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词组 9A Unit5

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9A unit5 词组

1.Do you know who I am ? 2.tomorrow's TV superstar

1.你知道我是谁吗? 2.明日的电视明星

3.why don't you stop daydreaming ? 3.为什么不停止做白日梦? 4.be more realistic 4.更现实点 5.a film festival 5.一个电影节 6.watch films 6. 看电影 7.would rather be an actress 7.宁愿当女演员 8.one of Hollywood's all-time greatest actresses 8.好莱坞永远最伟大的女演员之一 9.not only…but also 10.in other parts of the world 11.begin doing 12.take ballet lessons 13.at a very young age

14.become a successful ballet dancer 15.put one's effort into ballet training 16.enter the film industry 17.a famous French writer 18.attract the writer's attention

9.不但…而且(就近原则) 10.在世界的其他地方 11.开始做… 12.上芭蕾课 13.在很小的时候

14.成为一位成功的芭蕾舞蹈家 15.全身心投入到芭蕾的训练中 16.进入电影界 17.一个著名的法国作家 18.吸引作家的注意力

19.be made into a play 19.被改编成剧本

20.mark the beginning of her successful career 20.标志她的成功演绎生涯的开始 21.play the lead role of a young princess 21.扮演小公主的角色 22.be a big success 22.取得很大的成功 23.win an Oscar for Best Actress 23.赢的奥斯卡最佳女演员奖 24.during her lifetime 24.在她一生中 25.earn four more Oscar nominations 25.赢得另外四个奥斯卡提名 26.make one's final appearance 26.某人最后一次露面 27.throughout her acting years 27.在她整个演艺生涯中 28.remember sb as … 28.把某人作为…记住 29.devote ….to sth/doing sth 29.把…致力于/把…奉献给 30.be honoured with a number of awards 30.被授予许多奖 31.in this area 31.在这个领域/地区 32.present her with sth 32.颁发给她… 33.she herself 33.她自己本身 34.the well-known films 34.著名的电影

35.her efforts in this area 35.她在这个领域的努力的结果 36.work closely with sb 36.与某人密切合作


37.go beyond 37.超出

38.by showing the beauty of nature 38.通过展示自然地美

39.protect the environment 39.保护环境

40.have an attractive quality 40.有吸引人的品质

41.think aloud 41.自言自语,边走边说

42..have cancer 42.患癌证

43.at the age of… 43.在…岁的时候

44.pass away peacefully 44.平静的去世

45.·base A on B 45.以B为A的基础

·be based on… 以…为基础

·a play based on her novel 以她的小说为基础的剧本

46.an action film

47.science fiction films

48.keep quiet 46.动作片 47.科幻片 48.保持安静

49.read the film review 49.看电影评论

50.be suitable for 50.对….适合

51.fall in love with sb. 51.爱上某人

52. bring dinosaurs alive on screen 53.把活生生的恐龙搬上屏幕

54.·What do you think about…? 54.你对……有什么看法?

·What do you think about fights in action films?你认为动作片中的争斗怎样?

55.·have a bad effect on sb 55.对某人有坏影响

·have no effect on people 对人们没有影响

56.make notes 56.记笔记

57.be really exciting 57.确实令人激动

58.talk about films 58.谈论电影

59.an experienced actress 59.一个有经验的女演员

60.be well known 60.被熟知

61.take part in 61.参加…

62.be considered as a talented actress 62.被认为/看作一个有天赋的女演员

consider…as…=regard…as… 把……认为成……

63.all over the world 63.全世界

64.become better in the future 64.将来甚至变得更好

65.be excited about… 65.对……感到激动

66.a one-hour-and-a-half-hour film 66.一部一个半小时的电影

67.I was about to go when I realized that I had left the money on the desk.我正准备去时忽然想起我把钱掉在桌子上了。


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