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Unit 2 Liu Xiang was trained for gold.

________ I see, you'd better take a plane to Hong Kong. A.As far as C.As long as A B.So far D.As far

题意:依我看,你最好坐飞机去香港。as far as

so far 迄今为止; as long as 只要;没有 as far 就……来说;
这种搭配。故根据题意可知选 A。

He doesn't go swimming in the river alone ________. A.any more C.any longer A B.no more D.no longer

题 意 : 他 不 再 独 自 去 河 里 游 泳 了 。 not...any

more/no more 表示数量或程度上“不再”,修饰非延续性 动词;not...any longer/no longer 表示时间上“不再”, 修饰延续性动词。因 go 为非延续性动词,故选 A,表示 数量上“不再”。

①China is known ________ a developing country.





known as 以……出名;be known for 因……出名。根据 题意可知选 A。 ②杭州以其美丽的风景而出名。 known/famous________ for its beautiful scenery. Hangzhou is ____________

1.And now that he's well known all over the world, Liu Xiang will also be asked to appear in advertisements and films, and even to record music. 现在由于刘翔已经世界 闻名了,他还会被邀请做广告、拍电影,甚至录唱片。

(1)now that 意为“既然;由于”,相当于 since,引 导原因状语从句,常用于为一种新的情况或状况做出解 释。如:

Now that everyone is here, let's begin our meeting. 既

(2)record 在此作动词,意为“记录;录音”。如: Could you record the show for me?


record 还可作名词,意为“最高纪录”。如: He holds the record for the 1,000 meters. 他保持了 1000 米的最佳记录。

①________ your mother isn't in, I'll come later.
A.Even though C.Now that C B.Even now D.Although


though 即使,although 尽管,都用来引导让步状语从句; even now 即使现在;now that 既然,引导原因状语从句。 根据题意可知选 C。


everything that happened on his travel. recorded _________ He _________

school ________ records were broken at the school Five ________
sports meeting.

2.Liu was encouraged at first to train as a high jumper. 起初,教练支持刘翔练跳高。

encourage 是 及 物 动 词 , 意 为 “ 鼓 励 ” , 常 用 于 encourage sb.to do sth. 短语中,表示“鼓励某人去做某

My teacher always encourages me to speak English in class.我的老师总是鼓励我上课讲英语。

我会鼓励他去加入足球俱乐部的。 to join the football him ________ I willencourage ________ ________ club. 3

. ...and his performance was compared with the

world's best sports stars.……将他的表现与世界上最好

compare A with B 表示“比较 A 与 B”。如:

Let's compare the translation with the original.

compare A to B 表示“把 A 比作 B”。如: He compared her to a rose.他把她比作玫瑰。

①How does your new house compare ________ your old one?






compare A with B 为固定搭配,意为“比较 A 和 B”。
②他把北京比作中国的心脏。 to the heart of China. He compared ________ Beijing ________


1.It is said that potato chips _________ by mistake about a hundred years ago.(2006年) A.invent B.invented C.are invented D.were invented 2.The Olympic Games ____every four years.(2007年 A. are held B were held C. are holding D. will hold 3 . --Who’s the little baby in the photo, Susan? (2008年) ---It’s me. This photo ____ ten years ago. A. takes B. is taken C. took D. was taken




1. They will be ______________ to watch the football match tonight . encouraged 2.Will Liu Xiang be _______________to spend more beaten time away from sport ? be held 3.We were __________________________ last time. choosen 4. When will the match_________________? 5. I wasn’t ________________this time.

1. 别让孩子们影响你。
Don’t get to ______________let the children ______________ you . 2. 张老师总是鼓励我们尽可能多讲英语。 encourages us to speak Mr Zhang always __________________________ English as often as possible . 3. 他们将开个会来讨论这个问题。 set up They will _________ a meeting to discuss this problem 4. 你明天将不被去允许去看。 be allowed to watch You won’t ___________________________ tomorrow. . 5. 过去在美国绝大部分农活是机器做的。 was done by machines Most of the farm work ____________________________in the USA. were defeated be held 6.You __________________ last time.你们上次被打败了. 7.When will the match ________________?比赛什么时候开

Key phrases:
1.既然,由于 1.now that=since, 2.an overnight success,2.一夜成名 3.encourage sb. to do 3.鼓励某人做某事 sth, 4. …的象征 4. a symbol of, 5.出名 5.be well known, 6.建立 6.set up, 7.远离 7.be away from, 8.获得金牌 8.win a gold medal, 9.在同一年 9.in the same year, 10.与…作比较 10.compare with, 11.取得,获得 11.go for 12.指导某人做某事 12.advise sb. to do sth, 13.为…训练 13.train for. 14.首先

6.compare “比较/对照” compare A with B “A与B相比较” compare A to B “把A比喻成B” compared to/with... “与...相比”
(1)请不要经常拿我跟姐姐做比较。 Please do

n’t always compare me with elder sister. (2)莎士比亚把世界比作舞台。(stage) Shakespeare compared the world to a stage.

(3)与很多妇女相比,她是幸运的。 Compared to/with many women,she is lucky.

1.为金牌受训 2.全世界 3.一夜成名 4.首先 5.确定/务必 6.起初 7.创立/建立 8.下一步是什么? 9.鼓励某人做某事 10.建议某人做某事 11.奥运会 12.亚运会 13.终点线 14.起跑线

1.be trained for gold 2. around the world= all over the world 3.an overnight success 4.first of all 5.make sure 6.at first 7.set up 8. What’s next? 9.encougage sb. to do sth. 10.advise sb. to do sth. 11.the Olympic Games 12.the Asian Games 13.finishing line 14. starting line

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