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八年级上unit3 i'm more outgoing than my sister Section B(2a-2e)

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Read the passages quickly and 2b match the person with the right ideas. Friends are like books —you don’t need a lot of them. Huang Lei A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. Mary Smith It’s not necessary to be the same. My best friend is quite different from me. Jeff Green

serious shy as long as

n.镜子 adj.严肃的 adj.害羞的 只要,既然

1. serious adj. 严肃的;稳重的 比较级形式为more serious。 e.g. Mr. Bai is more serious than Mr. Zhao. 白先生比赵先生更严肃。 2. as long as 只要,既然 e.g. I will go with you as long as I finish the homework 只要我完成作业我就会和你一起去。

bring out grade should

使显出,使表现出 n.成绩,分数 modal v.应该,应当

3. necessary adj. 必需的;必要的 It’s (not) necessary to do sth. e.g. It’s necessary to brush your teeth every day. 每天刷牙是有必要的。 4. bring out 使显现,是出现
bring out the best in sb 使某人显露其最好的一面 Difficulties can bring out a person’s best qualities. 艰难困苦方能显出一个人的优秀品质。

5.should model v. 应该,应当

should是情态动词,没有人称和数的变化, 后跟动词原形,用于提出建议。 You should help your mother with the housework. 你应该帮你母亲做家务。 6.grade n. 成绩,分数
get good grades 取得好成绩

care v.在意,担忧 v.伸手,到达,抵达 reach v.感动,触摸 touch n.内心,心脏 heart broke my arm broke –break v.破,损坏 laugh v.笑,发笑。n.笑声 share v.分享,共享

6. reach 伸手,到达 reach sth. 伸手去够 e.g. He stood on the chair to reach the dictionary on the shelf. 7. break v.破,裂,损坏。 过去式为broke

e.g. The boy fell down from the tree and
broke his leg.

8. touch v. 感动;触摸
touch one’s heart 触动某人的心弦 e.g. I love this song. It can touch my heart. 我喜欢这首歌,它能触动我的心弦。 Don’t touch the food with dirty hands. 不要用脏手动食物。

9. share v. 分享;共享
share sth with sb 与某人分享某物 e.g. We should teach the children to share their toys. 我们应该教育孩子们分享玩具。

Read the passage carefully and find the differences and similarities between friends.

differences: I’m quieter and more serious than most kids. He is taller and more outgoing than me. He plays tennis better. Larry is much less hard-working. So I always get better grades than he does.

She’s funnier than anyone I know.

Similarities: My best friend Yuan Li is quiet, too. We both like sports.
We can talk about and share everything.


Are the following statements true or false?

1. Jeff is less serious than most kids. F 2. Jeff and Yuan Li are both quiet. T 3. Jeff thinks it is easy for him to make friends. F 4. Huang Lei is taller than Larry. F 5. Huang Lei isn’t as good at tennis as Larry. T

6. Lar

ry works harder than Huang Lei. F 7. Mary thinks her friends should be the F 8. Carol broke her arm last year and Mary made her feel better. F same as her.

be like _______ That’s why…..________ enjoy studying together _________ It’s not easy for me to make friends. ______ It’s not necessary to ________ be getting better at tennis_________ much less hard-working ________ I don’t really care _______ in fact_______ get better grades___________

Translate these saying into Chinese. 1. A good friend is like a mirror.

好朋友就像一面镜子。 2. Friends are like books – you don’t need a lot of them as long as they’re good. 好朋友像书籍—只要他们优良,无需太 多。

3. My best friend helps to bring out the best in me.

挥出来。 4. A true friend reaches for your

hand and touches your heart. 真正的朋友会握你的手,打动你

Which saying about friends is your 2e favorite? Which friend do you think about when you read this saying? Why? Tell your partner about it.

My favorite saying is ―A true friend

reaches for your hand and touches
your heart.‖ It makes me think about my best friend, Wu Zhou. He helps me with my English for three years. I was bad in English three years ago. But now I’m interested in it with his help.

How do you and your friends 2d compare with the people in the article? Write five sentences. I’m different from Jeff because I’m louder than the other kids in my class. My best friend is similar to Larry because she’s less hard-working than me.


? 表示不同:A + be different from B because ? 表示相似:A + be similar to B because ? 表示“更加….”:more… than…. ? 表示“不如….”: less… than…. ? 表示“一样,相同”:as…..as….

1. Read the passages after class. 2. Make sentences with the phrase below: as long as; be different from; bring out;

be similar to; in fact; make sb. do …;
It’s (not) necessary to do …

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