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人教版七年级上 英语期末试卷

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人教版七年级第一学期期末 英语测试卷

( 时间:100分钟 满分:120分 )



( ) 1.

A. B. C.

( ) 2.

A. B. C.

( ) 3.

A. B. C.

( ) 4.

A. B. C.

( ) 5.

A. B. C.


( ) 6. A. My pencil is blue. B. My favorite place is Hangzhou. C. My favorite color is blue.

( ) 7. A. In the morning. B. June 8 th. C. At 6:30.

( ) 8. A. She likes thrillers. B. She likes movies. C. No, she doesn’t.

( ) 9. A. It’s $10. B. It’s in the bag. C. It’s a key.

( ) 10. A. It’s $13. B. It’s 456—7256. C. It’s N—U—M—B—E—R.


( ) 11. The boy likes ________.

A. comedies and thrillers

B. comedies and documentaries

C. thrillers and documentaries

( ) 12. The girl and the boy don’t like ________.

A. comedies B. thrillers C. documentaries

( ) 13. The girl wants to ___________.

A. know the boy’s name B. join the computer club C. join the art club

( ) 14. What’s the girl’s name?

A. Cindy Jones. B. Jones Cindy C. It doesn’t tell.

( ) 15. What’s the girl’s phone number?

A. 893—0756. B. 890—3756. C. 893—0765.


( ) 16. A.12 B. 13 C. 14

( ) 17. A. Basketball. B. Baseball. C. Soccer and hamburgers.

( ) 18. A. P. E. B. Art. C. Music.

( ) 19. A. June 3rd. B. August 5th. C. August 3rd.

( ) 20. A. One. B. Two. C. Three.



( ) 21.It’s _______ exciting class, we all like it.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 22.Jim _____ a boy _______father is a doctor.

A. is .He B. am .His C. is .His D. is .Her

( ) 23. My English name is ______. His Chinese name is____.

A. Green Jim; Sun Hui Min B. Jim Green; Sun Huimin

C. Green Jim; Sun Huimin D. Jim Green; Sun Hui Min

( ) 24.There is __ food in the shop.

A. lot of B. many C .a lot D. a lot of

( ) 25.I have art lessons ____ Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

A. at B. in C. on D. under

( ) 26.September is the ____month of year.

A. nine B. ninth C. nineth D. number nine

( ) 27.What language does she ________? English.

A. tell B. speak C. talk D. say

( ) 28.There ________ a ruler and two pens on the desk.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 29.Let's_______ basketball.

A plays B play the C play D to play

( ) 30_____ are these socks ? ---Twenty yuan.

A What B How old C When D How much

( ) 31.I like apples , _____I don't like oranges

A and B or C but D 不填

( ) 32.____do you want?----Blue.

A How much B What color C What D When

( ) 33.---Your English is very good. --_________________.

A No, it isn't good B Yes C Thank you D Don't say like this

( ) 34.My aunt has a son. He is my ________.

A. brother B. cousin C. sister D. uncle

( ) 35.Look! These are ______pens.

A your brother B you C your brother's D your brothers

( ) 36.____________ Do you have a pen?

A. Excuse me. B. I’m sorry.

C. Can I help you? D. I’ll take it.

( ) 37.He sings ________ and he is a __________ singer(歌手).

A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good

( ) 38—Let’s play chess.

—___________. I want to watch TV.

A. That sounds great. B. Yes. It’s difficult.

C. No, it's boring. D.Yes. Let's watch TV.

( ) 39. Jenny, Danny and I ________ from Canada.

A. am B. is C.come D. comes

( ) 40. Do you want __________ with me?

A. go shopping B. to go shop C. to go shopping


I have a friend, Linda. Linda is with at eight o’clock in the morning. She usually washes school at seven thirty. In the afternoon, the classes begin at two o’clock. There are only two in the afternoon. She can at five o’clock. In the evening, she usually ( ) 41.A. a America B. a Australian C. an England D. an English

( ) 42.A. twelve B. twelfth C. the twelfth D. 12th

( ) 43.A.she B. her C. his D. hers

( ) 44.A. gets up B. get up C. gets on D. is getting up

( ) 45.A.in B. on C.at D. for

( ) 46.A. go to B. goes to C. goes D. to go

( ) 47.A. class B. friends C. classes D. game

( ) 48.A. goes to home B. go to school C. goes home D. go home

( ) 49.A. is doing B. to does C. does D. do

( ) 50.A. / B. the C. a D.an


( A )

My name is Nancy. I have a brother and a sister, Paul and Laura. For breakfast, Paul likes eggs and bananas. Laura and I like hamburgers and bananas. For lunch Paul likes salad and hamburgers. We like vegetables and oranges. And for dinner Paul has fish and potatoes, we have French fries and bread. We really like French fries.


( ) 51.Paul likes eggs and apples for breakfast.

( ) 52.There are three girls in the family.

( ) 53.Paul, Laura and Nancy all like bananas for breakfast.

( ) 54.Paul doesn’t like hamburgers.

( ) 55.Nancy and Laura like vegetables and oranges for lunch.

( B )

Song Liang and Song Ming are brothers. They are Chinese. But they are in England now.

They speak English. They are twins. They look the same. Their sweaters look the same, too. They are yellow. They are very nice sweaters. Look at this sweater. It's Song Liang's. It isn't Song

Ming's. Song Ming can't find his sweater. He thinks his sweater is at home, but it's in his backpack.

( ) 56. Song Liang and Song Ming are___________. 

A. English B. England C. Chinese D. China

( ) 57. Song Liang and Song Ming are ___________. 

A. sisters B. twins C. friends D. in China

( ) 58. They are ___________. 

A. students B. girls  C. workers D. teachers

( ) 59. Song Ming’ s sweater is ___________. 

A. at home B. here C. in Song Ming’ s backpack  D. in Song Liang’ s backpack

( ) 60. Their sweaters are ___________. 

A. yellow B. same C. color D. at home

( C )


( )61.A man with a student goes to the Aokang Movie Theater on Sunday, they will pay(支付) _____ for the movie.

A.$12 B.$9 C.$6 D.$5

( )62.You can see the movie _______ in the Aokang Movie Theater on Friday morning.

A. Kungfu Hustle B. If You Are the One

C. Garfield’s a Tail of Two Kitties D. Mr. Bean

( )63.You can see three movies this week on _________ or on _________.

A. Wednesday; Friday B. Tuesday; Wednesday

C. Thursday; Friday D. Saturday; Sunday

( )64.From the poster, we know _________ is a director(导演) and actor of a movie.

A. Mel Smith B. Feng Xiaogang C. Tim Hill D. Zhou Xingchi

( )65. Which sentence is wrong(错误)?

A. Mel Smith is the director of <Mr. Bean>. B. Feng Xiaogang is a Chinese director .

C. You can see < Kungfu Hustle > on Monday.

D. <Garfield’s a Tail of Two Kitties> is an America movie.

Ⅷ、选择正确选项,补全对话。(5分) Rose:Fine,thanks.It’s Sunday today. What do we want to do this evening?

Ann:Let’s go to see a movie. How about Mr. Bean? let’s go to see The Edge. It’s a thriller.

Rose: Un, well, I also like thrillers.

Ann: Ok. Where’s James?Does he want to go? Ann: Hi, James.Do you want to go to a movie? It’s The Edge.

James: OK, I’ll go,too. Rose:At 6:00 in the evening.Bye.

( )66.A.Nice to meet you. B.How are you?

C.How do you do? D.Good moring.

( )67.A.That sounds boring. B.You’re welcome.

C. Good idea! D.Reading books is great.

( )68.A.That’s funny. B.I don’t like comedies.

C.You’re very kind. D.It’s time to see it.

( )69 A I don’t know. B.Yes,he does.

C .No ,he doesn’t. D.He’ll not go.

( )70.A.Where will we go? B. How about taking a bus?

C.Who will we go with? D. When will we go?


71. Please count(数) from z_____ to nine.

72. His ring is in the l__________ and found case.

73. My friend likes ____________ (健康的)food.

74. Can you _________(拼写) your name?.

75.His 最喜欢的)actor is Wang Baoqiang.


76. The _______ (five) day of a week is Thursday.

77. The boys are my good _________ (friend).

78. Bruce __________ (eat ) apples for breakfast every day.

79. Father often helps ________(we) play tennis.

80. Scott ⅩI.按括号中的要求完成改写后的句子,每个空格填一个单词。(10分) (划线提问)

________ _________ are your parents?

82. She can see some apples on the table. (改为否定句

She ______ see _____ apples on the table.

83. My brother’s birthday is rd(划线提问)

______ _____ your brother’s birthday?

84. You are girls and they are boys. (变成单数

You are a _____ and ______ is a boy.

85. Biology is boring. I don’t like it.(合并一句)

I ____________ like biology ____________it’s boring.

ⅩⅡ.请以“ My Good Friend ”为题,描述一下你最要好的朋友的外貌、长相,所在的年级、








My Good Friend

I have a good friend. His / Her name is……

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