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Unit 1 What is a wonder of the world?

Seven Wonders of the World

The Pyramids of Egypt

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus 土耳其的摩索拉斯王陵墓

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus 土耳其以弗所的亚底米神庙

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon 巴比伦空中花园

The Colossus of Rhodes 地中海的罗得岛太阳神铜像

The Statue of Zeus (Jupiter) at Olympia 希腊奥林匹亚的宙斯神像

The Lighthouse of Alexandria 埃及的亚历山大灯塔

A. 表示动作已发生,这个动作的结果对 现在仍有影响常与already , yet ,now , just, by this time等时间状语连用. He has phoned me about the theft. I have just come back from the U.S. He has turned off the light .

B. 表一个动作从过去发生, 一直持续 到现在。 I have learned English for more than 6 years. We have known each other since childhood.

C. have been 和 have gone的区 别。 It can’t be Jim. he has gone to town . John knows the way well. He has been to the city before .

D. 终止性动词和持续性动词 1. 他来北京五天了。 He has been in Beijing for 5 days. He has come to Beijing for 5 days.


D. 终止性动词和持续性动词 2. 小明入团三年了。 Xiao Ming has been in the League for 3 years.

√ ×

Xiao Ming has been a League member for 3 years
Xiao Ming has joined the League for three years.

D. 终止性动词和持续性动词 3. 这本书他买了一年了。 He has had this book for a year. He has bought this book for a year.

√ ×

D. 终止性动词和持续性动词 4. 这本书他借了三天了。 He has kept the book for 3 days. He has borrowed the pen for three days.


D. 终止性动词和持续性动词 5. 我们离开广州六年了。

We have been away from Guangzhou for 6 years. We have left Guangzhou for 6 years .

√ ×


英格兰东南部的历史名城索兹伯里附近,有一 个小村庄名叫阿姆斯伯里,村西的原野上有一 座阅尽沧桑、雄视千古的石柱群,这就是著名 的古迹Stonehenge.这是一座由许多根石柱围成 的 史 前 建 筑 。 这 些 石 柱 排 成 圆 形,最高的石柱高达 10 米,它们的平均重量达 26 吨,这么重的家伙竟有不少是横架在两根竖 直的石柱上的! Stonehenge 这个名字的前一半 Stone意为“石头”,后一半在现代英语词典中 已查不到了,据考证它来自古代英语,意思是 “高高悬挂着”。想来它在古代有一个形象的 名字“高悬在天上的石头”。

Module 2

Great books


请大家欣赏周润发主演的《孔子》 英国版预告片。

1.作品 (常复)1.works [w?:k] 2.influence ['influ?ns] 2.影响 n./v. 3.respect [ri'spekt] 3.尊重 4.thinker['θi?k?] 4.思想家 5.wise[waiz] 5.睿智的 6.as far as 6.就…来说 7.not…any more 7.不再 8.每月一次的 8.monthly (weekly每周的) 9.literature['litr?t??] 9

.文学 10.millions of 10.数百万的 11.article['ɑ:tik?l] 11.文章 12.thought(可数名词) 12.想法 13.Confucius[k?n'fju:??s] 13.孔子

not…any more 不再 继续做某事 go on doing sth millions of 成百万的 作为…而闻名 be known as great books 名著 凭我的记忆 as far as I remember 受..的影响 be influenced by I see 我明白了 有点儿难度 a bit difficult

Confucius (circa 551-479 BC) was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period. He was also known as Zhong Ni (仲尼). He was born in the village of Zou in the country of Lu.

Shakespeare (1564-1616) He was considered the greatest playwright in the world and the finest poet who has written in the English language.

Mark Twain (l835~1910) He was the US critical realism literature founder, world renowned short story master.

1. find是个及物动词,表示找到,主要强调“寻找 ”的结果,而不表示“寻找”的过程。 look for 表示“寻找”的过程和动作。 What are you looking for? 你在找什么? They were looking for their teacher everywhere. At last they found him at the library. 他们到处寻找老师,最后在图书馆找到了他。 2. As far as I remember, it was started by Becky Wang. (as far as… 表示“至于,就……‖) 凭我记忆,这本杂志是由贝基· 王创办的。 He isn’t coming today, as far as I know. 据我所知,他今天不来了。

3.not…any more =no more和 not…any longer =no longer 不再(他们侧重的方面不同。前者侧 重时间,后者侧重程度和数量.) We don’t have a school magazine any more. We don’t have a school magazine any longer. 4. be known as/ be famous as:作为…而出名 She is known/ famous as a singer. 她作为歌手 而出名。 be known for/ be famous for:因为…而出名 My hometown is known/ famous for the beautiful scene. 我的家乡因风景美丽而出名。

5. Perhaps that’s what makes ―Great

Books‖ –they’re still read today. 也许,这正是能入选“名著欣赏”的关键 -它们至今仍被广泛阅读。 The words made her popular with the students. 那些话使她在学生中很受欢迎。 Eating the bad bananas made them ill. 吃这些坏了的香蕉使他们生病了。 make sb do sth/ sb be made to do sth

《汤姆· 索亚历险记》是美国著名小说家马克· 吐温 的代表作,发表于1876年。小说主人公汤姆· 索 亚天真活泼,富于幻想和冒险,不堪忍受束缚个 性,枯燥乏味的生活,幻想干一番英雄事业。小 说通过主人公的冒险经历,对美国虚伪庸俗的社 会习俗、伪善的宗教仪式和刻板陈腐的学校教育 进行了讽刺和批判,以欢快的笔调描写了少年儿 童自由活泼的心灵。《汤姆· 索亚历险记》以其 浓厚的深具地方特色的幽默和对人物敏锐观察, 一跃成为最伟大的儿童文学作品,也是

一首美国 ―黄金时代‖的田园牧歌。本书的姊妹篇是《哈克 贝利· 费恩历险记》。

1. live on/by…靠……生活 He lives on begging. 乞讨为生 live with…和……一起生活 2. find oneself 发觉自己的处境;发现自己在做 某事 I woke to find myself in hospital. 我醒来发现自己在医院。 3. treasure n. (U) 宝藏,财宝 (C) 宝贵的东西,杰出的人 It’s a national treasure. 它是一件国宝。 v. 珍惜,珍藏,珍视

She treasures the memories of her childhood. 她珍视童年的回忆。 4. go looking for go +v-ing 表示从事某项活动,做某事 go shopping, go swimming 5. dead adj. 表示状态,可以和一段时间连用 He has been dead for three years. die v. 死 不及物动词,表示动作,不能和一段 时间连用 He died three years ago. 他三年前死了。

6. pleased adj. 高兴的 be pleased with sth. 对……满意(通常指具体 的东西) He is pleased with his new coat. be pleased at sth. 对……高兴 He is pleased at the news. be pleased to do sth. 高兴去做…… He is pleased to help you. pleasure n. 高兴 7. hero的复数是heroes potatoes, tomatoes, Negroes, volcanoes mosquitoes

8.The themes of the story are to do with children growing up and becoming more serious. 故事的主题和孩子们的成长以及变得更加成熟稳 重有关。 be/have to do with sb./sth. ―和某人/某事,有关” 如: My question has to do with yesterday’s homework. 我的问题和昨天的作业有关

9. go on go on doing sth 表示继续做同一件事情 Though it was raining heavily outside, the farmers went on getting in the crops. go on to do sth 表示接着做下一件事 After finishing his homework, he went on to preview the new lesson. go on with sth表示停顿之后继续做刚才的事 After having a short rest, he went on his story.

被动语态: be influenced by… be seen …. be punished for fighting is 动作接受者+am+ 及物动词过去分词+(by+动作执行者) are

根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 1. 据我们所知,下周将举行运动会。 __ far __ as __ we know, the sports meeting As will be held next week. 2. 他看了看我,继续玩电脑游戏。 He looked at me and ____ __ playing went on computer games.

3. 不要哭了!你不再是一个小孩了。 Don’t cry! You _____ a child ___ _____. aren’t any more 4. 据说, 数百万印度人掀起了学英语热。 It is said that _______ __ Indians rush to millions of learn English. 5. —你最好明天回家。 —我不同意。 —You’d better go home tomorrow. —I don’t _____ ____ you. agree with

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