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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Reading II》课件 牛津版

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Reading (II)

Retell: paragraph 2
Calm colours

be good for our mind and body. make people feel relaxed create the feeling of harmony represent sadness

feel calm and peaceful feel stressed represent purity

Retell: paragraph 3
warm colours

warm colours
give you a happy and satisfied feeling create a warm and comfortable feeling

bring you success represent joy cheer you up

warm colour remind you of a warm and sunny day represent wisdom

Retell: paragraph 4
energetic colours
Do you need help

give you energy the colour of nature the colour of money and envy represent new life and growth

Retell: paragraph 4
strong colours

Physical or mental strength the colour of heat represent power and strong feelings take action make a decision

The best colours for Millie’s friends. (page 29)
Let’s help her!

Extension activity

What colours can help our female volley players?

1.Wangyimei can’t sleep very well. She feels stressed. 2.Zhaoruirui needs to practice for 15 hours every day. She is very tired and weak.

3.Our female volleyball players have failed some times. Chenzhonghe wants to succeed very much.

Language points:
1. …make us feel happy or sad. A. make sb. do sth. make us feel calm and peaceful make you go home alone B. feel +adj. feel calm, feel energetic, feel tired, feel weak feel stressed, feel comfortable, feel relaxed feel sad

2. be good for the mind and body… 对身心有好处,有益于身心健康.
【Have a try 】饭后散步对身心有好处 Walking after supper is good for the mind and body.

mind n. 头脑, 智力, 精神, 意见, 情绪

change one‘s mind 改变主意; make up one‘s mind作出决定; keep...in mind记住......;

3. Orange can bring you success and cheer you up. bring sb. sth. cheer sb. up--- make sb. Happier
【Have a try】孩子们吃完午饭后很快高兴起来.

The children had lunch and soon cheered up.

4.Yellow is the color of the sun, so it can remind you of a warm sunny day. vt. 使人想起,使记起,提醒 The picture reminds me of one of my old friends at college. I reminded him to work hard at all the subjects. ①remind sb. of sth. ②remind sb. to do /not to do sth.
【Have a try】①. 请记得提醒我要寄这封封信. Please remind me to mail/post the letter. ②.这首歌使我们想起了过去的艰苦的岁月. The song reminds us of the hard times in the past.

8. …have difficulty making a decision. (1) have some (no, little, much, a lot of, a great deal of )difficulty/trouble (in) doing sth. 在……有困难 他们用英语交谈毫不费劲。 They have no difficulty in talking with each other in English. (2) have some (no, little, much, a lot of, great )difficulty/trouble with sth. 在…有困难 她作这样长的一个报告有很大困难。 She has much difficulty with such a long speech.

(3) with difficulty“困难地,费劲地”是副词短语

作状语。 He breathed with difficulty.

(4) without difficulty容易地,不费吹灰之力地 He finished the work without difficulty.

注意:sth.+ be+ difficult+ to do 如:This play is difficult to enjoy.欣赏这部戏剧 不容易。 have problems in doing… have a good/ hard/difficult time (in) doing , ...

1. Read the text again and again. 2. Finish some exercises. 3. Try to remember the language points.

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