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八年级上unit3 i'm more outgoing than my sister Section B3

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Introduce Jeff Green, Huang Lei and Mary Smith to your classmates.
Jeff Green is quieter than most kids. He likes reading and studies harder in class. He’s shy so it’s not easy for him to make friends. He thinks friends are like books — you don’t need a lot of them as long as they’re good. His best friend Yuan Li is quiet, too. They enjoy studying together.

Huang Lei is quite different from his best friend, Larry. Larry is taller and more outgoing than him. Larry is much less hard-working than Huang Lei. They both like sports, but Larry plays tennis better, so he always wins. Larry often says, “My best friend helps to bring out the best in me.”

Mary Smith’s favorite saying is, “A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.” Her best friend Carol is really kind and very funny. In fact, she’s funnier than anyone she knows. Mary broke her arm last year but Carol made her laugh and feel better. They can talk about and share everything.

1. make sb. + v. “让(使)某人做某事”。 e.g. It makes me feel very shy. 这件事让我觉得很害羞。 make sb. + adj. “让(使)某人??” e.g. The boy’s words make his father happy. 男孩的话让他的父亲很高兴。

make sb. + n. “让(使)某 人成为 ??” e.g. My father wants to make me a doctor. 我父亲想让我成为一名医生。 2. 可修饰形容词或副词比较级的词或词 组: much, a lot, a little, a bit 等。 e.g. My cousin is much taller than me. 我表哥比我高得多。

Jenny is a little more hard-working
than Mary.

Linda is a lot funnier than anyone I know. 琳达比我所了解的其他人都更滑稽的多。 My sister is a bit more serious than me. 我姐姐比我更稳重一点。 注:修饰比较级的副词为:much, a little, a lot,
a bit,even, still

1.我的头发比Kate 的长。 I have longer hair than______. Kate Kate’s My hair is longer than _______
2.Jim的自行车比我的漂亮。 Jim has___________________________. more beautiful bike than I /me Jim’s bike is __________________. more beautiful than mine

Can you say some sayings about friends? A good friend is like a mirror. Friends are like books — you don’t need a lot of them as long as they’re good. A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. A brother may be not a friend, but a friend will always be a brother.


Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart on page 23 and compare them.

写作指导: 1. 分析词汇,可分为长相,爱好,性格及 学习品质。 2. 注意句子结构,介绍发型时,has … hair;介绍爱好时,likes …;其他可用 be + 形容词。 3. 适当运用 and 及 but。

Example: Wang Lingling’s best friend is Liu Lili. They are both tall, but …

1.刘丽丽的头发比王玲玲的头发短。 Liu Lili’s hair is shorter than Wang Lingling’s hair. 2.她们都是直发

They both have straight hair. 3.她们都外向,所以她们在她们的学校

They are both outgoing, so they are both very popular in their school.

But, Wang Lingling is more serious and Liu Lili is funnier. 5.王玲玲是一个勤奋的女孩而且她非常喜欢阅

Wang Lingling is a hard-working girl and she likes reading very much. 6.然而,刘丽丽非常聪明并且她真的喜欢运动。 However, Liu Lili is very smart and she really likes sports.

Put the words in the correct columns in the chart. hard-working, run fast, quiet, serious, jump high, smart What people are like hard-working quiet smart serious What people can do run fast jump high

Can you add more words or phrases
in the chart?

What people are like
funny outgoing

What people can do
study harder play the guitar better

friendly popular

get up early
sing more clearly

2. Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the words in brackets. 1. My brother is _______ funnier (funny) than me. He makes people laugh a lot. 2. I’m outgoing, but my best friend is a lot _____________ more outgoing (outgoing) than me. 3. My brother is as ________ serious (serious) as my sister. They both like to study.

4. My cousin can run ______ faster (fast)
than me. She is taller than me, too. 5. Jim is __________ friendlier (friendly) than Tom, so Tom has more friends than Jim.


Make notes about two of your friends. One friend should be similar to you; the other friend should be different.
A friend who is different from me Name: Linda funny and popular is good at soccer speaks loudly smart a good listener

A friend who is similar to me Name: Tom tall and thin likes reading quiet and serious hard-working has good grades


Write two paragraphs describing your friends.

My friend Tom is quite similar to me. We are both tall and thin. We are both quiet and serious. We like reading together. We are both hard-working in

class, so we often get good grades.

My friend Linda is different from me.

She’s funnier and more outgoing
than me. She always speaks more loudly. She is better at soccer. She’s smarter and she’s a good listener.

4 Read the job ad. Then compare two
of your classmates. Decide which classmate is better for the job. Student Helper Wanted! The English Study Center needs a

weekend student helper for
primary school students.

You must:

? be a middle school student ? have good grades in English ? be good with children ? be outgoing Call the English Study Center at 443-5667 for more information.

A: So who do you think should get
the job, Jenny or Jill? B: Well, Jenny is smarter. I think she should get the job. A: Jenny is smarter, but I think Jill is more outgoing.

下列招聘要求,应当需要什么样的性格或 爱好的人呢? have good grades in English → smart, clever, hard-working, likes reading … be good with children → friendly, ki

nd, funny, likes playing games be outgoing → outgoing, speaks loudly, likes sports

3. Think of your best friend. Write down two ways in which you are similar, and two ways in which you are different. My best friend and I are both outgoing. My best friend and I can run very fast. My best friend can sing better than me. My best friend is less hard-working than me.

想一想你的好朋友与你在什么 地方相似,在哪些地方不同。 请用英语写出三条相似之处与


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