly he ________ ( 了解到) what was happening at that time.

? 将下列句子改为同义句: 1.He seems to be worried now. _________ that he _____ now. 2.The book made me relaxed. The _____________ book _________ me. 3.Why don’t you do it at once? ______________ do it at once? ______________ doing it at once? 4.Wearing blue clothes is good for the mind and body. __________ good for the mind and body _____________ blue clothes. 5.It can make you remember a warm, sunny day. It can ______ you _______ a warm, sunny day.

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.粉红没有什么问题。P20 2.但是蓝颜色穿在你身上看上去不错。P20 3.我刚刚看到了天空中的一道彩虹。P21 4.他们能改变我们的情绪,使我们觉得快乐或悲伤,精力 充沛或昏昏欲睡.P22 5.它可能是因为墙被漆成了蓝色,一种平静而安宁的色彩。 P22 6.穿蓝色衣服或睡在蓝色房间对身心又好处,因为这种颜 色创造了和谐的感觉。P22 7.住在气候寒冷的地区的人们

宁愿用暖色调来使他们的家 有一种温暖、舒适的感受。P23 8.穿红色使你更容易采取行动。P23 9.如果它不起作用,我能拿回我的钱。P32 10.彩虹夫人把油擦在人的头上。P32 11.白皮肤,金黄色头发的人穿橙和绿色看上去好看。P32 12.也许你应该试试这裤子。P33 13.穿牛仔裤是个好主意。P33 14.红色和白色是一个好的搭配。P35

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