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九年级英语(下)Module 9 单元达标卷

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九年级英语(下)Module 9单元达标卷

兴华学校 鹿爱清


1. Bob is young , ________ he knows a lot .

A.because B .so C .but D. unless

2. —Tom is a nice boy. Everyone likes him.

—Yes, his parents are very _____ of him.

A. proud

A. which

A. as

— _____.

A. don’t say so B. Where? Where? C. Thank you D. Oh, no

6.Learning English well _____ not easy and it needs great effort.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

7.— What _____ does he like best?

— He likes running.

A. music B. subject C. animal D. sport

8. “_____ you’ve made! But you should work still harder,” Dad said to me.

A. What big mistake

C. What great progress B. How big mistakes D. How great progress B. afraid C. nervous D. bored 3. The building _____ roof is special is a hospital. B. who C. at which D. whose C. although D. because 4. Maths is the subject that I’m best at, _____ it’s a little boring. B. until 5.— Your dress is beautiful.

9.This is my beautiful school ______ is near the famous library.

A.where B.which C. who D. when

10.Could you tell me _________?

A.what are you looking B.what you are looking for

C. what were you looking for D.what were you looking for

11.It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people ______have helped me .

A.who B.what C.which D.where

12.We’ll go for a picnic if it ______ this weekend .

A. will rain B.rains C.doesn’t rain D.won’t rain

13.---What did your dad tell you , my baby ?

---He said the sun ______ in the east .


A.went up B.will go up C.goes up D.go up 14.The population of the world now _______ over 6 billion . A.are B.is C.was D.were

15.As we know , some people are good at _______ but dad at giving back . A.lending B.keeping C.borrowing D.using 16.The blue backpack _______Jim.

A.belong to B.is belonged to C.is belonging to D.belongs to 17.After the rebuilding ,our school is becoming _______.

A.more and more beautiful B. more beautiful and beautiful C. beautiful and beautiful D.the more beautiful 18.In this factory three quarters of workers _______ women . A. is B.are C.was D. were 19.______ knocks , don’t open the door .

A.Who B.No matter who C.No matter where D.No matter whoever 20.Zhang Jing has made great progress ______ speaking English . A.in B.at C.to D.on 二. 完型填空

Mimi in her car and drove more than 100 kilometres out of the city to her brother’s house and left the cat with him. A month later she was shocked Mimi was no away and went back to bed. Then, just as she was about to fall asleep, something landed on her bed. “It gave me a(惊吓)and then I realized it was Mimi!” 1. A. put 2. A. higher 3. A. country 4. A. But 5. A. think 6. A. alive 7. A. noise 9. A. at

B. leave B. better B. city B. see B. there B. story B. up

C. give

D. ask D. car D. So D. ask D. voice D. looked at the D. in D. bit

C. more dangerous D. harder

C. house C. hear C. here C. laugh C. down

B. Because C. Or

D. pretty

8. A. made the B. put away the C. got out of 10. A. soft 三. 阅读理解



B. real C. strange

When you are learning English, listening, speaking and writing are important, but reading can also be very helpful. When you read, you can not only learn some new words, but also you can learn how to use these English words. When you read, it gives you a good example for writing.

Good reading tips.

Try to read at the right level(水平). Read something that you can (more or less) understand. If you need to stop every three words to use a dictionary, it is not interesting.

Try to increase the number of your new words. If there are four or five new words on a page, write them in your notebook. But you don’t have to write them while you read. Instead, try to guess their meaning as you read: mark them with a pen. Then come back when you have finished reading to look them up in a dictionary and write them in your own vocabulary book. Then try to remember them.

Try to read regularly. For example, read for a short time once a day. Fifteen minutes every day is better than two hours every Sunday. Fix(固定)a time to read and keep to it. You could read for fifteen minutes when you go to bed, or when you get up or at lunchtime.

Read what interests you. Choose a book or a magazine about a subject that you like, because you are going to spend time and money reading it. So, choose an interesting book. You can also read newspapers. There are many English newspapers in China. For example, 21st Century Teens. It is easy enough for you to understand it. There is something interesting in it.

1. According to the passage, how many reading tips does the writer give us?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.

2. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Reading a lot can help you write better.

B. When you read, you can only learn some new words.

C. It is interesting for you to stop every three words to use a dictionary.

D. Try to read something that you can’t understand to make your English better.

3. If you meet a few new words on a page while reading, ________.

A. give up reading B. guess the meaning at first

C. write them down at once D. look them up in a dictionary at once

4. To make your reading better, _________.

A. it’s enough for you to read 21st Century Teens

B. only read a magazine about a subject that you like

C. you should read something that you like for a short time once a day at least

D. reading English for two hours every Sunday is much better than for a short time once a day

5. The passage is mainly about _________.


A. what to read

C. when to read

B B. reading is very helpful D. how to make reading better

You may know that more people drink coffee than tea around the world. And that, after oil, it is the second biggest traded commodity(商品). You may also know that the drink comes from beans which are first roasted and then ground. But what else do you know about this popular drink?

It is said that the story of coffee started with an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi. One day Kaldi was surprised to see that his goats were behaving very strangely. Instead of grazing(吃草) quietly, they were jumping around, almost dancing. He also noticed some red “cherries” from a plant that the goats were eating. He tried some himself and was surprised by the feeling of extreme happiness and excitement. He felt like dancing too!

But it wasn’t used as a drink at first - it was used as food. The coffee berries, mixed with animal fat, were used by monks to stay awake during long hours of prayer. From Ethiopia, coffee was later cultivated in Yemen and the first hot drink was developed there around AD 1000. Three centuries later Muslims were keen coffee drinkers and as Islam spread, so did coffee. Coffee houses appeared in Cairo and Mecca.

For hundreds of years the plants were protected safely. But some beans were smuggled(偷运)out of Arabia and taken to India. In the 17th century, coffee was soon grown in a new continent. From India to Indonesia, a century later the beans were once again smuggled to Brazil. Brazil is now the largest coffee producer in the world. It was the caffeine(咖啡因)that made the goats dance and kept the monks awake. Although it is found in other soft drinks and tea, coffee has the most caffeine. In the short term, a couple of cups of coffee can prevent fatigue and delay sleep. But several cups a day, every day, can cause anxiety and restlessness.

6. What is the world’s biggest traded commodity?

A. Oil B. Coffee C. Tea

7. Why did the goatherd want to dance?

A. Because he liked to dance with his goats.

B. Because he found his goats behaving strangely. C. Because he ate some red “cherries” from a plant.

8. Which of the following events came first?

A. Coffee houses appeared in Mecca.

B. Coffee became a drink.

C. Coffee spread as Islam spread.

9. Which sentence is true?

A. Monks were the first to drink coffee.


B. Too much coffee can make people anxious.

C. Brazilians liked drinking coffee the most. 10. Around the world more people drink coffee than tea because _____.

A. coffee berries can be eaten

B. coffee has the most caffeine

C. coffee can prevent fatigue and delay sleep


The students were having their chemistry(化学)class. Miss Li was telling the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students, “What's water?”No one spoke for a few minutes.Miss Li asked again,“Why don't you answer my question?Didn't I tell you what water is like?”

Just then a boy put up his hand and said,“Miss Li,you told us that water has no colour and no smell.But where to find such kind of water?The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad smell.”Most of the children agreed With him.

“I'm sorry,children.”said the teacher,“Our water is getting dirtier and dirtier.That's a problem.

11.The students were having their _______ class.

A.English B.Chinese C.chemistry D.maths

12.Miss Li was telling the children what ______ was like.

A.water B.air C.earth D.weather

13.A boy said,“The water in the river behind my house is always _______.”

A.white B.black C.clean D.clear

14.Most of the children _______ the boy.

A.agreed with B.wrote to C.heard from D.sent for

15.The water in the river has colour and smell because it is getting _______.

A.more and more B.less and less

C.cleaner and cleaner D.dirtier and dirtier


“Cool”is a word with many meanings.Its old meaning is used to express a temperature that is a little bit cold.As the world has changed,the word has had many different meaning. “Cool”can be used to express feelings of interest in almost anything.

When you see a famous car in the street,maybe you will say,“It's cool.”You may think,“He's so cool,”when you see your favourite footballer.

We all maximize(扩大) the meaning of“cool”.You can use it instead of many words such as “new” or “surprising”.Here's an interesting story we can use to show the way the word is used.A teacher asked her students to write about the waterfall(瀑布)they had 5

visited.On one student's paper was Just the one sentence,“It's so cool.Maybe he thought it was the best way to show what he saw and felt.

But the story also shows a scarcity(缺乏)of words.Without “cool”,some people have no words to show the same meaning.So it is quite important to keep some credibility(可信性).Can you think of many other words that make your life as colourful as the word “cool”? I can.And I think they are also very cool.

16.We know that the word "cool" has had ________.

A.only one meaning B.no meanings

C.many different meanings D.the same meaning

17.In the passage,the word“express”means“________”.

A.see B.show C.know D.feel

18.If you are _______ something,you may say,“It’s cool.”

A.interested in B.angry about C.afraid of D.unhappy with

19.The writer takes an example to show he is ____ the way the word is used.

A.pleased with B.strange to C.worried about D.careful with

20.In the passage,the writer suggests(暗示)that the word “cool”________.

A.can be used instead of many words

B.usually means something interesting

C.can make your life colourful

D.may not be as cool as it seems

四. 用所给词的适当形式填空

Brian was not good at public speaking. One day, he (invite) to make a speech at "Don't worry. Everything " When the day came, Brian's car had an accident on the way to the church. Luckily, he was not badly hurt and arrived at the church on time. It was dropped his book. Many people thought he would run, but he went on.

Suddenly, people saw something (usual) (run) down from his nose, tired to finish his speech. Then Ann quietly moved to the front and handed him her handkerchief. Then she gave him a smile and It was a simple gesture, and might be the simplest. She just saw someone in need, and gave him a hand. In the end, Brian finished his talk, with more confidence.

1.___________ 2. __________ 3. _________ 4.___________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ___________ 10. __________ 6


Grown ups are always telling kids what to do. Do you listen to them? Usually they know what is best for you, but sometimes they can be wrong.

So, many countries have a special law(法律) to keep people under 18 safe.

Teachers can punish(惩罚) bad students, but they cannot just do anything they like. If a teacher tries to kick you out of class, you can go to the headmaster and tell him you have the right to stay in school.

1)School buildings and playgrounds must also be things you use in P.E.class are unsafe. The law says the school must fix(修理) them or get new ones.

2)Kids have a right to privacy(隐私) under the law, which says parents and teachers

cannot read children’s own letters.

It says there should be no smoking in schools and other places where many teenagers go.

Have you ever wondered why tickets for parks and museums are cheaper for students? It’s also because of the law. It says that kids need to have lots of chances to learn.

1. 在1)句的空白处填入适当的词使句意完整、上下文通顺:

2. 将2)句译成中文:

3. 将3)句译成英文:

4. 找出文中写下列句子意思相近的句子:Why do kids pay less for some public places?

5. 找出文中最能表达该短文主题的句子:六.根据汉语意思完成句子


________ ________, he is only 15 years old.


Never waste anything, and ________ ________, never waste time.


I am not the best! But I ________ ________ ________!


I ________ you ________ an honest boy.


How do you ________ ________ ________?



English is __________ ________ the ________ _______ _______ in the world .


The most helpful way ________ _________ English well is to use it ______ _______

________ _______ .


You can ______an English language _______.


I often __________ English programmes _________ TV.


I have _________ a very _________ ________ of English .



















__________________________________________________________________________ 8

九年级英语(下)Module 9单元达标卷答案


1—15 CADCC 6—10ADCBB 11—15ACCBB 16—20DABBA


1—5 CBADC 6—10 BACDB


1—5 BABCD 6—10 ACBBC 11---15 CABAD 16--20CBACD


1. was invited 2. younger 3. will be 4. his 5. minutes

6. unusual 7. running 8. speaking 9. returned 10. really

五.任务型阅读(10分) 1. safe,the students


3.The children’s health is also protected by the law.

4. Have you ever wondered why tickets for parks and museums are cheaper for students?

5. Grown ups are always telling kids what to do.


1. In fact 2. above all 3. could be better 4. thought; were

5. practise spoken English 6.one of , important languages

7.to learn,as much as possible 8.join ,club

9.watch ,on 10.achieved, high level


English is one of the important language in the world . It’s necessary to learn it well. The most helpful way to learn English is to use it as much as possible . I often practise English with friends , learn it by reading aloud , listening to tapes and asking the taecher for help . I like reading English magazines. I often memorize the words in them to help me learn more words . Also , I join an English language club . I often have conversation with friends to practise my pronunciation . I enjoy listening to English to English programmes on the radio in the evening . As for sentences , I think studying English grammar is a wonderful way . I often make original sentences using the grammar . I am glad that I’ve made great progress in that way .


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