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江苏省连云港市田家炳中学九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Colour Teaching plans for》教案 牛津版

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《Unit2 Colour Teaching plans for》

Teaching Goals

● To consolidate the information gained from reading and listening and determine

the facts

● To understand the context of an advertisement and a TV demonstration ● To understand how a colour therapist does.

● To give advice about which clothes and colors are suitable to wear.

Teaching Procedures

Step 1 Making an interview

Warm up: Listen to a flash song <color songs> to warm up the class

Question 1:Did you enjoy the music?After a long time study, listening to music can relax yourself, Do you think so? We have learned something about colors, What did you learn from them? (They can change our moods).

Question 2: Show Picture 1. To consolidate the information gained from reading . Step 2 Presentation

“If you are ill, where can you go? (hospital) But if you don’t have a good mood, Where will you go? Can you find anybody to help you? Now I will introduce a new place you can change your moods, a place called “a physical theraphy”, Let us see what it is .”Show picture 3

According to the information, canyou tell me what it can do?

“Would you like to go there? I will introduce a person to you, She is a special doctor.she will give you a lot of help.” Show Mrs Rainbow.

“I think it is a good job in the future, Can you tell me how to be a color therapist ?... Would you like to know more about it? Open your books to P36.Read the advertisement and answer the questions.first you should know some new words. ”Picture5,6.

Step 3 Reading

Underline some important pharases, and answer the questions(picture 6,7)

1.What can color therapy help us do?...

2.How much do I have to pay for 30minutes of color therapy?.....

3.What can I do if color therapy has no effect on me?.....

4. Where is Mrs Rainbow’s color therapy centre?.... 5.Which channel will the programme on color therapy be on?....

Step 4 Listening and completing the notes:`

Do you want to get more details? How does she work? Listen to the tape, and completing the notes with as much information as you can. (on page 36.)(picture 8,9)

Ask students if they can finish it at once, if can’t, try the second time. Then ask them to check the answers in groups.(team work) then try to remember more information about the color therapy.

If you are feeling sad, think of a______, ______ place.Mrs Rainbow rubs oil into people’s ______.If someone can’t sleep, Mrs Rainbow uses ______ oil.People with __________ and dark skin look good in red and _______.People with pale skin and blonde hair look good in ________.


Listening and circling the correct answer:P37

Listen to Amy’s questions and help Millie answer them. Finish exercises in part

Show two pictures about “pale skin and dark hair”,Talk about your skins and hair, Give some advice what you should wear.

Game: Read P37, and work in pairs to find “how can you give advice” “How can weshow our preferences?” ask students to write them down on the blackboard.(picture 12)

Then ask and answer in pairs or act out the dialogue. (according to the time) (picture 13)

Step 6 Extension activity

Ask: “I’m not good at dressing myself, can you give me some advice? What color

looks nice on me?”?.then ask students to have a free talk: Your friend’s birthday is in the coming national holidays, you don’t know what you should wear, please ask your deskmate, to get some advice, use what we learned today: You should?..

“What else can also affect people’s moods?”show some music to let students tell their feelings after listening. And ask them what else they can do then they have bad moods.(picture14,15,16)

Step 7: Summary and homework:

Let students know what we have learned today.

To write a passage according the following information:


要点:1. 介绍李明的学习; 2. 说明他的烦恼;

3. 运用色彩或音乐的疗法给他提些建议; 4. 说明理由。

Step 8 Consolidation


find out指通过观察、探索而发现事实的真相,因此多指发现无形的、隐秘的事情。 ②advise 动词,意为“建议”,advise sb to do sth(建议某人做某事)

Advise that sb (should ) do建议某人应该做某事

( )1.Bell _______telephone in 1876.A. discover B. discovered C. invented D. found out

( )2.Would you like to give me _______ good advice?

A. many B. a few C. some D. any

( )3.My father advised me ________English hard.

A.to learn B. learn C. to learning D. for learning

( )4.Here are _______ advice for you.

A. many B. several C. some pieces of D. some piece of

( )He preferred to sit rather than ______.

A. sleep B. sleeping C. to sleep D. asleep

Ⅲ: 用discover, invent 的适当形式填空:


知识讲解:①discover 意为“发现”,指发现或认识到原来存在的、过去未被认识的事物、真理或情况,有时有偶然性。

②invent 意为“发明”,指通过研究、思考、实验后创造出前所未有的东西。

1. Paper was _________ in China.

2. The art of printing was _______ in Han Dynasty.

3. I _______ that she was a good cook.

4. The fossil of dinosaur _______________ by the scientists.in Liaoning province.


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