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We made it

发布时间:2014-02-13 09:58:20  

We made it: the end of the year. We’re positively encouraged to take ourselves apart so we can wake in the morning with groggy designs to reassemble for the better.



Get work experience


This is the priority. Employers asked for a degree or experience; now they demand both. It’s up to each student to use their degree to its full advantage: sadly, there is no longer an irrefutable corollary between qualification and employment. Work where you can – every job will provide some useful experience.


Kick the procrastination


No one can stick to this, but just remember that tweeting about your work doesn’t count as doing it. 140-character wonderings may give you practice for crisp writing, but that only counts if you get anything useful down.


Buy a calendar


Whether it’s online or in print, a calendar is a must. No more ‘Oops, just missed a seminar lol’ updates. Just write or type your obligations down – preferably somewhere you won’t forget.

无论是网络在线的,还是印刷版本的,日程表必不可少。别再发 “诶,刚刚错过一场研讨会lol” 这样的状态更新了。把你应该做的事写下或者打出来,然后最好放在你不会忘记的地方。

Budget for emergencies


The moments money takes your guts and twists them with worry is when unexpected costs occur – when the laptop throws a hissy fit midway through an essay, resolves to hibernate permanently and you urgently need a replacement. Budget for your weekly spend and then put a little extra aside as often as possible. This makes big spends more manageable.


Do a little more work at university


Not to be a bore about it, but the biggest mistake any student can make is to not work hard enough. Skipping non-compulsory lectures can become a rather pleasing pastime, but what is missed now will not be covered in a series of catch up lectures.


Finally ? eat more all-day breakfasts


For reasons I don’t accept or agree with, I’m not allowed to stroll out of my office whenever I like and seat myself elsewhere for an all-day fry up. Most businesses have similarly draconian policies. Have as many as you can while you are a student: they are an uncelebrated joy you will miss once your rights to them are revoked.


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