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unit3 i'm more outgoing than my sister Section B(1a-1e)

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与两年前的自我进行比较。 1. Are you more outgoing now? Yes. I’m more outgoing than I was

two years ago.
2. Are you friendlier?

3. Do you study English harder?

Talk about your parents. 1. Who is funnier, your mom or your dad? My mom is funnier than my dad. 2. Who works harder? 3. Who sings better? 4. Who is more outgoing? 5. Who drives better?

I have a good friend. He is really outgoing. I have a good friend. She’s cute and smart. My good friend works very hard. My good friend is good at music.

What kind of things are important in 1a a friend? Rank the things below [1-7] (1 is the most important.)

a. has cool clothes. b. is talented in music. A good c. likes to do the same things as me. d. is good at sports. friend e. truly cares about me. … f. makes me laugh. g. is a good listener.

Talk about what you think a good friend 1b should be like. A: I think a good friend makes me laugh. B: For me, a good friend likes to do the same things as me. C: Yes, and a good friend is talented in music, too. D: That’s not important for me …

What do Molly and Mary like 1c about their best friends? Fill in the first column of the chart.
Like about their best friends Molly Peter likes to do the same things.

Mary Lisa is a good listener.

Listen again. How are Molly and 1d Mary the same as and different from their best friends? Complete the rest of the chart in 1c.

The same as their best friends
Molly They are both pretty outgoing. They’re both tall.

Mary They both have long, curly hair.

Different from their best friends Molly studies harder.
Molly is a little quieter. Molly Peter plays baseball better. Peter speaks more loudly.

Lisa is quieter.
Mary Lisa is smarter. Mary is more outgoing.


Talk about Molly and Mary

and their best friends.
best friend.

A: Molly studies harder than her B: Well, Mary and her best friend are both tall.

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