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I . 听句子,选择适当的应答语(5分)

( ) 1. A Yes,he is. B No,he can’t C Yes,they are.

( ) 2. A My brother B Yes,my sister is. C No,my brother is smarter

( ) 3. A At school B At ten o’clock C Playing tennis

( ) 4 .A she has long hair B Fifteen C America

( ) 5. A Yes,they are B No.it isn’t C Yes,he is.



) 6. What is Tara doing now? 初二英语试题


)7. When does the girl get up every morning?


) 8 .Which one is linda?


) 9. What is Helen good at?


) 10. What are they talking about?

III 听两段对话,选择最佳答案

( ) 11.What is Ed talented in?

A Playing football B Playing tennis C Playing basketball

( ) 12. What does Ed look like?

A He has black hair B He has curly hair C He has short hair


( ) 13 .What do you know about Jack’s cousin?

A He is thinner than Jack B He is shortter than Jack C He is younger than Jack

( ) 14. Who has big eyes?

A Jack B Mike C Henry

( ) 15. How old is Mike?

A Eleven years old B Six years old C Five years old

IV 听短文,完成下面的表格

二、单项选择 (共20小题,20分,每小题1分)


1. Be quick, we _______ have any time to catch the bus.

A. almost B. nearly C. hardly D. ever

2.The weather in winter in Beijing is much _______ than that in Guangzhou..

A. cold B. hot C. colder D. hotter

3. It is very important _______ English well.

A. learn B. to learn C. learns D. to learning

4. —_______does she go shopping?


A. How much B. How soon C. How often D. How long

5. —_______ do you live in that small town?

—For ten years.

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon.

6. —Ann, I am worried I’m getting fatter. What should I do ?

—I think you should eat _____ food and do more exercise.

A. more B. little C. less D. much

7. Do you think math is _______ than English?

A. difficult B. as difficult C. more difficult D. most difficult

8. We couldn’t go shopping _______ the bad weather.

A. because of B. because C. for D. so

9. —What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang’s Crazy English?

—I think it’s _______,but someone thinks it’s much too_______.

A. wonderful enough; bored B. wonderful enough; boring

C. enough wonderful; bored D. enough wonderful; boring

10. Running is a good way _____healthy.

A. keeps B. to keep C. to be in D. be in good

11. —Do you have _____ else to say for your mistake ?

—_____ but sorry.

A. anything; Something B. something; Everything

C. something; Anything D. anything; Nothing

12.Which one do you like______, the green one or the red one?

A. much B. better C. good D. well

13. My mother asks me _______ the Internet.

A. use B. not use C. not to use D. not using

14.― I think drinking milk every morning is good _________ our health. ―Yes. I agree ________ you.

A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with

15. —What is Jim doing now?

—He is writing __ e-mail on__Internet.

A.an;the B.a;an C.a;/ D.an;a

16.He seemed _______the bad news.

A. knowing B. know C. knows D. to know

17. _____of the twins are middle school students.

A. All B. Both C. One D. Either

18.A __________ girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.

A. three-year-old B. three year old

C. three-years-old D. three years old

19. This question is _____more difficult than that one.

A. quite B. very C. a little D.so

20. I think Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed _____ at the dancing party.

A. myself B. himself C. herself D. themselves



Maria is my cousin.She was a little 1 and heavy when she was a primary school students .She was very quiet and 2 stayed at home and read .She 3 many friends .But she is much taller and 4 now .And she has a lot of friends .She often 5 her friends to parties on weekends. They sing,dance and tell stories at the parties.They are very happy.

But one of her 6 ,Tony, did not come to the party last Saturday. He sent her a ﹙n﹚ 7 .It said :

Although Maria felt it was a pity ,she still had a great time.

1.A.cute B .young C.small D.short

2.A.never B.hardly C.often D.not

3.A.has B.had C.doesn't have D.didn't have

4.A.more outgoing B.athletic C.quiet D.smarter

5.A.tells B.invites C.makes D.walks

6.A.friends B.teachers C.brothers D.parents

7.A.bike B.plan C. e maile D.invitation

8.A.thank B.thanks C.thank you D.thanking

9.A. can B.have to C. must D.can't

10.A.look after B.look at C.take care D.play at



A new survey of 100 hard-working mothers with children under 16 shows that they spend about 70 hours a week doing chores and looking after families.

They spend more than ten hours a day cooking, cleaning the house, getting children ready for school and helping with homework. Cooking takes up about one hour and nine minutes a day. Doing the laundry takes about 61 minutes. Mothers also spend about 55 minutes getting children ready for school, about 53 minutes putting them to bed and about 47 minutes helping with homework.

However, 30℅ of those mothers get less than 6 hours’ sleep at night.83℅are not happy because they have less than an hour of their own time everyday. Only 17℅are happy with this kind of life.

A going shopping B doing chores

C looking after their families D Both B and C

to cook every day.

A About 69 minutes B About 55 minutes

C About 47 minutes D About 10 hours

3 In the survey, mothers with children under 16 sleep less than six hours at


A 100 B 70 C 83 D 30

4 How many hours did the mother spend doing the laundry?

A about 53 minutes B.about 47 minutes

C.about 61 minutes D about 55 minutes

5 From the survey, we know that

A no mothers like this kind of life B.a few mothers are hard-working

C most mothers want to have more time to do their own things

D all mothers would like to work harder


I like to get up late, so my ideal(理想的) school starts at 9 a.m. It finishes at 3p.m, so we will have lots of time for after-school activities. There is a big dinning hall.

We have an hour for lunch. We eat lunch and chat there. We can also listen to pop music in the hall. We eat fruit and vegetables everyday.

We have math every day because I think math is very interesting to us. I love computers, so we have computer studies every day. We wear school uniforms, but we

do not wear ties. The classes are quite small. There are 15 students in each class.

There is a park on one side of our school and a shopping mall on the other. We have a big library with lots of useful books. We also have a tennis court and a swimming pool.

There are lots of clubs and after-school activities. We only have half an hour of homework every day, and we do not do homework at weekends. Every month, we go on a school trip to a museum or a theater.

6 How many hours for lessons are there in my school?

A Five hours B.Six hours C Four hours D Three hours

7. Why do we have math every day?

A Because it is useful B. Because it is the main subject

C Because we are interested in it D .Because I’m going to be a math teacher

8. How many students are there in my class?

A Ten B .sixteen C .Fourteen D .fifteen

9. How often do we go on a school trip to a museum or a theater?

A. Every week B. Every day C. Once a month D .Every two months

10. What’s the best title for the passage?

A .My school B.My ideal subject C.My ideal school D.My ideal park C

There are 45 students in our class .I have a survey .36 students say they like to exercise .Most boys play basketball together twice a week .But girls think basketball is difficult for them .They would like to play volleyball together twice a week .My friend , Tony, is good at running .He runs fastest in our class .He runs for 30 minutes on the playground every evening before he goes to bed.Is it interesting? Gray is good at swimmming .He goes to the swimming club three times a month in winter ,and three times a week in summer .So he is pretty healthy.Some of my classmates have good eating habits. They eat both meat and vegetables .70% of them drink milk every day .15 students say they drink milk three or four times a week .But some students like to eat junk food ,especially Sally. What’s worse ,is that she doesn’t like to exercise, so he is very fat .She always says, “ I’m going to lose weight tomorrow. ”

11.How often do most boys play basketball?

A. Every day B.Twice a day C.Twice a week D.Twice a month

12.Why do the girls dislike the basketball?

A. Because they have no time . B.Because they think it is not easy .

B. Because they do not like to play with boys .

C. Because they do not like to exercise .

13.When does Tony often run for 30 minutes?

A. Every morning B. Every evening

B. Every evening before he goes to bed D.Every afternoon

14.How often does Gray swim in winter ?

A. Three times a month B.Three times a week

B. Hardly ever C.It is not mentioned ( 提及)in the passage

15 . Why is Sally so fat ?

A. Because she does not like to exercise .

B. Because she likes to eat junk food very much .

C. Because she eats too much meat ,but she does not exercise.

D. Both A and B.


Once there lived an old man in a town. He always forgot a lot of things. So his wife always had to say to him, “Don't forget this.”

One day he went on a long way alone. Before he left home,his wife said,“Now you have all these things. You need them on your way. Take care of your things on the way.” He went to the station. He bought a ticket and got on the train with it.

About an hour later, the conductor began to see the tickets. He came to the old man and said,“Will you please show me your ticket?”The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets but he could not find it. He was very worried. “I can't find my ticket. I really bought a ticket before I got on the train,”said the old man.“I think you are right. I believe you bought a ticket. All right

you don't have to buy another ticket.”said the conductor kindly. But the old man still looked worried and said sadly,“You don't know why I'm worried. If I don't find my ticket,I can't remember my station. Where am I going? ”

16. The old man bought a ticket _______.

A. after he got on the train B. before he got on the train

C. when the conductor told him to buy one D. when he found he had no ticket with him

17. About an hour later,the conductor began _______.

A. to buy the ticket B. to look for the tickets

C. to check(检查) the tickets D. to show the tickets

18. The conductor told the old man that he didn't need to buy another ticket because _________.

A. the man was very old B. he thought the old man had no money with him

C. the old man showed him the ticket D. he believed the old man

19. The old man still looked worried because _________.

A. he couldn't get on the train. B. he lost his ticket and a lot of money

C. he thought his wife would get angry with him D. he forgot where he was going

20. Which of the following(下列) is right?

A. The old man went on the trip with his wife B. The old man didn't find his ticket

C. The conductor was also an old man D. The old man had to buy another ticket



1. Who works_______, Sam or Tom?

2. The young _______boy won the match.

3. I can help you _______ clothes.

4. He eats junk food _______ a week.

5. My brother didn’t go _______yesterday. He stayed at home.

6. I enjoyed _______ on the beach yesterday.

7. Han Mei decides _______ the story to her teacher.

8. Linda spent twenty dollars _______ a dictionary.

9. He is funny and he always makes his friends_______.

10.This bag is a little _______than that one.


11. I often ______________on weekends.(帮忙做家务)

12. Vegetables ______________ for our health.(对….有好处)

13. Many students go online_______ twice a week.(至少)

14. ______________ learn English well is to practice more.(…最好的方法)

15. ______________I like reading books and magazines.(那就是…的原因)

16.I _______ I was a bird in the sky.(感觉到….)

17.I have______________ to tell you.(一些重要的事情)

18. My answers _____________ Kate’s.(与….不同)

19.He doesn’t _______others and only thinks of himself.(关心)

20.Linda works ______________ (像…一样努力)Maria.


假如你是Li Lei,请根据表格中提供的信息,写一篇短文介绍一下你和好朋友Tom 的情况。要求:语句通顺、前后连贯;不少于60词。

班级:_______ 姓名:_______ 考场:_______ 考号:______




16. _______ 17. _______ 18. _______ 19. _______ 20. _______






1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________

4. _____________ 5. _____________ 6. _____________

7. _____________ 8. _____________ 9. _____________

10. _____________


11. _____________ 12._____________

13. _____________ 14. _____________

15. _____________ 16. _____________

17. _____________ 18. _____________

19. _____________ 20. _____________


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