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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Main task》课件2 牛津版

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Unit2 Main task

sadness or calm

calm and peace

calm colours

warm colours
orange yellow

success and joy

wisdom and warmth

energy and nature

power and strength

energetic colours

strong colours


power and protection

Colours , calm colours

Colours , Orange, Colours , Green , Colours , Red , …

sadness calm
warm colours

White , calm peace

success joy Yellow , wisdom warmth energetic colours energy nature strong colours power strength

1. What is the colour of the woman’s …? 2. What does … represent ? 3. Why does she wear …?

Colours and what they represent

red The woman in this picture is wearing a ________ dress white shoes. This is interesting because and a pair of _______ red and white are very different colours.

Wang Mei, Class 1, Grade9

power and ________.Maybe strength Red represents ________ she feels weak and that is why she is wearing red, or she just wants to make herself look more powerful. shoes are white. The colour white Her handbag and ________ calm and ________. peace She could be represents ________ stressed and the colour white helps her feel peaceful. ________

I think the woman is feeling weak and a little bit stressed, but she is wearing the right colours to help herself. Red red and white are a good match, as the powerful ________ white balances the calm _________.

Introduction (Para 1)

Main body (Para 2-3)
…represent…affect … (Para 4)


The woman is wearing…

Main body
Red /white represents…, Maybe …feels…

I think…

A:What colour should I wear when I am sad/ tired/ angry/ …? B: You should wear…

A: Why ?
B: Because …represents… it can…

green Colour of T-shirt: ____________ energy and nature Represents: ________________ yellow Colour of skirt: _____________ and warmth Represents:wisdom ________________ Colour of hat: __________________ white calm and peace Represents: ________________________ blue Colour of shoes: ____________________ sadness or calm Represents: ________________________ relaxed, peaceful, cheerful Moods: ____________________________ He is standing near the Reasons: ______________________ Is it a good fruit juice advertisement? sea… … _______________________________ … Why? _________________________

The man (woman) is wearing…


Green /Red… represents… Maybe he/ she feels… I think …

Main body


Please design the colours of your school uniform and desks and tell us your reasons.


1. Please design the colours of the clothes for Chinese players and coaches and tell us why. 2. Design the colours of the seats for the audience and tell us why.

enjoy life

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