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Unit 1 作文


提示: 1. 新学期你的英语学习愿望 2. 你在英语学习中遇到什么困难 3.介绍你的好的英语学习方法

This year I study in Grade Nine, I want to do a good job in English. I hope I can get good grades and go into a good high school.

I have trouble in pronunciation. I also have difficulty in studying grammar. I always make mistakes in grammar. I can’t understand the teacher when she speaks.

I ask the English teacher for help and she told me that the best way to learn English is to listen to the teacher carefully. At the same time, reading the textbook aloud helps a lot.

So I will try my best to learn English and improve it. (104)

Unit 2 作文:

进入初三以后, 我们跟过去相比在各个方面都发生了很大的变化。写一篇短文,对比这几年你前后的不同。包括长相,性格,爱好,行为习惯等方面。80个词左右。

I have changed a lot during the past few years. I used to be very short in the past, now I am tall. I used to be very shy, now I am active and outgoing. I used to like watching TV, now I like reading books. I didn’t used to get up early, now I get up early and do some morning exercise. I didn’t used to like English, now I like English. People sure change. (76)

Unit 3 单元作文范例:

请你以“What Rules Do You Have In Your School”?为题,写一篇80字左右的文章。

可用短语:be allowed to do…. / Students should…./We must …/ I think…

What rules do you have in your school?

There’re a lot of rules in our school.

For example, we must go to school on time and finish the homework by ourselves. We are not allowed to wear our own clothes. We must wear school uniforms and school cards. Students should not have strange hair or wear earrings. Fighting and smoking are not allowed. Students should not throw rubbish everywhere.

Though there are so many rules, I enjoy studying in our beautiful school. (76)

Unit 4


If I had 2 million dollars…

If I won 2 million dollars, I’d buy a big house for my parents. I’d buy all the music CDs that I like. I’d travel around the world during the holidays with my parents and friends. I’d have a spaceship and fly into space. I’d help some young poor people who couldn’t go to school. The things sound wonderful, but I have to face the fact--- it is just a dream. (71)

Unit 5

今天我在操场散步的时候捡到一个蓝色的MP4, 我想这是王林丢的,因为我知道王林有一个,于是我去了他家,但发现他并没有丢失他的MP4。王林认为这可能是李红的, 他见过李红用过这种颜色的MP4。请根据以上提示,写一篇70-80词左右的短文。

Today I saw a blue MP4 lying on the ground when I was taking a walk on the playground. I picked it up and thought it might be Wang Lin’s, because I saw Wang Lin play his MP4 a few days ago. I hurried to Wang Lin’s house and I gave it to him. But Wang Lin said it wasn’t his. Wang Lin thought it might be Li Hong’s, because its color was the same as Li Hong’s. Then we found Li Hong and gave it back to her. Li Hong thanked us. We were very happy. (97)

Unit6 My Favorite Music

I am a person who is very interested in music. My best pop singer is Jay Chou. His songs always sound wonderful. I love singers who write their own music. When he was unknown, he worked hard to create good songs. I admire him for his hardworking. When I was sad, I can listen to his songs, I will forget that sad. When I was happy, I can listen to Chou’s songs, and I will very happy. Really, I like his songs very much. (85)

Unit 7


请你用英语写一篇短文,介绍一处给你留下深刻印象的自然景观或旅游圣地。 题目自拟,短文不得少于80个单词。

A Great Place to Visit

Now, traveling is more and more popular. I have been to many places of interest in our country. And my favorite one is Hainan.

I had a trip by plane with my parents last summer vacation. The beach was so beautiful that all of us had fun swimming in the blue sea, playing beach volleyball and enjoying delicious sea food. I liked driving in the sea best, because I could see all kinds of fishes and other beautiful sea animals under the sea.

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It was an unforgettable trip for us. I think we will go there again. (97)

Unit 8 Being a volunteer is great!

(Helping each other makes the world wonderful)

Hello, everyone. I’m Tom. In our life we need to get help from others. When we help our classmates with their studies, we can develop our friendship. If we give a hand to old people, we can understand the meaning of happiness. We’ll feel happy when we help parents. I think we can get much when we help the people around us. As the saying goes, giving is much better than receiving.

In a word, I think being a volunteer is great! (82)


? 请根据以下提示,写一篇70字左右的文章。(电话的发明)

? 1 What: the telephone

? 2 Who: Bell

? 3 When: in 1876

? 4 Where: in the USA

? 5 funtion(功能):talk to each other easily

Don’t need to write letters

Although we use the telephones every day, do you know when the telephone was invented? It was invented in the USA. It was invented by Bell. It was not invented until 1876.In the old days, people have to write a letter if he wants to talk to the people far away. But now they don’t need to write the letters any more. They can talk to each other easily. So telephones are very important in our life.


Unit 10 My unlucky day!

Yesterday was my unlucky day. It seemed that I did everything late. When I got to school in the morning, the bell had rung. And the teacher had begun the class when I went into the classroom. Then when I got back home after school, my favorite program had nearly finished. What was worse, I found I had left my schoolbag at school just as I started to do my homework, so I had to go back for it. When I went to bed last night, it was twelve o’clock! What a bad day I had! (96)

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